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Eve Hybrid Mattress Review

We all know about the standard Eve mattresses and other sleeping products, such as foam pillows, that made Eve a famous, widely known brand. Now, this time we are getting to know a new Eve product that is trying to make a boom in the market with its clever design. So, what does this hybrid feature stand for? Eve company has launched a new type of mattress that combines various mattress design and manufacture styles, hence the “hybrid” in the title. The Eve hybrid mattress is made of several layers, each one with a different task and purpose. So, how does this combo work and what does it offer? Is this new design increasing comfort or bounce? Is it breathable and supportive? Why wait, let’s find out now!

About Eve

Eve is a famous UK brand of memory foam mattresses, toppers and foam pillows. Their main aim is to bring high comfort at low prices. When it comes to this price-quality ratio, Eve really does meet their customers’ expectations. This company offers elegance and luxurious comfort at prices that are more than reasonable. Their products are not just comfy and healthy, they also have a smooth modern design. So, with Eve you can bring a piece of luxury to your home without spending a fortune.

Eve offers extended trial periods and warranties on their products. Also, their products can be ordered from Amazon. Shipping for the UK is free of charge.

About Eve hybrid mattress

Eve hybrid mattress is made of different layers and this hybrid design wishes to provide comfort, bounce and breathability all in one. We know how some mattresses can be great for full body support, but due to the support material are not breathable. Or, we know that some breathable mattresses with air pockets tend to have reduced back and spine support. Eve hybrid mattress promises to not to let down any expectation that you have from a quality mattress. So, let’s see how this works out.

The structure

First of all, Eve hybrid mattress has a special spring that provides isolated reactions upon pressure and motion. What does this mean in practice? Well, it means that you are not going to be disturbed by your partner’s or your co-sleeper’s motions during night. When the pressure is made on the surface of the Eve mattress, the mattress reacts to that pressure only in the small radius around the “epicentre”. So, we can immediately say that Eve hybrid mattress is a great choice for people who do not sleep alone.

About Eve hybrid mattress

Now, the second great thing about this mattress is that due to its spring layout and design it’s a good choice for people who tend to switch sleeping positions during the night. People who toss and turn to change sleeping positions would be very glad to have Eve hybrid mattress.

Third great quality of this mattress is its high adaptability to healthy sleeping positions. This mattress provides the ideal level of comfort and support for side and back sleepers. So, the product promotes healthy sleeping positions, which is definitely a plus.

And lastly, Eve hybrid mattress is breathable, the cover is completely removable and easy to wash. This product is very durable, even the warranty period last for as long as 10 years.


Made of polyester and foam this mattress offers gentle support and moderate softness. It has a pocket spring core that isolates motions. The first layer of the mattress is in charge of the breathability, the second layer is in charge of comfort and support and the core is in charge of the essence of your good night’s sleep, meaning the isolated reactions on pressure and the tender bounce. The cover is completely removable and easy to clean.


Eve hybrid mattress is supportive and the firmness-softness ratio is quite well balanced. Best support from this mattress would get side and back sleepers, as we previously stated. This mattress provides high-quality support for hips, which is very important for the good night’s sleep. Let’s see why.

When you lie on your side, or your back, the biggest amount of pressure that you put on your sleeping surface comes from your hip area. This area is a centre of your body and when you are in the horizontal position you put a lot of pressure with this area. You know how experts advise side sleepers to put a pillow between their knees in order to get more comfort? This is because the hip area and the gravity work hand in hand to weigh you down.

So, Eve hybrid mattress concentrates exactly on this hip area and provides a great response to its pressure. This secures healthy body alignment during sleep and support to spine, back, hips and shoulders. Back and side sleepers get a great support for hips and then, naturally, all the other body parts just fall nicely into place.

Eve hybrid mattress is supportive


Comfort feature of the Eve hybrid mattress gets a plus. People who enjoy moderate firmness when sleeping would be very satisfied with this mattress. But, in this section, we must stress out that Eve hybrid mattress is not particularly soft. This mattress is not so thick and aims more for support than for softness. So, if you like to completely dive in into the cloudy, deep softness of a mattress you may want to try this product first. After all, this product does come with a 100 days trial period.


So, if Eve hybrid mattress can brag about something it’s the great responsibility upon pressure. We already stated that one of the best features of this mattress is an isolated reaction on weight and motion. So, the mattress does receive the pressure, but the reaction stays isolated.

Spring bounce eve hybrid


Due to its first layer of breathable foam, Eve hybrid mattress has a high breathability rate. Other layers of this mattress are not designed to be particularly breathable, they are rather designed to secure full body support. But, the first layer proves itself to be quite enough for satisfying breathability level. Eve mattress has good temperature control and thus makes sleeping on it more comfortable.


Eve mattresses are generally don’t have an issue with chemical smell. The same case is with Eve hybrid mattress. Since the cover is easily removable and washable, any eventual problem with the smell can be solved rather quickly. Also, due to the first breathable layer, this mattress needs a small amount of time to air completely. Eve hybrid mattress doesn’t require frequent flipping over, but you can flip it once or twice a year for better freshness.

Eve hybrid mattress bounce


Eve hybrid mattress has a 10-year warranty and it can last for quite long. This mattress is designed to provide you with many nights of luxurious comfort for years to come. Since the cover is easy to remove, if you get any stains on the mattress you can get rid of them with a simple machine washing.


Eve hybrid mattress has a great price-quality ratio mainly due to its durability. You would be getting a long-lasting product for a reasonable amount of money. Plus, this mattress offers both support and breathability, you don’t need to settle just for one of these. So, when you put it all together, support, breathability, comfort and durability at an affordable price, you are getting a pretty good deal. Also, don’t forget the trial period. You have over 3 months to make your decision, and with Eve hybrid mattress you would need only one night.

Considering that other mattresses we’ve tried out don’t even come close to Eve’s quality, do not offer such long warranties and don’t promise as healthy sleep as Eve does – we’ve concluded that it’s definitely a great long-term investment.

Price eve hybrid mattress

Eve Hybrid Mattress Review
Eve hybrid mattress

Product Name: Eve Hybrid Mattress

Product Description: Eve hybrid mattress - 713 pocketed spring layer with a cooling comfort layer, available in 3 sizes.

Price: £299-£549

Availability: InStock

  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Bounce
  • Breathability
  • Durability


One of the highest rated products on our reviews due to its durability and price-quality ratio. The comfort of Eve mattress is worth every penny. But, people who are looking for very soft mattresses may want to try this one out first.


Great support, long-lasting and durable product, no chemical smell, easy to maintain.


Some might find too firm, not recommended for stomach sleepers.


MATERIALS Made of various materials, primarily of polyester and foam. The percentages of materials included are 40% pocket springs, 25% comfort layer, 20% foam casing, 10% side and base cover, 5% polyester cover.
SMELL No issue with smell whatsoever.

Trial period, warranty, shipping details, refunds

The trial period for Eve hybrid mattress is 100 days. Also, there is a 10-year warranty on this product. Eve hybrid mattress is shipped vacuum sealed, compressed in the box. This mattress takes the surprisingly short amount of time to reach its full size after unpacking. Eve offers free delivery for the UK.

Before the trial period is over you are entitled to a refund if the product doesn’t deliver what it promises. For any additional information, you can contact Eve customer support.

Size Dimensions Weight Price
UK Single 90 x 190 x 18 cm 22.5 Kg £299
UK Double 135 x 190 x 18 cm 30.5 Kg £449
UK King 150 x 200 x 18 cm 34.5 Kg £549


So, we came to the end of our review on Eve hybrid mattress. We talked about support, materials, comfort, different layers and durability. After all that, we can conclude that with Eve hybrid mattress you are getting a very good deal – high-quality long-lasting product at a very reasonable price. Now, let’s sum things up one more time:

Eve hybrid mattress is not especially good for stomach sleepers and for people who expect extreme softness from their mattress. It’s great for side and back sleepers and for co-sleeping. So, if you have cute friendly pet who likes to snuggle with you when you sleep, with Eve mattress you two can have much better sleeping experience.

Eve hybrid mattress is a breathable product and it has pretty good temperature control. The cover is removable and easy to wash. The product lasts for many years and comes with a long trial period.

To conclude, if you are a side or back sleeper if you enjoy co-sleeping, and if you expect temperature regulation from your mattress, Eve hybrid mattress is a great choice for you.

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