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Hybrid Mattresses Guide For Better Sleep

Mattresses are usually considered to be of a fixed variety. When addressing hybridization in the mattress industry, we usually consider this to be a combination of innerspring and high-end mattress materials like latex and memory foam. This is effectively combining both technologies in order to elevate the quality of sleep. Hybrid mattresses offer support with springs while also maximizing the comfort with the contouring power of the fill materials.

Aspects, varieties and specifications of hybrid mattresses are very detailed and can get confusing. Hopefully below I will unwrap those into the most important parts that will inform you about this high quality mattress.

Defining hybrid mattresses

Before exploring the details, I will explain broadly what a hybrid mattress is. As mentioned, it is a mattress that is founded on coils while layers of foam, latex or polyester are on top for cushioning and contouring. The idea for such a mix of approaches for mattress making initially came from the clients. Coils or foam were insufficient for their sleep comfort, and for some this combination was the solution.

The logic behind this come from the qualities that coils and contouring materials offer individually. Coil mattresses provide the support and bounciness that many enjoy. Contouring materials have a strong hug and inhibit movement. The hybrid mattress has the best of both worlds. That is what makes them luxurious and unique on the market.

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The components

The hybrid mattress is composed of layers. There are three layers that are stacked on top of each other. It is a mandatory complexity that this mattress has when you compare it to other solutions. Varying the layers and combining them will give different results – the possibilities are endless.

The base foam later is the foundation of the mattress providing padding and stability. These mattresses have some height so this foam layer is great for positioning the mattress in the right place. After that layer comes the coil support core that is the largest layer in most mattresses. Sleeping is done on the comfort layer that comes on top and is made from contouring materials like memory foam or latex. Top-quality mattresses have a pillow top or euro top layer included into the comfort layer – usually sewn into it. It is usually a pillow-like shape implemented into the mattress with a variety of finishes. Below I will display these in a digestible graph that will help you out with the necessary info.

the anatomy of a hybrid mattress
Base Foam Layer1 inchPolyurethane foam
Coil Support Layer6-7 inchesCoils (metal)
Comfort layer3-4 inchesMemory foam and/or Latex, gel, copper
Pillow top1-2 inchesLatex, Memory foam, polyfoam, wool, cotton, fiberfill

Quality and durability

We are looking for longevity when buying expensive items. Hybrid mattresses are by no means cheap, therefore consumers want them to last for at least 5-7 years. There are several properties that can give you a hint at the quality of the hybrid mattress.

Density measures the compression a hybrid mattress can support without losing integrity. The measurement used is pounds per cubic foot. Low density memory foam provides low contouring and movement inhibition and vice versa. High density foam remains in the contoured position for longer as well.

ILD (indentation load deflection) is a value that measures the firmness of the mattress. Low values are soft and contouring – high values are firmer. The scales are different for various materials such as memory foam and latex. The measures are still treated the same. Low values are soft, high values are hard. This usually means that higher values are for people with more weight.

Gauge measures coils within the hybrid mattress. It is specifically a measurement of thickness for said coils. The scale ranges from 12-18 with 12 being the thickest and 18 the thinnest. Thinner coils are usually bouncier.

The coil count within the mattress affects the longevity of the hybrid mattress, but only narrowly. A common misconception is that the coil count affects a multitude of things, from comfort to durability. In reality it doesn’t really affect either. Some mattresses have even up to 1000 coils, but really it is just a fail-safe mechanism if a coil becomes faulty.

hybrid mattress made of memory foam

Pros and cons

Nothing is without its drawbacks. Hybrid mattresses have benefits of comfort, but suffer in ease of access and movability. They provide the best contouring and comfort the mattress industry has to offer. They have bounciness that is fun while also inhibiting noise and motion transfer. Another positive is that some retailers allow them to be customizable with every part being handpicked.

Some people can be off put by the initial odor some foam contents have due to the manufacturing process (it goes away at worst after a couple of days). Hybrid mattresses are also quite bulky and can be a challenge to move, especially if you are a frequent traveler. Some polyfoam materials also degrade quicker so mattresses that have parts made out of it can affect their longevity. Below I will list these aspects in a quick table.

State-of-the-art design and functionalityPremium cost
Good temperature regulationInitial smell
Motion and noise regulationPolyfoam parts may impact longevity
how to choose a hybrid mattress

Cost and longevity

Models that are queen-sized go for about 900-3600 pounds with a couple of hundred up or down depending on the luxury parts you might desire/discard. The longevity is primarily dependant on the amount of polyfoam within the hybrid mattress. If your model has a high amount, don’t expect it to last for a really long time.

As always, double-check the warranty before making a purchase. The standard warranty package should include the coverage for innerspring bed sagging, unwanted indentations in the memory foam and other minor damages. Make sure you understand your responsibilities as an owner to make the most out of your warranty.

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If you are actively working on solving your sleeping comfort the hybrid mattress is the pinnacle what is offered to you without delving into experimental resting territories like water-beds and such. Whatever your issue is with going to sleep the hybrid mattress will most likely have the cure.

If you have the living space and the funds to afford one, it is a great pick. Making sure you are careful and certain in what you are looking for will most certainly help, especially due to the complexity a hybrid mattress has. Hopefully this article will help you out when it comes to general choosing a mattress! Sleep tight!

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