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Keeping Your Home Clean From COVID-19

To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared a full lockdown on the UK. 

This measure means that all UK residents are not allowed to leave their homes unless to get essential things like food and medicine. All non-essential shops have stopped working, and public gatherings are limited to a maximum of two people. 

What does this mean for you and your family, and how to keep safe from COVID-19 in your home? Here are some precautionary measures you can take and tips for keeping your home clean and free from the coronavirus.

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    Basic rules of quarantine

    You must absolutely stay at home unless you have to do one of the following: 

    • Run for groceries and medicine (only food shops and pharmacies are working)
    • Do a daily exercise or walk your dog (you can do that alone or with a member of your household)
    • Going to a medical care provider for you or a family member or helping a vulnerable person
    • Traveling to and from work, but only in the case where the work cannot be done remotely.

    You should minimize the time spent outside and keep your distance from other people, at least 2 metres. 

    Stopping the infection from spreading

    Just staying at home isn’t enough; you also have to take a measure from bringing the virus into your home. You can protect yourself from outside sources by being careful and following this advice. The essential things you have to do are:

    • Frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • If soap and water aren’t available, use gel hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes
    • As soon as you enter your home, wash your hands first
    • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve
    • Right after coughing or sneezing you need to throw away the tissue in a bin
    • Never touch your face, especially if you’re spending time outside.

    How to keep your home clean?

    Since you are going to be spending a lot of time inside your house in the upcoming days, you can turn your attention to tidying up and making it safer. There are a bunch of practical steps you can take to maintain good hygiene in your house or apartment. You can stop the spread of COVID-19 at your doorstep, and this is how:

    A woman taking off shoes upon entering the house to prevent coronavirus

    Take off your shoes when you enter

    Removing your shoes inside the house can minimize the spread of infection. You should wipe the soles of your shoes with a cloth with disinfectant and put them away somewhere where small children can’t reach them. Avoid going around the house with your shoes on and definitely don’t put them on surfaces like your bed, couch, or table.

    Clean everything you bring into your home

    After grocery shopping, it’s advisable to take a towel and clean every container you have brought into the house. This includes bottles, cartons, and other non-porous items. Clean everything you are sure that came in contact with other people while it stood on the shelves in the grocery store.

    a woman cleans the interior of a house

    Clean home surfaces with detergent

    If you want to clean your floors, tabletops, chairs, and desks, using just disinfectant isn’t enough. It’s proven that the COVID-19 virus can survive up to 72 hours on top of plastic and stainless steel surfaces. What kills it without any doubt, is detergent. So, make sure you use it generously when you’re cleaning your home and washing your clothes as well.

    A woman wipes down doorknob

    Wipe down surfaces which are frequently touched

    Surfaces like doorknobs, switches, keyboards, and smartphones are very prone to collecting bacteria and other harmful particles. It’s smart to clean those areas at least twice a day. The products you can use are also diluted bleach or products with over 70% alcohol in them. They are useful in killing germs and bacteria and will keep you safe during the lockdown. Just make sure you are wearing protective gloves, do not inhale the products and make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes no matter what. You can also air out the room you’ve used the product to keep the smell from staying inside.

    Change your bedding frequently

    We tend to throw our stuff on the bed, lie down without having to change clothes, and many other things we forget that bring dirt and bacteria. To protect yourself from that, you can avoid being in your bed altogether unless you’re about to sleep. As an additional measure, you can also “refresh” your mattress. A brilliant idea would also be to put antibacterial bedding on your bed.

    Use antibacterial bedding against covid-19

    What is antibacterial bedding?

    Bedding that fights off bacteria, dust mites, and other causes of allergies and respiratory issues is your best defense when you’re off to sleep. The Panda 100% Bamboo bedding is the type of bedding that fights off all kinds of infectious particles. Bamboo viscose used in these linens is highly breathable and acts as a natural insulator. You can wash the Panda bedding by merely throwing it into the washing machine at 30 degrees. Organic bamboo viscose is natural, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. On top of everything, it’s soft to the touch and gentle to even the most sensitive skin.


    Staying inside your home isn’t just enough – you have to protect yourself from other sources of infections, and not just the novel coronavirus. Make sure your immune system is up by keeping good hygiene around your home and eating healthy natural meals. Wash your hands frequently and other high-touch surfaces. In case you suspect you’ve caught the virus, don’t go to the GP. There are lines available to you for contacting and getting all the necessary info on the next steps. Immediately contact the 111 coronavirus service, which will ask you a few questions and give you an isolation note in case you wouldn’t be able to go to work.

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