make your bed better with these 10 tips
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Make Your Bed Better With These 10 Tips

Your bedroom is the place you’ll be spending a solid third of your life, so there’s no place for any half measure solutions when it comes to arranging it

You’d be surprised how easily and conveniently you could breathe a new life into your bed area and make it cozier, prettier and overall much more pleasant place to be in. So here are top 10 tips – make your bed better with a few of them and feel the difference.

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    Get a mattress topper

    A mattress topper made of memory foam, feathers, or egg crate foam can add both comfort and support to your bed, especially if purchasing a new mattress is out of the question. It could cost you, though; most queen-sized options run upwards of $100. The average prices varying in sizes are below, but there are also quite a few great brands which offer more satisfying prices.

     Type:Price range:
    Spring$100 – $2000+
    Memory Foam$100 – $4000+
    Hybrid$250 – $4000+
    Air$500 – $4000+
    Latex$450 – $3000+
    an image of a mattress topper

    Choose good sheets

    For maximum coziness, try flannel sheets. These will feel soft against your skin and add texture to the look of your bed. Ditch the idea of choosing sheets based solely off of their thread count. Many factors can have an effect on thread counts; you’re better off making your decision from a touch-test of fabric samples.

    an image of bed sheets

    Get a down comforter

    It’s just one of those things that make more a difference than you think it will. Sleeping under a down comforter gives you a cozy feeling of sleeping under the fluffy feathery cloud. That said, if you’re allergic to down (or how much it costs), there are still plenty of feather-free and budget-friendly alternatives.

    a comforter for a bed

    Bedside fuzzy rug

    Nothing’s worse than waking up from a cozy bed only to find yourself with (literally) cold feet. Even if you’ve already got carpeting or a large area rug, consider adding a small sheepskin or textured rug on the side of your bed where you usually get out. There’s nothing like the feeling of griping the fluff with your toes.

    add a furry rug to make your bed better

    Add a lamp (or two)

    Allow your space to become even more of an oasis by ensuring it’s well lit. If you’re single, have at least one bedside table with a lamp, or a floating or wall-mounted light fixture. If you sleep with a partner, have two. That way you can each turn them on and off as you please.

    an image of a bedroom with lamps

    Make your bed better with more pillows

    Don’t go crazy here, but at least two pillows per side is a minimum for baseline coziness. And anything beyond that will increase your cozy factor significantly, especially if you use pillows with a bunch of different shapes and cover textures. If you have basic sewing skills, it’s easy to turn cheap bath mats or accent rugs into cuddly throw pillow covers. Just make sure they’re unused rugs, please.

    an image of a bed

    Try a headboard

    An easy way to make sitting up in the bed more comfortable is to buy or make a padded or tufted headboard. If you have some basic crafting skills, you can easily make a headboard yourself. All you need is a board, padding, fabric, and buttons. You’ll make your bed better in no time.

    a headboard for a bed

    Upgrade to linen sheets

    If you’re ready to upgrade your sheets, try linen instead of cotton. Linen is textured enough to be cozy in winter and light enough to keep you cool in summer. And it’s always wrinkly (in a good way), so you don’t have to worry about getting out every little bump when you’re making the bed.

    make your bed with linen sheets

    Add blankets and throws

    You can add texture and warmth to your bed space if you throw in some luxurious blankets. For an extra feeling of seasonal flair, choose chunky knit or plaid flannel ones. You can use Mela weighted blanket for more weight and better tuck-in feeling. 

    an image of blankets and throws on a bed

    Be creative with curtains

    Hang some light strings on the curtain above your bed for fairy wonderland feeling in your bedroom. Or you can make a simple canopy by hanging the fabric down from the ceiling, using wooden dowels or curtain rods. If your bed is in a nook or very small room, you can turn it into a ship-shape hideaway with some curtains.

    make your bed with curtans

    You can make your bed better on a budget

    There are numerous ways for you to improve the quality of your sleeping environment. Most of them are simple but very convenient solutions that only take some innovation and will. Depending on your affinity, you can turn your bed into a fairy like oasis or cozy, fluffy, cloud. Possibilities are endless and they all depend on your creativity and preferences.  

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