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Otty Hybrid Mattress vs. The Casper Mattress

Hello dear readers, and welcome back! We are here today to bring you the newest comparison we’ve been preparing just for you! If you survived this busy holiday season and are ready for new challenges, we are here to support you! This time, we bring you two mattress giants in the industry and we are going to compare them for you. So, in case you were unsure about whether to buy the Otty Hybrid Mattress or the Casper Mattress, then keep reading!

We’re going to try and break down all of the mattresses’ features into several categories, and then compare them with one another. That way you can be sure to choose the mattress which will suit your needs more. Needless to say, both the Otty Hybrid mattress and the Casper mattress are amazing products, but we’re just focusing on sharing the best of both worlds with you and leaving the rest to you to decide. So, let’s begin!

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    Introducing the Otty Hybrid Mattress

    Our first contestant, the Otty Hybrid Mattress, is an innovative hybrid mattress which features five different layers for your ultimate comfort: 

    1. Cool Blue Gel imbued memory foam
    2. High density foam base layer
    3. 2000 pocketed springs 
    4. Luxurious reflex foam
    5. Removable and washable cover
    6. Bonus: Edge support layer which also serves as an airflow system

    All of this adds up to the comfort and healthy sleep position for the users. This mattress can be categorized somewhere between medium to firm, as ensured by the pocketed spring layer.

    Woman laying on an Otty Hybrid mattress

    Introducing the Casper Mattress

    The Casper Mattress is a foam type of mattress designed to provide gentle comfort and a highly breathable sleeping surface. The mattress is made of two types of foam, so that support and softness can be balanced out in this mattress. The mattress features two main layers of memory foam and latex foam, all of which are in line with four breathable foam layers to ensure easy and fast airing.

    The latex layer adds a bit of firmness to the mattress, while the memory foam layer makes sure your body stays in a natural position and prevents motion transfer. This mattress can be categorized into medium to soft mattresses.

    The Casper mattress layers

    Now it’s time to compare both of these mattresses by category!


    otty mattress materials

    The Otty Hybrid mattress has a removable and washable polyester cover. The first foam layer, which is the Cool Blue Gel imbued memory foam, has pin-core technology which helps regulate your body temperature. The high density memory foam base layer prevents dips and sagging. Most importantly, the mattress has an amazing 2000-spring core. The mattress uses a special 1.6mm gauge, 14cm long encapsulated pocket spring layer which adds durability, eliminates motion transfer and also adds more support and firmness. The reflex foam adapts to body posture and relieves pressure from the critical points on the body. And finally, we have a side support layer which prevents the mattress from losing shape while preventing overheating by creating a side airflow system.

    The casper mattress materials

    The Casper Mattress is made of the combination of latex foam and memory foam, both of which work in synergy to provide support and softness at the same time. The cover of the Casper Mattress is removable and easy to wash at mild temperature and dried at a gentle cycle. 99% of the cover is polyester, while the 1% elastin, which means you can easily remove it and put it back on the mattress. The foam used for this product is highly breathable and doesn’t retain heat as much as many other memory foam products can. As this is an exclusively foam product, the manufacturers had to make sure there are enough breathable layers inside the mattress so it can be aired easily and doesn’t retain moisture and heat.


    The Casper Mattress falls among medium to low firmness mattresses. That means that this mattress adjusts to the shape of your body, while being softer and less supportive. This trait can be both a positive and negative thing, depending on who’s using the mattress. Since foam products adapt to pressure and heat, some may experience a sinking feeling while sleeping on the mattress. For people who need a product which will help them relieve pain in hips, neck and back, we recommend the trial period. It is pretty long and risk-free, and for all purposes you might just fall in love with this fluffy cloud.

    The Otty Hybrid mattressis especially good at supporting the main pressure points and keeping your body in perfect alignment. This is all thanks to the amazing spring core of the hybrid mattress. By isolating movement, it’s easy to sleep with a partner and you probably won’t wake up if your partner tends to get up before you, go to the bathroom often or just tosses and turns while sleeping in general. Also, if you have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain in your neck, back or hip area, we believe it can relieve that and in time you’ll wake up more rested and fresh.


    The Casper Mattress is one of the comfiest mattresses you can find, especially order online! The cover is soft and gentle, and as we’ve mentioned, you can wash it with your favorite detergent and it can smell amazing. You won’t feel anything when it comes to motion transfer, so you can sleep safely and not worry if your partner will wake you up when getting in and out of the bed. It’s definitely softer than other mattresses you can find nowadays, and if soft is your preferred choice of mattress, then you’re in luck.

    The Otty Hybrid mattressis mainly supportive and marketed in a way that you will definitely enjoy its gentle support. Having in mind that the spring core is there for a reason, if you’re a fan of soft mattresses that you could sink in, this mattress is not for you. However, if you like a firm (not brick-firm though!) mattress, which at the same time takes care of motion transfer, this is the mattress for you. This definitely means that both support and comfort are in balance when it comes to this mattress.


    The Casper Mattress does not bounce a lot, if at all. The motion transfer is incredibly isolated when tested in various circumstances. Couples might find this a little alarming when it comes to sexy time, but overall we don’t see it being detrimental at all.

    The Otty Hybrid mattress has medium bounce. The spring core sees to that. However – it’s not going to feel like a trampoline – the two foam layers in between you and the springs make sure to that.


    The Casper Mattress, although it has various breathable layers, is a foam product after all. So, no matter how much you expected it to not retain heat, it will eventually happen, especially if you live in a warmer climate. However, we recommend lightweight covers, and definitely vouch for it’s breathability when compared to other foam mattresses.

    The Otty Hybrid mattress is highly breathable, with side support that also serves as the airflow system, letting air circulate trough all areas of the mattress, removing excess heat. The topmost layer is made from high quality memory foam imbued with Cool Blue Gel, which regulates the temperature. So, heat retention is basically null, at least where it counts.


    The Otty Hybrid mattress is highly breathable, with side support that also serves as the airflow system, letting air circulate trough all areas of the mattress, removing excess heat. The topmost layer is made from high quality memory foam imbued with Cool Blue Gel, which regulates the temperature. So, heat retention is basically null, at least where it counts.

    Casper Original foam mattress

    You would prefer the Casper mattress if…

    • You prefer softer mattresses over firm ones
    • It’s colder where you live and you need something to snuggle in during winter time
    • You enjoy sleeping in a soft, cloud-like mattress that has a gentle touch
    Single90 x 190 cm
    EU Single90 x 200 cm
    Small Double120 x 190 cm
    Double135 x 190 cm
    EU Double140 x 200 cm
    King150 x 200 cm
    EU King160 x 200 cm
    Super King180 x 200 cm
    Otty hybrid mattress and pillows on a bed

    You would prefer the Otty Hybrid mattress if…

    • Firm mattress is a must for you
    • You need a cool surface to sleep on, especially in Summer
    • Luxury, but affordable mattresses sound appealing to you
    UK Single90 x 190 x 25cm
    Small Double120 x 190 x 25cm
    UK Double135 x 190 x 25cm
    UK King150 x 200 x 25cm
    Super King180 x 200 x 25cm
    EU Double140 x 200 x 25cm
    EU King160 x 200 x 25cm

    And the winner is…

    Casper mattress and the Otty mattress are not similar at all! Both feature major differences, in both firmness, materials, and even prices. So, instead of choosing the winner today, we’re just going to break it down for you this way.

    The Casper mattress is for you if you: want to buy a quality mattress which is soft, cozy, warming during the night and huge.

    The Otty mattress is for you if you: need help with relieving pain, want extra support and want to prevent overheating during sleep and an affordable price.

    See? The differences are so major that we can’t even decide on a winner. If they had at least one thing in common, we may have been able to do it, but since they don’t, it’s simply impossible. Comfort in sleep is a pretty subjective thing, and we all experience it differently. If we compare, prices, sure Otty would definitely win, but it doesn’t all come down to that. It doesn’t help to save a coin or two if you get stuck with an uncomfortable mattress for the next decade. So, our best davice for you would be: soft – Casper, firm – Otty! 

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