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UK mattress size chart and how to pick the right one

Picking a right size of a mattress is crucial for comfortable quality sleep, but, at the same time, can be a little tricky. That is why we prepared for you this guide on choosing the perfect size of a mattress for you or your loved ones. We are going to talk about all of the mattress sizes and their pros and cons. So, let us walk you through our mattress sizes chart and make your mattress shopping a lot easier experience.

When you are out buying or ordering a new mattress, there are some important questions that you should be having in mind. Some of them are a bit obvious, but others often get overlooked. So, let’s see what answers you need to provide in order to get a right mattress for your, or your loved ones’ needs.

  • How many people are going to be using the mattress? Is it for a single person or a couple?
  • Is the mattress going to be used by parents for co-sleeping with their children? If yes, how many children? What is their age? Are they infant, toddler or older?
  • Is the mattress going to be used for co-sleeping with pets? If yes, how many and what is their size? Is the pet cat or dog? Cats and dogs have a very different sleeping behaviour, so, that is an important question too.
  • What is the height of the person who is going to be using the mattress?
  • If the mattress is going to be used by a couple, do they prefer more personal space while sleeping?
  • Does the person who is going to be using the mattress suffer from some sleeping disorder? This can be important even if that person is not co-sleeping with anyone.
  • Does the person who is going to be using a mattress have any medical problems or injuries that require extra sleeping comfort?
  • Is the mattress going to be used for a recreational vehicle?
  • Is the mattress going to be used in a college dorm that has a special bed frame size?
  • How spacy is your bedroom?
  • Are you buying a mattress for a crib? Are you planning on buying a smaller mattress only for the first year of baby’s life and then getting another crib?
  • Does the person who is going to be using a mattress tend to change sleeping positions or move a lot during sleep?

These are crucial questions that you need to give an answer to before you start looking at the mattress sizes. The mattress has an important role in making you feel comfortable during your sleep, and mattress size can influence this significantly. Especially if you have medical issues, such as back pain, if you are co-sleeping with someone, or if the person you are co-sleeping with has some medical issues or sleeping disorders. Also, pay attention to the height of the person/persons who are going to be sleeping on that mattress. Some mattresses are pretty wide but not long enough for tall people, and due to their width, they can seem big enough at first while they actually are not.

Also, a great number of people experiences mild or frequent movements during the night, or simply tend to switch from one sleeping position to another a lot. If you are one of them be sure to treat yourself with some extra space, you will probably need it.


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Now, as for couples, it is usually said that there should be left about 9 to 10 inches or 25 cm of free space between two co-sleeping individuals. Meaning that, if you are co-sleeping with your partner, you will be needing 9 inches plus your shoulder width plus 9 inches plus their shoulder width, and, of course, another 9 inches at the end. So, if we make a calculation based on average male and female shoulder widths, the perfect mattress width for a couple would be around 58 inches. This simple math says that a standard King mattress size with its width of 60 inches is perfect for co-sleeping with a partner. Now, some couples prefer some more space around them, and that’s what the Super King size mattress is for with its luxurious 71 inches in width.

Now, after a small intro, we are ready to take a look at our chart of various mattress sizes. Are you looking for a mattress for your baby, toddler, teenager, yourself, you and your partner, you and your partner and a cute large dog? It doesn’t matter which of these situations are you in right now, or how puzzled you may be by it because we got you covered with solutions for each and every situation. So, take a look at the last “Best for column”, pin down your situation, and just see which is the mattress size that is perfect for you.

Size:Dimensions (inch):Dimensions (cm):Description:Best for:
Mini Crib24 x 3861 x 96.5A smaller type of crib mattress that fits in perfectly into smaller spaces. Often choice by parents for their baby’s first crib. Popular in the UK and Europe.Babies during their first year.
Crib UK27.5 x 5569.8 x 139.7Standard crib mattress size in UK and Europe.Babies until they develop into toddlers.
Crib US28 x 5271 x 132Standard US crib mattress size.Babies until they develop into toddlers.
Toddler30 x 5577 x 142Standard toddler mattress size popular both in UK and US.Suitable only for toddlers.
Small Single30 x 7577 x 190Somewhat smaller mattress than regular Single mattress size.Great choice for toddlers, younger children, older children and teenagers. Can be suitable for single adults.
Short Single34 x 7586 x 190Another smaller variation of a standard Single mattress size.Suitable for older children, teenagers and single adults.
Single36 x 7592 x 192Standard Single mattress size.A popular choice for teenagers and single adults.
Single XL39 x 8099 x 203Bigger variation of the standard Single mattress size.Good choice for teenagers or single adults that prefer extra space or co-sleep with their pets.
Small Double48 x 75122 x 192A smaller version of the popular Double mattress size.Suitable for couples who want to save some room space.
Double54 x 75137 x 192Standard Double mattress size.Couples
Double XL54 x 80137 x 203A longer version of the Double mattress size.Couples that prefer extra space or co-sleep with their pets.
Queen RV US60 x 74.5152.5 x 189Popular Queen mattress size that is used for recreational vehicles.Couples
King UK/ Queen US60 x 80152.5 x 203Standard UK King mattress size.Suitable for couples. Also, the size of this mattress can allow co-sleeping with some smaller pets.
Euro King62 x 79160 x 200This is a bit wider version of the UK King mattress. It is most popular in Europe.Great for couples. Can be used for co-sleeping with pets.
Olympic Queen  66 x 80167 x 203The mattress size that is very popular in the US and UK. Sometimes is called Small California Queen mattress size.Couples that enjoy extra space. Good for co-sleeping with pets.
California Queen60 x 84152 × 213Standard Queen mattress size in the US. This variation of the Queen mattresses is somewhat longer than regular ones.Suitable for couples. Allows more comfortable co-sleeping with pets. Great for taller people.
Super King71 x 80182 x 203A luxurious version of the King mattress size.Great for couples who enjoy co-sleeping with their children. Also, a good choice for couples that have larger pets that co-sleep with them often. Suitable for any couple that prefers a lot of the extra space.
California King72 x 84183 x 213A King mattress size mostly popular in the US.Suitable for couples who enjoy more space. Allows very comfortable co-sleeping both with children and pets of any sizes. Great for taller people.
King US76 x 79.5193 x 202Standard King mattress size in the US.Also, a great choice for couples and any type of co-sleeping. Good for couples with more than one child. May not be good for very tall people.
Super King US85.5 x 84.5217 x 215The biggest version of a King mattress size, usually popular in the US.Suitable for couples with more than two children or a couple with large pets. Great for taller people. Nice choice for couples who simply enjoy a serious royal comfort and size.
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Final tips

Now for the end of our guide for picking the right mattress size, we are going to look into some additional, small but useful tips. So, you decided on a right mattress size based on your height, sleeping behaviour and preferences, but don’t forget that every mattress needs maintenance. Are you willing to clean a huge mattress by yourself? Do you have time for it? Can you hire some professional help around the house if you can’t do it by yourself? Do you have someone to help you flip the mattress or can you do it by yourself? Remember, flipping and cleaning the mattress on a regular base is important for your health.

Also, if you are buying a mattress for your young child do you plan on getting a bigger mattress that the child can use over the years, or do you plan on disposing of the mattress when the child grows out of it? This is also an important question. Getting a bigger mattress can be a better option financially speaking but deciding on a mattress size that is more compatible with the child’s age can be better for the child’s comfort. However, this doesn’t apply if the child tends to toss and turn a lot during the night. In this case, the bigger mattress is the answer.

For the end, let’s talk about décor. If you decide on a mattress size that is not popular in your country, you need to have in mind that getting the bedding and pillows in the right size for that mattress can be a little tricky. Of course, if that mattress size is just perfect for you, that is a small price to pay, right?

After considering all of these tips and suggestion you are bound to pick the right mattress size for you. Just don’t be hasty with your decision, think about all of the important guidelines we mentioned in the text and choose carefully. Also, if you narrow your picks down to just two, and just cant seem to make the final decision, remember when it comes to mattresses it can’t be wrong to treat yourself with some extra sleeping space.

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