nightmares that are common to people
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Top 10 Nightmares Everyone Is Having

Dreams are usually manifestation of our subconscious parts of the mind. If you interpret them correctly, they can say a lot about your personality. The same goes with nightmares.

Have you ever had a really frightening nightmare? 

It turns out you are not alone. As horrific as they may be, nightmares are an increasingly common phenomenon. Every night during sleep, each of us create 5 dream episodes. Multiply that with 7 billion people on Earth and you’ll get 35 billion dreams that occur on the planet within a 24-hour period. 

As experts have clarified, our nightmares and dreams echo patterns of human behavior. So they reflect who we are and what’s on our minds. While decoding dreams is not so black and white, this is guide to what common nightmares could mean.

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    Teeth Falling Out

    Dreams about teeth might reflect your insecurity about your look and how others perceive you. Such dreams may originate from fear of rejection, embarrassment, or feeling unattractive. As teeth are used to bite, chew and tear, dreams about losing them can reflect the feeling of powerlessness, which implicate you might be experiencing self-confidence issues.

    Being chased

    Being chased suggests you’ve been running away from something that is causing you fear or anxiety in waking life. It implicates you have the tendency to run away or avoid the particular issue. The chaser might also represent some aspect of yourself like your own feelings of anger, jealousy or fear that can manifest themselves as a threatening figure.

    a man scared that someone is chasing him in a nightmare

    Unable to find a toilet

    This could mean you have difficulties to express your needs in a certain situation. It can represent that your personal needs not being met by always putting others first. You may feel you don’t have time for personal issues and need more privacy, self-care or self- expression

    Being naked in public

    Being naked symbolizes that you’re not able to find yourself, or uncertainty or that you’re wrongly accused. If you’re not the naked person in your dream, but you see another naked person and you’re disgusted by it, it means you’re worried about exposing that person.

    Unprepared for an exam

    These dreams can be so real we actually wake up feeling assured we just failed on important test. This is pretty regular dream, since one in five people will experience an exam dream in their lives. Exam dreams usually reflect our lack of confidence in our ability to advance to the next stage in life.

    a girl failing a test


    Turbulent flying in your dreams suggests that someone, or something, is preventing you from moving to the next step in life, similar to the previous entry.  Being afraid to fly proposes that you might have trouble keeping with the ambitious goals you set for yourself. If you’re alone and struggle to fly, it implies you don’t have enough self-confidence.


    If you’re feeling you’re falling and you’re overcome by fear, that means your insecurity and anxiety about situation. If you’re falling and enjoying it, you’re not afraid of changes.

    a man falling in his nightmare

    Driving a vehicle

    Dreams of cars represent our motivation in life and the direction we’re taking. At this stage of your life you might feel you’re off the tracks and need to get back on the road to keep going.

    Finding an unused room

    If you find a new room in your dreams, it suggests the outlook and abilities you have realized about yourself. If the room is white, it means you’re ready to make a new beginning in your life. A clean slate.

    Being late

    Dreaming that you’re late presents your worry and anxiety about changing your direction in life, or that you’re trying to get things done, but you’re running out of time. Your subconscious might be telling you that it’s never too late to do the things you want in your life.

    nightmare of being late


    For just 24 hours, there are 35 millions dream sequences in the world. Some of these dreams aren’t so pleasant. Nightmares, like dreams, reflect our personality on subconscious level and you can learn a thing or two about yourself if you manage to interpret them properly. Remember, when you are trying to figure out what your nightmares mean, your unconscious will not spell it out for you; this is a job for your conscious to figure out. Dream symbols are presented in a metaphoric fashion for you to decode.
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