top 10 snacks before bed
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Top 10 Snacks Before Bed

Snacks before bed can have a bad influence on your sleep and health if you go for the wrong foods. That’s why we are going to give you 10 ideas for tasty and healthy snacks before bed!

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    When to eat a snack?

    Eating late at night should be avoided but having just a small snack won’t ruin your weight or health as long as you are being moderate. After all, if you had a late exercise, you may find it impossible to fall asleep due to the hunger. So, what should you eat in these situations?

    Which snacks before bed are good?

    Well, you most certainly shouldn’t eat foods that will make you feel wired and be hard on your stomach. You also shouldn’t snack late at night the same calorie amount as your average meal should have. Let’s clarify this a bit more.

    So, let’s say that as an average adult male you can eat about 3000 calories per day. This means that your 3 meals should consist of 800 calories and two snacks should have about 300 calories each. So, your late-night snack shouldn’t have more than 300 calories, with the ideal of 200 calories. But, if you are doing sports regularly and are physically active, these numbers can rise up for the 200 or 300 calories each.

    an image of a woman eating healthy food before bed

    Now, let’s say that you are an average female with moderate physical activity. Then your daily calorie intake should be about 2000 to 2400 calories. In that case, your meals should have about 600 calories and snacks about 200 calories. This means that your late-night snack shouldn’t have more than 150, 200 calories.

    Since we got the math out of the way, let’s talk about types of food. Some foods can make you feel awake and give you energy, others can calm you down. Foods that are good for breakfast or prior the physical activity are not a good choice before sleep. For instance, some of the foods that are good for energy but bad for sleep are:

    • Foods high in protein
    • Fatty foods and fried foods
    • Sugar
    • Foods high in calories such as pizza and fries
    • Peppermint
    • Salty snacks that are high in calories

    So, we are looking for snack recipes that don’t exceed 200 calories, that make you feel relaxed and that are generally healthy.

    We picked 10 of those recipes that are quite tasty in the same time. These 10 snack recipes are low in calories and have a positive effect on sleep and general health. So, if you get hungry late at night, feel free to choose one of the following ideas without feeling guilty for late-night snacking.

    • Cherry juice – Researchers have shown that cherry juice has a great positive influence on sleep. You can take a little something with your glass of cherry juice if you are feeling really hungry. Take a small piece of no-sugar dark chocolate or a piece of rice cake with almond butter.
    an image of a glass of cherry juice
    • Lettuce with apple vinegar and sliced black olives – Small portion of lettuce salad is one of the best snacks before bed. Slice a few black olives and pour a bit of apple vinegar into your salad for better taste.
    • Spiced hummus on rice cakes – Put a thin layer of moderately spiced hummus on rice cakes. You shouldn’t eat more than 3 pieces of this.
    • Sliced apples with peanut butter – Peanut butter is rich in protein but a small amount of it is not going to have a bad influence on your sleep. Just be moderate. Put your peanut butter on apple slices so that you can get well hydrated at the same time.
    apple peanut butter snack
    • Banana, almond milk and dark chocolate shake – Prepare a small tasty banana shake. This is one of the quick but tasty snacks before bed. But a banana, small glass of almond milk and a bit of dark chocolate with no added sugar.
    • Popcorns – Popcorns are an awesome choice for snaking. They are healthy and low in calories. So, if you like snacks before bed, choose popcorns.
    a popcorn snack
    • Mixed nuts with a glass of soy milk – Have a small number of mixed nuts with a glass of soy milk. Try not to eat more than 40g of nuts.
    • Granny Smith apple with oats and Greek yoghurt – Take a tablespoon of whole oats, half of a Granny Smith apple and a small cup of Greek yoghurt.
    • Warm soup and a whole grain toast – So, if something can make you sleepy, that’s a nice, warm soup. Make a healthy vegetable soup and if you are really hungry eat it with a small piece of whole grain toast. 
    an image of soup and a whole grain toast
    • Cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and a bit of a sour cream – One of the best snacks before bed is certainly the cottage cheese. Take a small piece of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of olive oil if you are not feeling really hungry. You can make a small cottage cheese salad if you are feeling very hungry. Slice a few cherry tomatoes and mix them with cottage cheese and a tablespoon of sour cream. Just remember, cottage cheese has about 100 calories per 100g, so, don’t go overboard with it.

    One extra great choice for a late-night snack:


    We left rice for the end as we can list so many great recipes for snacks before bed with rice. Rice is a food very neutral in taste, so it can be mixed with a lot of things. Also, as a small snack, rice can be prepared in many ways. You can just cook it plain if you like the taste. Put a bit of olive oil on it. You can also put a bit of soy sauce on top or mix it with a few slices of steamed vegetables. Or, mix it with parsley leaves and almonds. Rice is one of the safest snacks before bed, so, feel free to enjoy a few tablespoons of rice before going to sleep.


    Choosing the right snacks before bed is not easy. You can easily make a mistake and go for high-calorie foods that will keep you awake. Also, snacks before bed can become a bit of a habit that can cause regular hunger in the morning. So, even if they do, try to make them a healthy habit. Otherwise, you can make a toll on your health and your body weight.
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