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Stop Snoring With These Top 10 Tips

Want to stop snoring? Studies have shown that almost half of the adults suffer from snoring. In most cases snoring is not a serious medical problem, but sometimes it can be an indicator of dangerous health issues. Also, if snoring is not treated over certain period of time, it can induce other health problems, including heart diseases. Snoring can even be an early sign of obstructive sleep apnea.

Apart from physical issues, snoring can influence person’s psychological state and social life. This aspect of snoring issue should not be underestimated. Many therapists agree that overtime snoring can have negative consequences on relationship between spouses. This issue can provoke serious repercussions in person’s emotional life and wellbeing.

Luckily, in many cases snoring can be treated with variety of life-style changes that will prove themselves as beneficiary to your health in general. Now, before we continue talking about different methods for solving the problem with snoring, let’s see what snoring is.

Snoring is a vibration of tissue due to the airflow blockage. This tissue vibration is what causes that sound of snoring. Depending of the cause of snoring, vibration can vary from very light to intense. This is why some people produce quiet while others produce very loud sounds during snoring.

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    Top 10 ways to stop snoring

    There are different medical issues that can cause this airflow blockage. Some of these issues are inherited or caused by a life-style. Studies have shown that snoring is a problem much more common in men than in women, because men’s airways are tighter and thus naturally more susceptible to airflow blockage. This cause of snoring goes into a group of inherited causes. No inherited causes of snoring can be induced by temporary medical problems or injuries. People who had broken nose due to the sport injury or an accident can start having troubles with snoring, even though they have never had it before. So, different causes of snoring demand different treatment and different approach to the issue. Let’s review some of the best solutions for this annoying problem! Maybe you will stop snoring too if you try some of these methods:

    Change your sleeping position

    Many people that experience trouble with snoring usually do simply because sleeping on the back enhances the possibility of airflow blockage. This happens for two reasons, first being that sleeping on the back naturally makes person breathe through the mouth. Second reason is that weight of the neck tissues suppresses airways much more when person is sleeping on their back, simply due to the gravity. If you belong to that group of snorers who snore only when they are sleeping on their back, then change a position you sleep in, and you’ll definitely stop snoring.

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    Treat your respiratory issues

    Snoring can also occur as a temporary problem due to the respiratory illness. Some people experience snoring issues only when they are suffering from cold, when their airways and bronchial tubes are blocked due to the illness. This cause of snoring is temporary and it usually goes away but itself when the illness is being treated successfully. If you tend to snore when having a cold ask your doctor about different methods or home remedies that can help you unblock your airways. For many people simple nose drops can do the trick, or natural inhalation. In any case, you have your options open if you want to stop snoring while sick.

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    Avoid alcohol

    Consumption of alcohol can lead to snoring, so try to limit your alcohol intake. Most importantly, avoid drinking alcohol a few hours before going to sleep. If you have an issue with snoring, taking alcohol hours before sleep is a big no-no. Skipping alcohol can also have many other beneficiary factors on your sleeping experience. Therefore not only will you stop snoring, you will generally feel better.

    avoid alcohol on a plane

    Consider getting a humidifier

    Dry tissues in the airways is one of the main causes of snoring, because dehydrated tissue tends to get sticky and limit the airflow. Even in the cases in which it isn’t the primal cause, it definitely worsens the problem. Getting a humidifier can help a lot with snoring. Humidifiers are long-lasting and definitely a worth investment. Not only do they make you stop snoring, they also improve your overall health.

    a woman turns on a humidifier to stop snoring

    Lose weight

    We mentioned earlier that weight pressure on airways can cause snoring. Extra fat on the neck can compress airways and seriously disrupt the airflow. Losing weight can just be the way to permanently get rid of annoying snoring problem. Also, losing weight is always a great thing that you can do for your health. Not only that access fat can cause snoring, it can cause much more serious medical problems such as hearth diseases and diabetes.

    a woman lost weight

    Buy a new pillow

    Pillows with hypoallergenic properties and mattresses can make your sleeping environment much healthier and help you reduce your snoring. As we mentioned earlier, irritations of the respiratory system such as cold can cause snoring. This also goes for allergies. Getting a new, clean hypoallergenic mattress and pillow may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

    an image of a woman bought a new pillow to prevent snoring

    Skip late night snacks

    Problems with digestion can also cause snoring. Avoid eating immediately before bed time, especially avoid eating dairy products hours before bed time. Consumption of different dairy products has been linked to air flow disruption. This is because these foods tend to cause the stickiness of the airway tissue, inducing the similar effect as dehydration does. If you must have late dinners, due to your working hours or late shifts, try to keep these meals light.

    an image of a woman having a late night snack

    Stop smoking

    Smoking has a variety of dangerous influences on your respiratory system and on your overall health. Medical researches show that smokers are much more prone to different respiratory diseases than non-smokers are. Damages on respiratory trakt induced by smoking can cause snoring. Also, smoking is linked to other much more dangerous respiratory issues, such as asthma and lung cancer. Asthma can also worsen snoring problem, so, quitting smoking can be just the thing that will help you put an end to your snoring troubles.

    an image of a woman decided to quit smoking

    Get more sleep

    Snoring can also occur among people who don’t have any respiratory problems at all, simply due to the over exhaustion. Even if you don’t have any of the medical problems that we mentioned before, you can snore in your sleep if you go to sleep too tired. This problem occurs because exhaustion and too little sleep weakens muscles around your airways, which results in creating too much pressure on them.

    an image of a couple sleeps comfortably in a bed

    Ask your doctor about surgical procedures

    If you experienced an injury such as nasal fracture, or if you are born with deviated nasal septum, you should ask your doctor about surgical procedures that may be the solution for your snoring problem. Some people start snoring after they’ve had their nose broken, even though they have never had this issue before. In such cases, a simple surgical procedures can permanently solve the snoring problem.

    a woman consults with a sleep expert

    The best method to stop snoring is not to give up

    There are many ways that you can improve your sleep quality and we have researched for the best and most effective methods. Most of these are guaranteed to help and hopefully you’ll be getting better sleep in no time.

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