what does a high quality cot bed have

What Does A High-Quality Cot Bed Have?

It goes without saying that every parent wants the best quality cot bed for their child. High-quality cot bed doesn’t only imply safety and comfort for your child. The often overlooked aspect is the ease of use for the parent. The cot bed should be of a design that allows ease of assembly while also providing sturdiness and longevity in material durability.

The market is filled different models varying in style, material, price, size, weight – the list goes on quite a bit. This article will hopefully inform you on the wide options of cot beds that are out there and possibly narrowing your choices to a couple of desired ones.

The price

Cot beds are on a wide scale in this regard. They can range from £60 to £600 depending on the model. Many argue that you shouldn’t invest too much into a cot bed since the child is going to grow out of it eventually. While this is true, it is always smart to buy a bed that will last your child for several years – effectively delaying that inevitability.

Higher cost in models usually means that the cot bed will look sturdy, solid and aesthetically pleasing. However this doesn’t mean that low cost models aren’t safe and secure. Drop side cot beds are usually the same cost as the ones with the fixed sides. This is good news, since if you prefer to have removable sides you won’t have to chip in extra for this function.

If you are looking for some handy storage area in your cot bed or for a specific aesthetic finish like the ones on sleigh-beds – you will have to pay extra. Another additional cost will be the cot bed mattress which you have to buy separately from the bed itself.

how to shop for a cot bed

Types available

Cot beds come in a few different types and it is important to get familiar with all of them before getting one for your child.

Standard cot beds

Cot beds in their common form have removable sides in order to turn into a toddler bed when your baby grows. Cot beds are considered a practical solution in comparison to the standard cot. They are larger in size and thusly have more uses. It will also ease the transition from cot to a bed for your child since it is essentially the same piece of furniture.

Importantly, don’t forget that cot mattresses usually come separate from the cot bed. Make sure you get the right size. If handling the dimensions is something you wouldn’t do, the salesman will direct you to the correct size which is suitable for the cot bed in question.

an image of a baby in a standard cot bed

Drop-sided cot beds

A solution for some cots beds have is a side rail that works as a small access point for getting your baby easily into and out of the cot bed. This back rail along with the drop side is removed or lowered in some way, turning it into a toddler bed.

This kind of cot bed is especially convenient if you are of low stature or are having trouble setting yourself up in a bent shape without back pain. This drop side is great for leaning comfortable while getting your baby ready for its activities.

The solutions for operating the drop side vary greatly. You should go by preference as some have trigger mechanisms while other use nudge and lift mechanisms. Some even have foot pedals to allow for more hand freedom. Try them out and think practically, this is for you.

an image of a drop sided cot bed

Sleigh cot beds

If curved furniture is to your liking, you’ll probably enjoy this one. While having the obvious benefit of being able to rock your baby to sleep effortlessly, many are attracted to the stability and aesthetics this design offers.

They come in all forms – with drop-sides or fixed-rails. The only thing to keep in mind is that the sides don’t have gaps between the mattress and the cot bed itself. Due to the rocking and your baby moving around the bed there is danger that its clothing or leg can get trapped in the gap.

an image of sleigh cot bed

Cot beds or just cots?

The best argument for getting a cot bed instead of a classic cot is mainly in longevity. The biggest upside to having a cot bed is that they are usually longer than cots and have a multipurpose value in being able to transform into a child bed.

Retailers claim that most cot beds can last even until the child is starting elementary school. The consensus is that by the age of approximately nine you have to think about buying a regular bed for your child. Of course these things vary from child to child, as well as the wear of the bed throughout the years of use.

Whether you opt for one or the other, you have to check regularly your baby’s crib for changes in the material and the metal components keeping it together. For example, your baby will gain weight and size as time progresses some screws might start losing firmness, compromising the bed.

Cot bed dimensions

Bigger that a regular cot, but not drastically. The standard dimension for a cot bed is about 146cm long, 77cm deep and the height is between 90-105 cm. The side rails for most beds are in the 84-87cm range when put in their highest position. This can put some strain on shorter people when handling the baby over the rails. Remember that if you think you would have such issues, try buying a cot bed with drop sides as you can lower those with ease.

Measuring the space your baby should sleep at, which is both the living room and your nursery. Babies have to spend a period of six months where they sleep in the same room as their parents. This means you will probably be moving your cot bed around the house. One more thing to look at are the fixed parts of the cot bed. In general, they are aesthetic elements useful for few things, one of which is effectively blocking you from seeing your baby. Make sure your baby is visible at most times, from most positions.

WidthDepthHeightSide rails
146cm (57.4 inches)77cm (30.3 inches)90-105 cm (35.4-41.3 inches)84-87cm (33-34 inches)


Choosing the right cot bed is largely dependent on what expectations you have set upon it and what exactly you are looking for in this product. The amount of variety in both functionality and form is enormous. Some small details in such areas are sometimes enough for the scales to tip in favor of a purchase.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned traits while also appreciating the quality of style and functionality will let you make the most informed opinion. Try making a list of priorities of what is important to you. Work your way from the top to the bottom for every cot bed you fancy. This way you know you will always be ticking the most important boxes first. In the mean time, you can see the differences between a cot and a cot bed.

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