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Has been with The Sleep Advisors since 2022, a certified fitness instructor and author of 93 articles. Here are his most recent articles:

Featured image for how to trick your brain into falling asleep

How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep

Why does the brain struggle to fall asleep? The reasons can be numerous - from bedtime habits and stress to chronic pain to mental health disorders. Lack of sleep, insomnia…

Featured image for sleeping with Costochondritis

How to Sleep With Costochondritis?

Symptoms and diagnosis It is challenging to understand how it arises. To diagnose it, you usually have to rule out the existence of other, more severe diseases. So, you will…


5 Pressure Points For Sleep – Insomnia Treatment

Scientific Basis and Effectiveness Modern research has begun to explore the efficacy of stimulating pressure points in treating various health conditions, including insomnia. A systematic review and meta-analysis by Yeung…

Featured image for How long do dreams last FI

How Long Do Dreams Last?

Understanding the Nature of Dreams You can't imagine the chaos going on in your body while you sleep. Although it is a time to rest, the body works hard to…

Featured image for How to Sleep with Knee Pain.

How to Sleep With Knee Pain?

Arthritis and joint inflammation This is a degenerative knee condition, and it refers to the wear and tear of the knee cartilage. It is characterized by pain that gradually increases,…

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