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Featured image for How to Sleep with Knee Pain.

How to Sleep With Knee Pain?

Arthritis and joint inflammation This is a degenerative knee condition, and it refers to the wear and tear of the knee cartilage. It is characterized by pain that gradually increases,…

Featured image for Muscle cramps in the legs at night.

Muscle Cramps in the Legs at Night

What is a leg cramp? Leg muscles consist of bundles of fibres that alternately contract and expand to move. Night leg cramps - spasms are sudden, purposeless and involuntary contractions…

Featured image for Sleeping with earplugs

Is Sleeping With Earplugs Good?

The benefits of sleeping with earplugs Earplugs are usually safe to use while sleeping. You may feel discomfort initially, but this will go away over time. You will experience the…

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