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Electric Blanket


Electric Blankets & Safety Considerations

Moreover, don't confuse electric blankets with heated blankets. A heated blanket does not have those integrated electrical elements that produce heat, those that we mentioned before. Instead, a heated blanket,…

Woman wrapped in blanket

Best Electric Blankets UK

Types of electric blankets Electric blankets come in all shapes and sizes. Also, there are different types and the difference between them is surprisingly big. The two most common types are…


Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Test & an approval certificate This is not a regular duvet, but a product that needs to be tested and approved. Literally the first thing you should check when buying an…

Silentnight electric blanket

Silentnight Electric Blanket Review

Who is the Silentnight electric blanket for? Silentnight Comfort Control electric blanket, after all like any electric blanket, is for cold sleepers. Cold sleepers are those people who are especially cold at…

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