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Best Sofas UK – Our 7 Picks

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9 April 2024 11 min read

Having a good sofa can not only allow you to sleep like a champ but also save plenty of valuable floor space. So, let's find the best sofas UK has to offer!

To narrow down the choice of sofa, it is best to start by choosing a brand. After that, you can further narrow the choice by choosing the fabric and style you like. So, the sofa occupies a central place in the living room. That is why it needs to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Only then will you really be able to relax and enjoy?

You will understand which is the right sofa for you if you focus on the right things. This mini research requires time and consideration to adapt the sofa to your living space, choose the colour you like as well as the material that is of sufficient quality. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the size, filling and finishing. The sofa should last for years so it must be quality.

So, let's go over through our picks for the best sofas UK has to offer and then go more in-depth on what makes a sofa great!

Our top 7 best sofas UK

Every home needs at least one sofa, and in the most homes you will find more than one sofa. That is why there are thousands of different models on the market both in the UK and around the world. To help you and shorten the tedious search, we have selected the best models by category.
    Sofas 1
    Product image of Noa The Flow Modular Sofa
    Noa The Flow Modular Sofa
    Best Overall
    Sofas 2
    Product image of Honeypot Sofa Shannon 3 Seater.
    Honeypot Sofa Shannon 3 Seater
    Best Value
    Sofas 3
    Product image of Honeypot Sofabed Elegance3 Seater.
    Honeypot Sofabed Elegance3 Seater
    Best Sofa Bed
    Sofas 4
    Product image of Honeypot Verona Grey Fabric Corner Sofa.
    Honeypot Verona Grey Fabric Corner Sofa
    Best Corner Sofa
    Sofas 5
    Product image of Noa The Malibu Sofa
    Noa the Malibu Sofa
    Best Classic
    Sofas 6
    Product image of Noa The Monaco Sofa
    Noa the Monaco Sofa
    Best for Small Spaces
    Sofas 7
    product image of Amazing Sofas-CHESTERFIELD style sofa
    Roma Infinity
    Best Chesterfield Sofa

Best Overall: Noa The Flow Modular Sofa

This endlessly versatile sofa will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Best Overall
Product image of Noa The Flow Modular Sofa

If you buy the Noa The Flow Modular Sofa you will get more than just one sofa. This three-piece sofa can be configured in a variety of ways.

In addition, it has a very classic design, so it will never be out of fashion and will always be a great part of your living room.

You can configure it to be a left or a right corner sofa or an XL sofa, depending on what you need at a given time.

It has a durable wooden frame and is filled with high density foam and polyester. And foam seat cushions will always guarantee a certain level of comfort. It also has removable cushion covers but remember that the covers are not machine washable.

So, maintenance isn't as easy as it could be. However, if you hate fixed seat cushions that you have to scrub down, this is still a decent upgrade.

  • Size: 250 x 210 x 58/81 cm
  • Cover: 100% polyester
  • Filling: High density foam with polyester


An icon depicting different groups of people
Will suit most people
High level of comfort guaranteed.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
It will last long time before you notice an issue.
Easy installation and maintenance
The sofa is rather easy to set up and maintain.


An icon depicting negative colour properties
Limited colour options
There are 3 colour options and they're rather similar.
An icon depicting a washing machine, illustrating a product that is not suitable for machine washing
Cushion covers not washable
Cushion covers can be removed but not machine-washed.

Best Value: Honeypot Sofa Shannon 3 Seater

If you want a sofa that looks luxurious while also not putting too much strain on your wallet, Honeypot has you covered!
Best Value
Product image of Honeypot Sofa Shannon 3 Seater.

Their Shannon 3-seater comes with an elegant monochromatic design, with top-notch upholstery and faux leather around the sides and back.

But that doesn’t mean they skimped out on the quality! With foam cushions wrapped in a removable cover, you can stay comfortable and clean up any accidental spills with ease.

Not to mention that the solid wood frame is bound to last for quite some time.

And if a 3-seater isn’t what you’re looking for, Honeypot also offers armchairs, footstools, corner chairs and a 3 + 2 seater – all at an approachable price and made from good materials. So, definitely a good value pick in our book!

  • Size: 89 x 240 x 85 cm
  • Cover: Faux leather, soft polyester
  • Filling: Foam


An icon depicting a good value product
Offers great value
Fantastic ratio between price and quality.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
This sofa is unlikely to break down any time soon.
An icon depicting a foldable design
Easy to fold up/convert
From a sofa to a bed, the transition is very smooth and easy.


An icon depicting a non-firm & supportive surface
A bit too firm for some
Some sleepers might want a softer sofa bed.

Best Sofa Bed: Honeypot Sofabed Elegance3 Seater

If you constantly have guests or family over, getting a sofa bed can be incredibly useful – and this is one is among the best on the market.
Best Sofa Bed
Product image of Honeypot Sofabed Elegance3 Seater.

Not only does it come at a very reasonable price but it’s also packed with amazing features.

For one, the seats are not only covered in plush upholstery but also featured a quilted design, meaning you get elegance and comfort all in one!

And don’t worry, the seats are also filled with a soft, bouncy foam that won’t leave you sore after a few hours of lazing around on the sofa.

Lastly, the utility it provides. Not only is it incredibly easy to transform into a decently sized bed but it also comes with side pockets where you can put away the remote, your reading glasses or a book. Definitely one of your best choices when looking for a sofa bed.

  • Size: 87 x 208 x 97 cm
  • Cover: Velvet
  • Filling: Foam


Easy to install
You can assemble the sofa on your own easily.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
The sofa is very sturdy and durable.
An icon depicting a man with pain in back
Great for back pain
The foam is very supportive and comfortable.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
A bit pricey
For a tree-seater, there are cheaper sofas on the market.

Best Corner Sofa: Honeypot Verona Corner Sofa

The Honeypot Verona Corner Sofa will be the centerpiece of your living room.
Best Corner Sofa
Product image of Honeypot Verona Grey Fabric Corner Sofa.

When we say that the Honeypot Verona Corner Sofa going to be the centerpiece of your living room we mean both because it is large and because it is so comfortable that you will not want to get up from it.

This corner sofa will be your lounge area!

The exterior is made of velvet, which tells you how luxurious this sofa is, and the filling is 30% feather mixed and 70% fiber which creates the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Although the legs are made of plastic, it is very stable and durable. You can choose from 4 colours, and it also exists in several different shapes, if this one doesn't suit you perfectly.

  • Size: 90 x 263 x 87 cm
  • Cover: Polyester
  • Filling: Foam


An icon depicting different groups of people
Will suit most people
The sofa bed is extra comfortable and will satisfy most sleepers.
An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality
No corners were cut when making this sofa.
An icon depicting a medal indicating a warranty
10-year warranty
You can rest assured this sofa is going to stick around.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
A bit expensive
There are cheaper sofas you can get.

Best Classic: Noa the Malibu Sofa

Classics never go out of style.
Best Classic
Product image of Noa The Malibu Sofa

If the whole design of your living room is classic and you do not want to make any changes, and you want a new, great-looking sofa, you will not go wrong if you buy Noah The Malibu Sofa.

After all, it keeps the design rather simple, quietly fitting into a spacious living room without drawing too much attention.

It is has a broad frame and a low-slung seat so it will be very comfortable for you and you can't wait to come back from work to rest there. The back cushions are so comfy.

It also has wide armrests for extra comfort. Due to its minimalist design, it is at the same time classic, but also contemporary.

The filling is polyester, high density foam, which means that it will retain its original shape and characteristics for a long time. Or, in other words, you get to enjoy plump seats for at least a few years!

  • Size: 213 x 95 x 81 cm
  • Cover: 100% polyester
  • Filling: High density foam with polyester


An icon depicting a spring
Springs for added comfort
Thanks to the high-gauge springs, you'll get a high level of comfort.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
Highly durable
This sofa was made to last.
An icon depicting modern design
Modern design
The simple modern design will appeal to many.


An icon depicting negative colour properties
Limited colour options
The sofa only comes in 2 colours.

Best for Small Spaces: Noa the Monaco Sofa

When you are limited by space, choosing the right sofa can be very difficult.
Best for Small Spaces
Product image of Noa The Monaco Sofa

When you live in a small space, you can’t do much to make it bigger, but you have to adjust everything to space you have at your disposal. That is why you need a small space friendly sofa such as the Noa The Monaco Sofa.

While it can surely take charge even in a spacious living area, this sofa is best-suited for smaller living spaces.

It has gracefully clean lines and very modern metal legs. Metal legs also contribute to stability and longevity.

The same goes for the sturdy wooden frame. Velvet is used for the upholstery, so this sofa is not only small space friendly but also very comfortable and luxurious.

And while it doesn't come at a vary affordable price point, we'd say you still get a lot of value out of this sofa.

  • Size: 208 x 90 x 79 cm
  • Cover: 100% polyester velvet
  • Filling: Polyester fiber


an icon depicting a removable cover
Removable cushion covers
You can easily remove the cushion covers to clean them.
An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality
While not too flashy, this sofa utilises high-quality materials.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
Decent durability
The sofa is very sturdy.


An icon depicting negative colour properties
Limited colour choice
There are only 2 colour options.

Best Chesterfield Sofa: Roma Infinity

It can be very challenging to find the perfect Chesterfield style sofa. But this might be the one!
Best Chesterfield Sofa
product image of Amazing Sofas-CHESTERFIELD style sofa

The classic Chesterfield style is very characteristic and those are large sofas with armrests that are the same height as the back. They are most often made of leather and range of fabrics.

This traditionally styled sofa will contribute to the look of your living room, and will give you the perfect place to relax.

Velvet is used as the primary material, and the frame is very stable. You can choose from many different colours as well as sizes. If you want luxury, go with Amazing Sofas-CHESTERFIELD style sofa.

This three seater sofa also has high quality foam seat cushions, meaning that you can relax in style as well as comfort.

And while it does come down to personal preference, we'd say that is one of the best-looking sofas on this list!

  • Size: 225 x 88 x 74 cm
  • Cover: Velvet
  • Filling: Foam


An icon depicting modern design
Modern design
These sofas are very elegant.
an icon depicting many options
Plenty of options
Plenty of different sizes and colours in this product line.
An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality
Featuring velvet and high-quality plush, this is a well-made sofa.


An icon depicting a group of people indicating not being suitable for all of them
Won't suit everyone
You'll either love or hate the design.

What to consider when buying the best sofas UK

It is not enough that you just like the sofa visually or that it is comfortable when you try it, if you have chance to try it in the brick and mortar store. You need to analyze factors like size, dimensions, shape and the like to know if one of the best sofas are the right fit for your room. Of course, material, filling and design are also very important for several reasons.

The sofa type

To start things off, we want to talk about sofa types. That's because there's a lot of terminology regarding sofas that can vary depending on who you ask. And depending on whether you want a classic sofa or something a bit more specific, it's good to know about these different sofa types.

So, while many of these points will be covered in more detail later on, we want to quickly go over everything. So, aside from just a classic sofa, here are other sofa types you can look for.

A modular sofa

Modular sofas, also called a sectional sofa, are best described as Lego blocks. This is because modular sofar are comprised out of multiple smaller independent sections. And you can mix and match these sections however you wish.

So, whether you need a corner sofa, a loveseat sofa, a 3 seater sofa or a classic sofa, a sectional sofa can offer you that. However, there are a few important things to note. First off, you'd likely have to get all the parts of the sectional sofa from the same supplier.

This is so that you can ensure they're compatible and you don't have to worry about the corner sofa seat height when trying out something new. Secondly, this modular sofar aren't exactly cheap. So, if you want an affordable sofa, this might not be the best choice for you.

Chesterfield sofas

Since we've featured a classic Chesterfield sofa, it only makes sense to explain what Chesterfield sofas actually are. Basically, unlike in the previous example, this has more to do with design than functionality. In other words, Chesterfield sofas behave like regular, comfortable sofas.

What makes them stand out is their design, as they're usually a bit more lavish than your typical three seater sofa. So, if you want a modern sofa that's a bit more eye-catching, this could be the right choice for you. They're typically upholstered in leather, have rolled arms, and are tufted. So, go and see if the best leather sofa is what you've been missing in your living room.

Chaise sofas

While a chaise sofa might sound quite exotic, it's actually a common contemporary sofa. Basically, to classify as a chaise sofa, you just need a traditional sofa that has enough room for your legs when your back is at the backrest. That's it!

In other words, most corner sofas to classify as a chaise sofa.

With that being said, we still think getting a chaise sofa is a good idea for many people. After all, while it's not quite a sofa bed, the added space usually results in a lot more comfort.

Loveseat sofas

Another pretty common contemporary sofa is the loveseat sofa. And just like the chaise sofas, they sound more complicated and exotic than they really are. Basically, a loveseat sofa is just a two seater sofa. That's it.

For people with limited space, a loveseat sofa is rather ideal. However, do note that it's quite hard to sleep on a loveseath sofa, ironically. And since a modular sofas can just be made into two seaters rather easily, it's worth considering what you value more – a lower price or more options.

Size & dimensions

A green sofa in a living room surrounded with plants

The sofa is probably the most necessary piece of furniture in the living room, so it is important to choose it carefully. It should not occupy the entire room, such as the living room. It should also not be too small, because then it is not functional. That is why it is necessary to decide on the appropriate size. You will achieve this by taking into account your needs and your living space. Accordingly, you can choose between different sizes.

For example, if you live with your family, you will surely strive for a bigger sofa. For example, a three seater sofa or a modular sofa. On the other hand, people who live alone will fit in a size that is sufficient for one guests and you. For example, a loveseat or some other two seater sofa.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of models that visually look smaller and provide more space. This applies to sofas with various additional elements, such as modular sofas. Also don't make the mistake of only measuring the bottom of the sofa.

If your new sofa has rolled arms, it will need some more space up top. This is especially important when it comes to a corner sofa or something similar as they're not very forgiving and need to be accounted for accordingly.


In addition to focusing on style, colour, price and other things, it is equally important to look at the shape of the best sofas. Depending on the style of your living space, decide on the appropriate shape. The good news is that there are a variety of sofa models on the market that meet different requirements.

If you have a problem with the shape of the sofa, look at other pieces of furniture. After all, sometimes a trundle bed or a sofa chair might be better suited for your living room. But if you do decide to stick with the sofa, see whether you can fit a corner sofa.

After all, corner sofas will typically be the best overall. Also, make sure that your new three seater sofa doesn't block any pathways or doors before you take it into the room. Sofas are heavy and even the most stylish sofa is going to be a lousy purchase if you now can't leave the room without doing parkour.


a latge L sofa shape in a livingroom

The frame is the most important part of the best sofa when it comes to its quality. It keeps all the parts in one place and provides support to the entire construction. In this way it withstands a lot of pressure and that is why it is necessary to choose a durable material. In that case, hardwood is a great choice, because it will hold its shape best.

On the other hand, you can choose a cheaper option that is not so stable. These are soft wood or metal for sure. However, the construction of the frame can also be important. Additional layers of plywood can significantly strengthen the frame and thus be a good choice. This involves at least 14 layers of plywood.

Type of filling

The interior of the best sofa consists mainly of foam, feathers or fibers. We can say that most of them are actually fulfilling with this combination. This provides a higher level of support and comfort that you need. If we have to decide on one of the most popular materials, then it is definitely foam. It gives shape and volume to the sofa while providing comfort.

It is necessary for the sofa to have good support, because that is the only way it will keep its original shape even after a long time. Of course, you will choose the model depending on the purpose of the sofa. So, let's talk in a bit more detail when it comes to sofa fillings and which ones will suit you the best.


As you might have noticed, foam filled seat cushions are pretty common. After all, basically every sofa on this list has foam seat cushions. And that's because they're simple the best choice most of the time.

Not only are foam seat cushions comfortable but they're not even too expensive, so you can even get an affordable sofa with a foam filling. And regardless of whether you're going to sit upright on your sofa or use it as the napping station, foam can keep you comfy.

However, there are a few potential downsides. For one, if you want a slightly softer filling, feather cushions or even feather wrapped foam cushions could be a better choice. Also, foam can be difficult to clean, which is a significant factor when looking for a good sofa bed.


While it's not too common, you can find feather cushions or feather wrapped foam in some sofas. And even when it's just feather wrapped foam, you can expect a big difference when it comes to comfort. After all, feather and down pillows are known for their flufinnes and feather cushions follow the same path!

However, do also note that even just having feather wrapped foam seat cushions will bump up the price of the sofa. So, you're unlikely to find an affordable sofa that uses feather wrapped foam cushions or anything similar.


If you're looking for the most affordable sofas on the UK market, you'll likely run into fibre fillings. They're synthetics and as such are rather cheap to manufacture. However, they're not necessarily bad. Sure, they're not going to be as soft as feather wrapped foam cushions.

However, sometimes it's better to have a firmer cushion. For example, if your high quality sofa is going to be used strictly for sitting, the added back support of a firmer cushion could keep you comfortable for longer.


While it's also not too common, you will ocassionaly find sofas with springs as opposed to a mesh or something similar. And unlike other sofa models, these sofas will typically last for quite a while and will be able to adapt to your movements. This is why they're often used for sofa beds.

However, if you want a three seater or a four seater sofa with springs, know that it will likely be more expensive than a standard sofa model.

Material & overall design

Since the best sofa is the central point of the living room, it is not enough for it to be comfortable, as it also has to look the part. Keep in mind that this is the first thing people notice after they enter your home. That is why many experts claim that it should represent the style of the entire living space. That is why it is important to choose the material and overall design carefully.

Its influence is so strong that it can determine the tone of your room if you opt for a classic style. This will create a classic and sophisticated atmosphere. With a bolder model, you can create an atmosphere that is much more fun. This is achieved by some unusual shape, a lot of colours, etc. But the most important factor in this case is the material, as it will dictate the look of the sofa to a large degree.

Leather sofas

A leather sofa is one of those things that people tend to either love or hate. On the one hand, a leather sofa does add a level of sophistication to the living room. On the other hand, leather sofas generally tend to annoy hot sleepers as the backrest can stick to your skin during the summer.

It's also important to note which kind of leather you'd want. Soft leathers can be a bit more expensive but comfortable and harder leather might better cement that timeless style but be a hassle to clean.

Upholstered sofas

It's no secret that if you want a luxury sofa, having it be upholstered is the way to go about it. And while there tend to be limited upholstery options, you typically won't need too many. After all, who's going to turn down velvet upholstery? Even the fibre upholstery options tend to look rather elegant!

Plus, while there are limtied upholstery options in terms of the texture or material, there are usually a good handful of colours. So, you still have a degree of control.

Tips for buying and using the best sofas UK

Sofas are a slightly larger investment and that is why it is important to decide on the right material and style. Try to avoid the famous ‘what if’ as well as regret… You will be able to avoid that if you focus on quality. That way, you will be satisfied many years later, because you will not have to worry about maintenance. Quality refers to durability, comfort and style. So try the best sofa before you buy it, choose a good frame, focus on fabric and measure up. Don’t forget that it’s not just a matter of whether it looks good or fits the space you have. It is also important how well it fits your specific requirements.

The advantages of owning some of the best sofas in the UK

The sofa is a place where we want to sit when we are resting after a hard day or when a friend comes to visit us. Since it is something we will use daily, the big advantage of owning the best sofas UK is in the comfort. Whether it is a 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa or 4-seater, comfort is paramount. In addition, quality is very important. Pay attention to the use of the highest quality fabrics, fillings, as well as the quality of the frame and legs.

You can find wooden legs, metal ones and so on. The filling has the biggest impact on comfort, and there are variety of fillings available, different types of polyester, as well as various combinations like feather wrapped foam.From the price itself, it is important to pay attention to the value for the money. Best sofas are also very compact, so they will fit well in smaller spaces. And many models are made so that you can create a corner sofa from them as needed.


And that's all you need to know to find the best sofas UK has to offer! So, are you going to get a brand new sofa for your bedroom or living room? Let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions, either check out the FAQ section or contact us directly.

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FAQs about best sofas UK

What is right for a person’s home and lifestyle may not be right for yours. Remember that this is a big decision that includes several important factors such as material, frame, shape and everything else. However, the most important are your specific requirements that you should always keep in mind. That way you will know the purpose of the sofa and be guided by it. Read a few frequently asked questions to help you understand the basics of choosing a new sofa.

Is the sofa frame an important part of every sofa?

Yes, the frame holds all the parts together and giving stability.

What is the best filling for a sofa?

The feather is the softest filling sofa and a popular choice.

Should I go for a sofa with a mesh or springs?

Springs are a better choice if you want the sofa to keep its shape for a long time.

What is the best type of fabric for a sofa?

Cotton and linen are considered to be best types of fabric for a sofa.

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