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Weighted Blankets

Featured image of GnO Wellbeing Weighted Blanket Review.

GnO Wellbeing Weighted Blanket Review

Features you should know about GnO Wellbeing Weighted Blanket Now, let's take a look at the brief overview of all the features you get from this weighted blanket. Wide weight…

Featrued image of the heaviest weighted blanket.

The Heaviest Weighted Blanket

Conversely, if you are on the smaller side or are looking for a lighter option to use during the summer months, you may want to go for a lighter blanket.…

featured image for baloo weighted blanket

Baloo Soft Weighted Blanket Review

Who is the Baloo Soft weighted blanket for? First of all, this is a luxury weighted blanket, and that's just from looking at the price tag. So, based on that alone,…

Featured image of how to wash a weighted blanket.

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket?

The most common weighted blanket fillings are: Glass beads Steel beads Plastic pellets Smooth pebbles Organic fillings (cotton, corn, beans, rice etc.) Sand. By looking at these fillings, it's evident that…

Featured image for Simba Weighted Blanket Review

Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket Review

Who is Simba Orbit weighted blanket for? Simba Orbit weighted blanket will suit anyone who likes to have a heavier blanket. If it is your first weighted blanket, you should know…

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