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10 Best Weighted Blankets To Soothe The Anxiety & Stress

The importance of a good night’s sleep can never be overlooked. Weighted blankets can help you achieve that. Here are the 10 of the best!               

Many people suffer from anxiety. For them, it can be quite troublesome to have a good night’s sleep, as they toss and turn and feel restless – even when they sleep. One of the things that can be quite helpful in overcoming that feeling of restlessness is the feeling of being hugged or held. For those sleeping alone, finding the perfect weighted blanket UK has to offer to replicate that feeling is absolutely paramount.

Most weighted blankets consist of plastic or glass pellets or ball bearings that make the blanket heavy and the average weight for these blankets is around 7 kg. One of the biggest benefits is that these can boost the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone that regulates the natural sleep cycle.

Since we’re very well aware that finding the best gravity blanket UK has to offer to help you sleep soundly through the night is easier said than done, we’ve decided to step up and try and help you. After thorough research, reading the customers’ reviews, we’ve gone out, tested and found the best weighted blankets on the UK market, so you can curl up and have a proper rest. 

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    How do weighted blankets work?

    Weighted blankets rely on deep pressure stimulation to help us calm down and fall asleep. Deep pressure stimulation or deep pressure therapy is known to stimulate the secretion of mood-boosting and sleep-inducing hormones called serotonin and melatonin. Furthermore, deep pressure therapy is also known to lower the levels of cortisol – a well-known stress hormone.

    The effects of weighted blankets on our bodies are various. By affecting the hormone levels in our blood, weighted blankets can help improve our mood, put us to sleep, and even alleviate symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, autism, and depression.

    Our top weighted blankets in 2022

    We’ve come to the most important section of our article and that is showcasing the best weighted blankets in the UK. All of the products on our list are objectively best in their respected category, so whichever one you choose, you should be more than satisfied with it.

    So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s check out our weighted blanket reviews!

    Small product image of Calming Blankets’ Adult Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 198 x 121 cm
    • Material: Polyester velvet or bamboo
    • Weight: 4.5, 6.8 & 9kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Jaymag Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 135 cm, 200 x 150 cm, 200 x 180 cm
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 7, 9, 13, 15 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Rocabi Adult Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 7, 9, 11 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Snoozzzy's Kids Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 120 x 90 cm, 150 x 100 cm, 180 x 120 cm
    • Material: Minky
    • Weight: 2, 3, 4.5, 5.5, 7 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Luna Weighted Blanket for Adults
    • Dimensions: from Kids to King size
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 5.5, 6.8 & 9 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Bedsure Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 7, 8 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Silentnight Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
    • Material: Microfibre
    • Weight: 6.8 & 9 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 135 cm
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 6.8, 9 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Kuddly Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
    • Dimensions: 120 x 200 cm ; 150 x 200 cm
    • Material: Bamboo; fleece
    • Weight: 4 kg; 6.8 kg; 9 kg
    • Filling: micro-sand BPA free glass beads
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Baloo Soft Weighted Blanket
    • Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm, 220 x 200 cm
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 7, 9, 11 kg
    • Filling: Glass beads
    View Latest Price

    BEST OVERALL: Calming Blankets’ Adult Weighted Blanket

    It’s as calming as the name suggests!

    This is arguably the best weighted blanket we’ve come across. It is perfectly designed to help relieve you of stress and improve your sleep, by evenly distributing the weight across the whole blanket.

    This is a glass-bead-filled blanket, with each individual pocket separately sewn. This prevents bunching and ensures a long-lasting product. Furthermore, this one comes with a velvety cover, that doesn’t get very hot during the night. Unlike many other weighted blankets, Calming Blankets’ weighted blanket’s available in three different colours and three different sizes, which makes it easier to find the perfect match for yourself.

    Read our Calming Blankets’ Adult weighted blanket review.

    • High-quality cover
    • Cool and breathable
    • Very stylish and comfortable
    • Filled with glass beads           
    • More expensive than some other products in the same category.

    BEST VALUE: Jaymag Weighted Blanket

    The absolute best deal on the market!

    If you’re looking for an anxiety blanket but aren’t willing to spend more than 50 quid and some change, then, this is the product for you.

    This hypoallergenic, cotton covered blanket is not only cool and breathable, but very comfortable as well. It might come as a surprise given the price tag, but this one is also filled with glass beads, which is basically as good as it gets when it comes to fillings. It’s quiet, easily washable – what more could anyone want from a blanket this cheap?

    Here is our detailed review of Jaymag weighted blanket.

    • Cool and breathable
    • Filled with glass beads
    • Great weight distribution
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Not the most eye-pleasing when it comes to overall design & look.

    BEST LUXURY: Rocabi Adult Weighted Blanket

    Premium weighted blanket that will give you the necessary peace to sleep undisturbed!

    You can find this premium weighted blanket in the Rocabi offer. It is very comfortable, and two covers especially contribute to that, since you get cool cotton and fleece mincky covers. It is available in three different weights, and all three weights are intended for adults. Depending on your body weight, you will determine which weight you will buy. 

    Since it is 100% cotton it guarantees that you will not be hot under this weighted blanket because breathability is great and it is also hypoallergenic. The cover is machine washable, and you get no hassle 30 day returns and a 365 day craftsmanship guarantee.

    Check our full Rocabi Adult weighted blanket review.

    • Breathable
    • Comfortable
    • 365 day craftmanship guarantee
    • Machine washable cover
    • Available in 3 weights.       
    • More expensive than some other products in the same category
    • Only for adults.

    BEST FOR KIDS: Snoozzzy's Kids Weighted Blanket

    Only the best for your little ones!

    If you’re in the market for a kids’ weighted blanket, you should look no further than a Snoozzzy’s Kids. This is a great blanket for all those little rascals that are having trouble sleeping. It’s filled with glass pellets, so that’s a big plus. It also comes with a removable, minky cover – which makes this one quite easy to wash, which is ideal for kids. 

    When it comes to looks – you can choose from a variety of styles, from a unicorn-printed cover to a dinosaur one – so it works perfectly for both boys and girls. Bonus points for Snoozzzy for including a plush toy in the package.           

    • Easily washable
    • Removable minky cover
    • Glass beads fillings
    • Five different sizes.             
    • None at this point. 

    BEST COOLING: Luna Weighted Blanket for Adults

    The coolest cooling weighted blanket UK has to offer!

    Luna Weighted Blanket for Adults comes with an innovative design and 7 layers that ensure even weight distribution and cloud-like feeling. 8 ties help you to fasten the cover and protect the blanket.

    Micro glass beads improve weight distribution even more, while 7-layer construction promotes increased airflow and thus increases the cooling effect. A removable cover makes the maintenance process a piece of cake.

    It comes in Single and Double/King sizes, with weights of 5,5 6,8 and 9 kg, depending on whether you want more or less weight for your sleep.

    • Highly breathable, cooling & moisture-wicking
    • Smart design; 7 layers
    • Machine washable.
    • Only two sizes available.

    BEST WARMING: Bedsure Weighted Blanket

    Bedsure Weighted Blanket has an ideal weight for all adults and will perfectly simulate DPT!

    Bedsure Weighted Blanket is almost a 7kg weighted blanket, to be more precise, it weighs 6.8kg. It is a weight that will suit any adult, because it is not too heavy, and yet it is enough to simulate DPT and thus cause the release of hormones that will calm you down. 

    This weighted blanket consists of 7 layers, in order to offer you softness and therefore a perfect night’s sleep at the same time. The cover is 100% organic cotton so you don’t get hot, and 12 loops on all sides will perfectly hold the entire weight in place.  

    Check our Bedsure weighted blanket review.     

    • DPT simulation
    • 100% cotton cover
    • 7 layers
    • Highly durable.
    • Could be too warm for hot sleepers.

    BEST HYPOALLERGENIC: Silentnight Weighted Blanket

    The best choice for allergy sleepers who struggle to fall asleep!

    Silentnight weighted blanket offers hypoallergenic sleep and super comfortable dreams as this blanket comes in two different weights:6,8 and 9 kg. This is the best therapy-weighted blanket also that uses smooth microfibre to reduce stress, RLS, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many other disorders.

    Premium glass beads are noiseless, while the high-quality stitching and loops ensure evenly distributed weight. It comes with 12 months warranty and free delivery. It is available only in grey colour.

    We also have a review on this Silentnight’s weighted blanket so take a look.  

    • Very breathable
    • Beyond comfortable
    • Double-sided.
    • Only one colour
    • Could be too light for some.

    BEST LOW-MAINTENANCE: Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket

    Amazing in every single way!

    To say that the Simba Orbit is one of the most comfortable blankets on the market would be an understatement. If we’re being honest, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Simba. This one comes with a removable, 100% premium cotton cover, which makes this one really easy to clean.

     It’s filled with what Simba calls nano-beads, which are essentially very small, glass beads. It’s very breathable, so you won’t have to worry about getting too hot while you try and sleep.

    Perfectly weighty, this one might just be the best weighted blanket for anxiety.

    Check our Simba Orbit weighted blanket review.

    • Cool and breathable
    • Filled with nano-glass beads
    • Removable cotton cover. 
    • Somewhat pricey
    • Only comes in one colour and two different weights.

    BEST ECO-FRIENDLY: Kuddly Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set

    It is available in three weights – 4 kg, 6.8 kg and 9 kg, meaning each adult can find the right weight for himself or herself. The blanket is filled with micro-sand BPA free glass beads, without traces of plastic. The cover is made of eco-friendly, cooling bamboo so it won’t be too hot during the summer, and in the winter it will be ideal if you live in central heating so it is suitable year-round.

    It has two sides, and the other side is made of comforting soft mink fleece, so you can choose between bamboo and fleece, depending on what suits you at the moment. It is also removable and machine washable, making maintenance very simple. You can wash glass beads filling as well, but this can damage your washing machine.

    •   All-season
    •   Two-sided cover
    •    Highly durable.
    • Not for kids.

    BEST EXTRA HEAVY: Baloo Soft Weighted Blanket

    For those in need of extra hugs!

    Baloo offers you a heavy blanket for bed. It weighs as much as 11.3 kilograms, which is really heavy and is not recommended for people under 70 kilograms. For anyone weighing under 90 kg this weighted blanket will be very hefty, but if you are looking for an extra heavy one, then this is the right choice. 

    Alongside weight, this is an overall premium weighted blanket. Made of breathable cotton which is chemical-free, it will be very comfortable for you. Since it is very large, it is also suitable for couples. Another great feature is that the machine was washable, even though it is so big and heavy. Also, it will dry very quickly in the dryer.

    Overall, this is one of the nicest weighted blankets for adults we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Do check our Baloo Soft weighted blanket review.

    • High quality cotton 
    • Breathable
    • Machine washable
    • Great weight range
    • Glass microbeads.
    • Might be too heavy for some sleepers

    What is the right weight of weighted blanket for me?

    The general wisdom when choosing a weighted blanket is to choose based on your own body weight. So, how much should a weighted blanket weigh? A weighted blanket should weigh around 10% of your body weight.

    For example, if you’re 80 kilos – look for a weighted blanket that weighs 8 kilos.

    What is deep pressure therapy?

    In layman’s terms, deep pressure therapy is a form of therapy that relaxes our nervous system by applying gentle pressure on our body. Whether the pressure is applied through hugging, squeezing, holding, or covering yourself with a gravity blanket does not make that big of a difference.

    According to research, applying “firm, but gentle” pressure, otherwise known as deep touch pressure, stimulates our body’s parasympathetic system.

    An image of a woman drinking tea wrapped in a weighted blanket for deep pressure stimulation.

    The parasympathetic system is the one responsible for putting us in a state of relaxation. When stimulated, the parasympathetic system lowers our blood pressure and pulse, slows down breathing, and increases the secretion of hormones like dopamine and serotonin promoting relaxation and calmness.

    What to consider when buying the best weighted blanket

    When looking for a weighted blanket, it’s important to know which features to look for. It’s not enough just to buy the first one you come across. Many important features make up a good blanket like weight, material, how breathable it is etc. In the following section, we’ve decided to break things down for you and highlight some of the most important features, so you can easily find the perfect blanket for yourself.


    When it comes to the weight of the blanket, the general rule of thumb is to follow a 10 percent rule. You could go a little lower than that if you prefer a lighter feel, but in general, a good weighted blanket should weigh around 10 percent of your body weight. That is, by far, the simplest way to find the perfect fit for you – just divide your body weight by 10 and you should be good to go.

    An image of a woman holding knitted blankets.

    However, it’s important to note that this rule might not apply to everyone. So, before you buy, make sure to test out the blanket. Cover yourself and see how it feels. If you find yourself struggling to move or you just feel like you’re under too much pressure, go lighter. The point of this blanket is to make you feel at ease, not trapped.

    Cover material

    Even though it is not necessary, finding the perfect cover for your blanket can improve the overall experience significantly. That is why many recommend that you do so.

    Blanket cover material

    Finding the perfect cover shouldn’t be too troublesome. It all boils down to the material of the cover if we’re being honest. You see, the purpose of the cover is to keep the blanket clean, and make it feel softer, hotter or colder. Washing a weighted blanket isn’t impossible, but it can get a bit troubling. That’s why a cover is a welcome addition.

    Aside from that, a cover will affect how the blanket feels. So, if you wish to make it softer, cooler or warmer, you can do that by finding the perfect cover for it.

    Material of a blanket

    When finding the perfect weighted blanket for yourself, you’ll also want to pay attention to the materials – all of them. When it comes to these kinds of blankets, there are two things to pay attention to – the cover material and the filling.

    As far as cover material goes, it’s all about personal preference. In most cases, you’d choose between cotton, which is quite soft and breathable and minky. If you don’t know what minky is – it’s that silky-smooth, hairy fabric most commonly used for baby blankets. Also, you may find fleece or linen blend, but those aren’t that popular.

    Aside from that, you’ll have to pay attention to the fillings, as that will determine not only the weight distribution and affect the cleaning ability of the blanket, but will affect the longevity of the blanket, as well. In most cases, the weighted blankets will be filled with plastic poly pellets, micro glass beads, steel shot beads or in some cases even sand or grain. We’d suggest steering clear of the organic fillings. Here’s why.

    Easy cleaning

    Cleaning a weighted blanket can be challenging – if you pick the wrong one.

    As we’ve said a second ago, stay away from blankets filled with organic materials like sand, pebbles, buckwheat or grain. You see, when organic material comes into contact with water – it tends to soak it up. When that happens, getting it dry becomes pretty much impossible. That can lead to your blanket becoming mouldy or the fillings rotting and that’s something you’d want to avoid. Sticking to glass, steel and plastic poly fillings will make cleaning that much easier.

    washing your blankets

    In addition to that, cotton and minky covered blankets are the easiest to clean. Just make sure not to use hot water. Cold or warm water should do the trick. Also, try and wash them separately from other clothes or sheets to avoid additional agitation to the fabric.

    Level of breathability

    Depending on whether you sleep hot or cold, you might want to consider how breathable your blanket is. Once again, it all comes down to the materials.

    An image of Silentnight Weighted Blanket for adults.

    As far as covers go, if you’re looking for a breathable blanket, you’re ought to look for a breathable cover fabric like cotton. There are a few others like bamboo or eucalyptus fibres, but those aren’t that common. Cotton is a safe bet and the best overall choice.

    On the inside, glass beads fillings are your best option if you get hot when you sleep, as they’re least likely to retain heat, unlike plastic poly beads.

    Recommended reading: Best UK duvet

    Tips for buying and using best weighted blankets

    When it comes to tips and tricks when shopping for the best weighted blanket, we’d advise being thorough in your research and trying out the blanket before you buy it. You see, you can have all the necessary knowledge on how to find the perfect blanket, but that doesn’t mean you’d be satisfied with it. So, here are a few additional tips:

    • Always try the blanket out before you buy it or look for one with a return and cash-back policy
    • Don’t go too wide or too long – you want it to cover your whole body below the neck without hanging off the bed; these blankets are heavy and they can easily end up on the floor if too large
    • Weighted blankets aren’t meant for sharing. It sounds sad, but this is a one-person party.

    The advantages of owning one the best weighted blankets

    The main purpose of a weighted blanket is to make you feel at ease when you go to sleep and help improve the overall quality of your sleep. So, when you think about it, the advantages of owning a great weighted blanket are the same as a good night’s sleep. People who suffer from anxiety can benefit from weighted blankets the most, but overall, they can improve your overall quality of life.

    The impact of quality sleep on our life can’t be stressed enough. Here are only a few of the benefits and advantages of owning a weighted blanket.

    • Improved quality of sleep
    • Anxiety and stress relief
    • Improved focus, motivation and overall mood
    • Improved physical and mental health.

    3 things to keep in mind when using weighted blankets

    To ensure the best results, optimal sleeping conditions, and a perfectly safe sleeping environment when using a weighted blanket – make sure to keep these three things in mind.

    Know the ideal weight of a blanket

    An ideal weighted blanket will weigh around 10% of your own body weight. However, some people prefer a slightly heavier feel, so don’t hesitate to try out a weighted blanket before you fully commit to it. However, aim not to go higher than 15% of your total weight..

    Do not use oversized blankets

    Be mindful of the dimension of the blanket just as you’re mindful of its weight. An oversized weighted blanket can pose a threat to your well-being during the night – especially if a kid sleeps underneath it.

    Speak to paediatricians first before giving it to kids

    Weighted blankets aren’t suitable for babies, toddlers, and small children. Children over the age of four may use a lightweight weighted blanket, but only if a paediatrician prescribes deep pressure therapy with a weighted blanket for autism, ADHD, anxiety, or some other disorder.

    You shouldn’t be the one giving a weighted blanket to a child before talking to a doctor.

    How to wash my weighted blanket?

    Start by reading the care label. Then, according to instructions, soak your weighted blanket in a tub filled with cold or lukewarm water and mild detergent and soak for 15 minutes. Then, rinse and repeat until you’re left with nothing but clean water. Or, wash your blanket in a machine.

    However, not every weighted blanket is washable. For example, an organic weighted blanket filled with rice can’t come in contact with water because rice is organic matter that will decompose and get mouldy if wet. Therefore, each blanket is a different story – so we suggest you checking out universal guide on how to wash a blanket at home.

    An image of a girl playing with a washed weighted blanket.

    Washable weighted blankets are the ones filled with glass beads, poly pellets, steel shot beads, or the ones entirely made from organic cotton. You can wash any of these by hand or in a washing machine (provided that they fit). Also, if they come with a removable cover – you can wash the cover in a washing machine, as well.

    For additional information on washing and drying a weighted blanket, feel free to take look at our in-depth weighted blanket washing guide.

    FAQs about weighted blankets

    Finally, let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions, just to make sure we’ve covered all grounds, so when the time comes for you to pick the perfect weighted blanket for yourself – you do it without a doubt in your mind.

    Ideally, a blanket should weigh approximately one-tenth of your body weight.

    It's rather simple. Divide your body weight by 10 and try out the blanket. If it feels good – you've found the perfect match.

    You should clean the blankets with cold or warm water, without any harsh chemicals or laundry detergents.

    Depending on whether you use covers or now, it varies between 2 to 4 times a year. If necessary, wash more often.

    Anyone over the age of 3 can use and benefit from the weighted blankets.

    This is up for debate. Some experts claim that you should only use a weighted blanket for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time, while others swear by the benefits of a full night's sleep under a weighted blanket.

    You may sleep on your side, but this sort of defeats the purpose of a weighted blanket because you're not covering a large portion of your body. For best results, we'd recommend sleeping on your back.

    In theory, a weighted blanket should temporarily lower your blood pressure as a result of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

    Weighted blankets come with loops in order to prevent bunching and to keep the blanket in place when inside of a duvet cover.

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