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Emma Hug Weighted Blanket Review by The Sleep Advisors

A weighted blanket could prove to be more than handy in some instances. Whenever you’re feeling down and in need of some hug – you can turn to your weighted blanket. In this case, you might turn to Emma Hug weighted blanket. However, should you do it? Well, let’s find out in our Emma Hug weighted blanket review.

Who is Emma Hug weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket such as Emma Hug can be more than helpful in highly stressful situations. People all over the world, who are suffering from anxiety, are regularly turning to weighted blankets for a feeling of comfort and security.

Whether you are suffering from anxiety and lack of security, you should know that this product will help you to solve those problems. On that note, if you’re in need of a feeling like that – Emma Hug might just be right for you.

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    What do we use Emma Hug weighted blanket for?

    As we’ve mentioned previously, a weighted blanket could really come in handy during times of stress or anxiety or when you just need to unwind. Also, kids that have trouble sleeping might also benefit from a hugging feeling a blanket such as Emma Hug might offer them. All in all, if you like or need a hugging feeling while you’re sleeping or relaxing – you can use Emma Hug.

    Features you should know about the Emma Hug weighted blanket

    To better understand what makes Emma Hug different or even better than some other weighted blankets, we need to take a look at some of the defining features this blanket has to offer.

    an image of emma hug weighted blanket on the bed in the bedroom

    7-layer premium construction

    If we were to deconstruct this weighted blanket, we’d see that it is made of 7 separate layers. This 7-layer premium construction is precisely what separates this weighted blanket from all the other ones.

    Starting with breathable cotton and going down towards the Silica glass beads, this weighted blanket has a serious, complex structure that allows it to be as good as it is.

    100% breathable cotton layer

    A weighted blanket is something that you might want or have to use all year round, which is why this one comes with a 100% cotton layer. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, but not only that – it is also very breathable, and it does a great job at wicking away moisture.


    Why is this important? Well, you might have to use this blanket on a hot summer day, and unless you plan on being all toasty and sweaty underneath it – you could use a cotton layer next to your body.

    Glass beads

    The essence of Emma Hug weighted blanket likes in the extra-fine, Silica glass beads. These tiny, completely silent and safe Silica glass beads are only 1 mm in diameter, but there is so many of them that the weight of this blanked comes up to  7 kg.

    What’s even better, all of these glass beads are skillfully quilted into 10 x 10 cm pockets, ensuring they stay in place for a very long time, without clumping or being uncomfortable.

    2 layers of microfibre and polyester

    As we’ve said, the glass beads are quilted into 10 x 10 cm pockets. What we didn’t mention is that underneath the breathable cotton lie two layers of microfibre and polyester pads. These are used to lock the Silica glass beads into place and also to give the blanket a softer and more pleasant, and comfortable feeling.

    100% bamboo blanket cover

    If the cotton cover isn’t cutting it for you, you can get Emma Hug weighted blanket luxurious bamboo cover. This removable bamboo cover will make your Emma Hug feel like a silk sheet – only a lot heavier one.

     However, comfort is not the only reason you should consider this bamboo cover. Bamboo is known for being excellent at regulating temperature. Pair that up with pure cotton, and you have yourself a moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating weighted blanket.

    Review of Emma Hug weighted blanket

    Now, for our Emma hug weighted blanket review. First things first, the quality of the craftsmanship on this weighted blanket is remarkable. If there is anything that can justify the higher price tag on this one – it’s the skilful craftsmanship.

    When it comes to the overall feel of the blanket – it feels good. It is not too heavy or too light. At 7 kg, Emma Hug weighted blanket really seems to be striking that perfect balance between weight and comfort.

    an image of emma hug weighted blanket folded in half

     Also, the hand quilting is done excellently. The beads aren’t clumping or moving around. The blanket effortlessly wraps around your body, projecting onto you a sense of calmness. It generally feels like you’re being hugged when you are covered by the Emma Hug weighted blanket.

    Finally, the blanket comes with an Emma-typical 30-night free trial and a money-back guarantee, on top of free delivery and returns.

      • High-quality craftsmanship
      • 7-layers of comfort
      • Simple, elegant design


    • Despite all efforts, the blanket is too hot for summer
    • Only one size
    • The bamboo cover is quite expensive.

    What we like about Emma Hug weighted blanket

    • You have 30 nights to test out the Emma Hug
    • The quality of the blanket is at a formidable level
    • Simple design will undoubtedly match any décor.

    What we didn’t like about Emma Hug weighted blanket

    • This is a weighted blanket – it will always be hot in the summer
    • Either with or without the bamboo cover, Emma Hug is still quite expensive
    • There is only one size available.

    Check the best alternative to Emma Hug weighted blanket

    This is another glass filled weighted blanket, only this time instead of Silica glass, Mela’s using quartz pellets. This one comes with a removable, machine washable, double-sided cover that is not sold separately and is made from cotton and minky. One side should keep you cool, while the other one is ideal for snuggling under by the fireplace.

    Mela weighted blanket

    This is another glass filled weighted blanket, only this time instead of Silica glass, Mela’s using quartz pellets. This one comes with a removable, machine washable, double-sided cover that is not sold separately and is made from cotton and minky. One side should keep you cool, while the other one is ideal for snuggling under by the fireplace.

    Do check our in-depth review on Mela weighted blanket.

    a product image of mela weighted blanket
    • Very nicely built
    • Comfortable and snuggly
    • Three weight and size options.
    • It still gets too warm
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Only a 30-day trial.

    Consider Eve Original Hybrid mattress if you are buying Emma Hug weighted blanket

    If you need a new mattress to pair up with your new weighted blanket – consider Eve Original Hybrid. This is one of the most complete, medium-firm, all-around mattresses that’s suitable for all kinds of sleepers. It’s very comfortable and supportive, it’s hypoallergenic and it will it last you a very long time. If you would like to know more about this product, you can check our detailed review on Eve Original Hybrid mattress.

    You can read our detailed review on Eve Original Hybrid mattress here.

    product image of eve original hybrid mattress
    • Very comfortable and supportive
    • Very durable
    • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers.
    • Below average edge support
    • Relatively expensive product
    • Pressure relief could be improved upon.

    What makes Emma Hug weighted blanket better than some other similar ones?

    Emma Hug weighted blanket does one thing better than the others. That thing is build quality. A lot of time and effort is put into each Emma Hug weighted blanked and it shows. Emma weighted blanket should easily last you for years. It is one of the best weighted blankets on the market at the moment.

    How did we test the product?

    Testing a weighted blanket isn’t as easy as it might look. Everyone has different needs when it comes to weighted blankets, so we made sure to be as thorough and as objective as possible when it comes to reviewing this Emma blanket.

     To start things off, first, we needed to order the product. Fortunately, Emma offers free delivery and has made the ordering process as simple as it gets. All you need to do is add an item to the cart, proceed to checkout, enter all the necessary shipping and billing information that is required, and that’s it. Within 3 to 4 days, the package should be on your doorstep.

     Once we’ve received our package, we first wanted to make sure everything was in order and that there weren’t any damages to the blanket. As expected, everything was in perfect order, so we moved on to inspecting and testing the product.

     The first thing we paid attention to when we unpacked the blanket was the quality of materials, as well as the stitching and seams. For a weighted blanket, it is essential that the stitching and seams are perfect so that the weight is evenly distributed.

     When it came to testing, we had every team member spend two days with the blanket. We wanted them to both sleep and lounge under the blanket so that we can assess the situation the best we can.

     What we learned from this is that the blanket feels very nice and premium, it hugs the body very well, doesn’t clump or slide off the bed, which is pretty much all we could ask for.

    FAQs about your new Emma Hug weighted blanket

    In the end, we wanted to wrap up our Emma Hug weighted blanket review by answering some FAQs.

    Yes. Emma Hug is an excellent way to cope with anxiety and depression, although it shouldn't be considered a cure.

    It all depends. In general, if it is hot outside and you are a hot sleeper, you are probably going to get toasty underneath.

    Emma Hug is easily washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

    Yes. Unless you’re a small child, you can do.

    It depends on the age of the child. If the child is under 7, we wouldn’t recommend usuing it just yet.

    Depending on how much you weight, the blanket might prove to be light or heavy, but it will probably be more than fine.


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