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7 Best Memory Foam Mattress UK Picks In 2022

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam, known among customers as memory foam, is a material that was originally made by NASA for astronauts, and later has become the most popular material for mattresses and pillows in the world.

For decades, memory foam is a material that many choose which is not surprising, when we know that NASA created this material to make space travel more comfortable for astronauts. Then memory foam can definitely improve night’s sleep as well. 

Numerous variations of this material have been created with the aim to improve bounce, breathability and other features, buy main and best features remained the same.

Memory foam has many benefits and therefore it is not surprising that most customers, if they do not choose a 100% memory foam mattress, choose hybrid mattresses that usually have at least one memory foam layer

Our experience in the sleep industry gained by testing hundreds of different sleep products has helped us single out 7 of the best memory foam mattresses on the UK market.

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    Our top UK memory foam mattresses

    Now we come to the most important part, and that is our top memory foam mattress UK picks in 2021. You can be sure that we did not choose these models lightly, but that we subjected them to a series of tests and that we have confidence in the quality and safety of following mattress brands.

    Small product image of Emma Original mattress
    • Firmness: 6/10
    • Thickness: 25cm
    • Size: UK Single, UK Small double, UK Double, UK King size, Super King size
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    Small product image of Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam mattress
    • Firmness: 4.5-5/10
    • Thickness: 23,26cm
    • Size: 3ft Single, 4ft Small Double, 4ft Double, 5ft UK King, 6ft Super King
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    Small product image of Nectar Memory Foam mattress
    • Firmness: 6.5/10
    • Thickness: 25cm
    • Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Silentnight 3-Zone Foam nattress
    • Firmness: 4/10
    • Thickness: 18cm
    • Size: Single, Euro Single, Double, Euro Double, King
    View Latest Price
    Small product image of Eve Original mattress
    • Firmness: 5/10
    • Thickness: 24cm
    • Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dormeo Aloe Vera mattress
    • Firmness: 6/10
    • Thickness: 14,17 & 20cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Simba Premium mattress
    • Firmness: 6/10
    • Thickness: 19cm
    • Size: UK Single, UK Double, UK King, UK Super King
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    BEST OVERALL: Emma Original

    Due to the perfect balance of all features, the Emma Original mattress is our best overall pick!

    On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, the Emma mattress is around 6, which means it is very supportive and also comfortable. This is exactly what we liked most about this mattress. It does not sink too much, yet it is so comfortable and pressure relieving. Side sleepers will wake up without pain in hips and shoulders. 

    Back sleepers will achieve spinal alignment, and we think lighter stomach sleepers can use it as well since it is firmer mattress. Thanks to Airgocell and UltraDry cover, even hot sleepers won’t wake up sweaty. The 200-night trial allows your body to fully adapt to the mattress and then you can decide whether to keep it or not. The product is very durable, and 10-year warranty guarantees you a piece of mind.

    Check our Emma Original mattress review.

    • Motion isolation
    • Removable cover
    • Trial of 200 nights guarantee 10 years.
    • Too soft for heavier people
    • A bit of off-gassing issues
    • A bit heavy.

    BEST VALUE: Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam

    Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam mattress is the best value for money that you can find on the UK market!

    The Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam mattress is more affordable than high-end mattress topper, and no matter how good topper is, the mattress is always even better. Two versions of the this mattress are available, more precisely two thicknesses – 23 cm and 26 cm.

    This is a two-sided mattress that is comfortable and supportive. Pressure relief and motion insulation are great. Gel-infused foam is much better at temperature regulation compared to traditional memory foam.t has a removable, washable cover for easy maintenance. 100-night trial and 10-year limited warranty are included.

    Check our Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam mattress review.

    • Value for money
    • Pressure relief
    • Double-sided.
    • Can be too soft
    • Edge support
    • Minor durability concerns. 

    UPGRADE PICK: Nectar Memory Foam

    You will not go wrong if you choose this premium memory foam Nectar mattress!

    The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is among the most expensive memory foam mattresses on the UK market, but there are several reasons why this is so. It is high-quality mattress which is 25 cm thick. It is medium firm mattress, probably firm enough even for stomach sleepers. That doesn’t mean it’s too firm for side sleepers, because side sleepers are the ones who buy it most often. 

    Nectar Memory foam provides support and pressure relief like few mattresses do, thanks to 7-zone support base and pressure relieving memory foam. Quilted polyester cover is cooling, so you shouldn’t be too hot when you sleep on it. Although high-priced, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Check our Nectar memory foam mattress review.

    • Lifetime warranty
    • Temperature regulating cover
    • Support.
    • Off-gassing
    • No handles
    • Tends to soften during the night.

    BEST FOR SLEEPERS WITH HIP PAIN: Silentnight 3-Zone Foam

    Hip pain is a big problem for many side sleepers, but it can be solved with a suitable mattress!

    In addition to being very annoying, hip pain can become chronic and even cause a reduced range of motion of the hip which is a very important joint in our body. If you buy a Silentnight 3-Zone Foam mattress hip pain will disappear.

    If we take that on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, medium firm is 5, this is a bit softer mattress than that. So it will allow you to sink and feel the pressure relief. Support and comfort are at a satisfactory level.

    Check our Silentnight 3-Zone foam mattress review.

    • Pressure relief
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight.
    • Durability concerns
    • Off-gassing
    • Single-sided.


    Eve Original mattress is the best if you toss and turn at night! 

    Tossing and turning is especially bothersome for a partner, so memory foam mattresses are recommended for couples. All of them are good at motion insulation, and the Eve Original mattress especially excels in that category as it completely neutralizes motions. It has 3 layers of next generation foam that is several tens of times more breathable, even close to pocket springs. 

    Contour zones give great support to the whole body. Moisture-wicking top cover is implemented so you can always have dry sleep surface, and anti-slip base prevents the mattress from moving. It is made in the UK and Eve company gives you a 10-year warranty for this product.

    Check our Eve Original Foam mattress review.

    • Washable cover
    • 100-night trial
    • Breathable. 
    • More expensive compared to some other similar products
    • Off-gassing
    • Too firm for lighter side sleepers.


    Aloe Vera-enriched mattress is the right choice for all those who have allergy problems!

    So many people are suffering from allergies and memory foam mattresses are a good choice because they are hypoallergenic. Even better when they are Aloe Vera-infused, as is the case with the cover of this mattress. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits to our skin and overall health. It is also antibacterial and anti-microbial. This mattress is available in three versions – Classic, Plus and Deluxe. 

    The thickness varies, Classic is 14 cm thick, Plus 17 cm and Deluxe 20 cm. All three are very durable, 14 cm and even 17 cm are too thin for heavier people. While people of average body weight will find Classic and Plus comfortable. Performance far exceeds thickness, you need to keep that in mind. It comes with a very long 15 years warranty.

    Check our Dormeo Aloe Vera mattress review.

    • Durability
    • Aloe Vera-infused cover
    • Pain relief.
    • Too thin for heavier people
    • Cover is not removable
    • Average breathability.

    BEST PREMIUM: Simba Premium

    Simba is known as a UK sleep company whose every product is premium, so this mattress is no different!

    Simba produces two different series of products. One is available on their official website, and the other series is only available on Amazon and eBay. Both are of premium quality. 7 support zones that are strategically placed distribute your body weight evenly. At the same time, it is providing pressure relief, comfort and support in the same time.

     The cover is very soft and pleasant to the touch, but it is not removable. Cover is breathable and so is open-cell foam. Shopping with Simba is risk free since you can try it for 100 nights.

    Do check our Simba Premium mattress review.

    • Anti-bacterial
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Supportive. 
    • Off-gassing
    • Available only on Amazon and eBay
    • Cover is not removable.

    Before you buy a memory foam mattress

    Benefits of memory foam mattress far outweigh downsides, but there are certainly people to whom memory foam mattress will not suit. Since there are foam mattresses of different firmness, we can’t say that this is the type of mattress is unsuitable for all stomach sleepers, but in general memory foam mattresses are softer than what people who sleep on their stomachs need. Stomach sleepers, especially those with higher BMI, sink too much into memory foam mattress.

    Also, hot sleepers can have problems. Until 10 or 15 years ago, memory foam mattresses were not recommended to hot sleepers because they retain body heat. Today there is open-cell foam, gel and similar things that make memory foam mattresses comfortable for hot sleepers as well, but certainly hot sleepers should think twice before buying one.

    an image of a woman laying down on a memory foam mattress

    When buying a memory foam mattress, it has to be...

    If for some reason you do not want to buy any of the 7 memory foam mattresses that we have singled out for you, we will tell you what you should pay attention to when buying one such mattress.

    Cooling during the summer time

    This is especially important if you are hot sleepers, but even if you are not, you definitely don’t want to sweat during the night like you’re in a sauna. Low breathability and heat retention are the biggest problems of basic memory foam. In addition, memory foam tends to hug you, making you feel even warmer and this is unbearable during summer days.

    However, thanks to covers, gel-infused foam, open-cell structure and some other improvements, we have come to the point that you can find memory foam mattresses that are not too hot even for summer days. However, there is one problem – durability and breathability are somewhat opposed. High-density foams means durability, but also zero to none breathability.

    Appropriate for your sleep position

    Your sleep position should be the primary thing to consider when buying a mattress and pillow. There are products that are suitable for all sleep positions, but most sleep products are more suitable for 2 out of 3 sleep positions. Such is the case with most of the foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are recommended for side and back sleepers.

    They are especially good for side sleepers, which we will talk about later, but back sleepers are also satisfied in 99% of cases. Stomach sleepers are the ones who often find foam mattresses insufficiently firm. And that leads to them sinking and having neck pain. However, there are firm foam mattresses that can be used stomach sleepers.

    Available for testing

    Ideally, you can try every product you buy within a given time frame and decide if it suits you or you want to return it. But when it comes to a mattress, then it is not something that is desirable, but something that is necessary. It has been proven that the body needs 3 to 4 weeks, and sometimes more, to fully get used to the mattress.

    This means that even if you bought a mattress that has all the features you need, there is a possibility that it will not be suitable for you at first. This does not mean that it will not become comfortable after a while, but that you just need to get used to it. That is why our advice is to always ask for at least a month of trial period, and even better if it is 100 or 200 days.

    The advantages of owning memory foam mattress

    By now you have probably been able to conclude most of the benefits of memory foam mattresses, but in this section of our review we will say more about each of the advantages separately. You can find out which sleeping position they are ideal for, as well as more about durability, pressure relief and motion insulation in the next four paragraphs.

    Fantastic pressure relief

    If you have ever used a memory foam pillow or mattress, you probably know that perfect feeling of pressure relief after just a few seconds after lying on the mattress or pillow. Whether you suffer from pain in any part of the body or not, everyone will benefit from pressure relief during sleep.

    Especially someone who spends the whole day sitting, exposing the body, and above all the pelvis, to the constant pressure. When time for bed comes, he or she will need pressure relief and therefore will greatly benefit from using a memory foam mattress.

    Amazing motion isolation

    We have already mentioned how much tossing and turning is annoying for the person you are sleeping with. It can even cause insomnia in another person if he or she is a light sleeper. Light sleepers wake up to the slightest outside sensation such as movement, light and sound. Tossing and turning causes both motions and sounds, if you use an open coil mattress or pocket sprung mattress although less compared to open coil.

    Memory foam is a material that completely absorbs motions, and it is also totally silent, so even though you sleep with someone in bed, you will feel like you are completely alone, because you will not be disturbed in any way.

    Perfect for side sleepers

    Most foam mattresses, except those that are specifically firm, are all that a side sleeper can look for. Such mattresses are usually medium firm, sometimes on the border with soft, which is most comfortable firmness for this sleep position. Side sleepers need to sink, so that they are comfortable and to prevent their shoulders and hips from hurting.

    Of course, they also need support, which memory foam provides as well. If the side sleeper often changes position, spending part of the night on the left side, and part on the right, the memory foam will respond to this task, because the bounce is great. Not like latex mattresses for example, but more than enough.

    Durable & long lasting

    There are certainly low quality foam mattresses that are not durable and long lasting, but all of the ones we mentioned today, as well as a large number of others on the UK market, will last you for years, and some even more than a decade. Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses are most durable types.

    An image of a white mattress with a diamond pattern.

    Memory foam is generally a very resilient material, and high-density memory foam does not lose its characteristics even after 10 years. That is why buying a memory foam mattress is a great long term investment.

    FAQs about memory foam mattress

    In the final part of our review, we will give you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Certainly not all memory foam mattresses are cool enough to be used in the summer time, but manufacturers are constantly working to improve breathability and temperature regulation, so more and more of them are pleasant for summer time.

    Generally they are, because they offer support that is essential for spinal alignment, as well as pressure relief both in the back and in other joints.

    There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on the manufacturer as well as what type of memory foam that is used.

    Those that have a removable cover are easy to maintain, and you can spot clean those that don’t have removable cover and protect them with bed sheets or a mattress protector.

    If it is not made of high-density memory foam, then there is a possibility that over time it will lose firmness to some extent, but it also depends on other factors, such as your body weight.

    Rotate it regularly and flip if it is two-sided, also maintain it according to the instructions and do not jump on it to extend the lifespan.

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