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Silentnight Miracoil Memory Mattress Review

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15 April 2024 9 min read

The combination of memory foam and another material or system, in this case the Miracoil zoned spring system, is becoming increasingly popular in the UK sleep industry. Such one new mattress should significantly contribute to good night's sleep. Here is Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress review by The Sleep Advisors to help you decide if this mattress is worth your money.

Who is Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress for?

In general, the characteristics of Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress suggest it suitable for stomach and back sleepers. Of course, this can be influenced by personal preferences, as well as body type.

This mattress is also for allergy sufferers and for those who have pain in the spine, shoulders, neck and other parts of the body.

What do we use this product for?

We use this Silentnight mattress primarily for support. Although this is a firm mattress, the memory foam layer gives it comfort and soothing pressure relief too, unlike many other firm mattresses that are too rigid. Support is great and that is why you will achieve and maintain spine alignment throughout the night. We also use it to sleep in a clean environment, free of bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens. In general, it is great for:

  • People with allergies
  • Sleepers who need a mattress with more support
  • Sleepers who need reinforced edges
  • Couples (due to zero motion)


An icon depicting a firm & supportive surface indicating support & firmness
Firm & supportive
The Miracoil system ensures optimal support & firmness.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
Safe for people suffering from allergies.
An icon depicting trial or warranty
5-year warranty
You get 5-year warranty plan.


Single sided
The mattress is single sided so you cannot flip it.
An icon depicting the product is not side sleeper friendly
Not for side sleepers
The majority of side sleepers will find it too firm.

Features you should know about Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

You surely want to know more about the Miracoil zoned spring system as well as the pressure-relief molding memory foam that are the most important features of Silentnight Miracoil mattress. We break down those two features, as well as many other important ones in this part of our review.

Our reviewer testing the features of Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

Miracoil zoned support spring system

The Miracoil zoned spring system is different from most other spring systems on the United Kingdom market. The Miracoil system consists of interwoven springs that are positioned vertically, compared to traditional spring systems that are positioned horizontally. Also, instead of rows of circular springs, the Miracoil system features interconnecting coil springs, so the distance between the springs is smaller and this affects the firmness and support.

That's why this mattress has twice as many springs as usual. Miracoil is more similar to an open coil mattress than pocket sprung mattress.

2cm of pressure-relief moulding memory foam

After the Miracoil layer which gives firmness and support, comes 2cm of pressure-relief molding memory foam. More precisely, you can find 25 mm responsive memory foam layer in this mattress and thanks to this layer you will be comfortable while you sleep and feel the pressure relief.

Your first feeling will be that the memory foam is very soft, but it is actually body molding and when it takes on the contours of your body, then you will feel pressure relief and extra support.

Firm support

When you see that a mattress is a firm, if you are not someone who really likes a firmer support mattress, it can associate you with a mattress that is hard as a rock. This of course is not the case with Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress which although firm is comfortable and above all supportive. Due to the memory foam layer you will sink just as much as you need to be comfortable during the night's sleep and the memory foam and Miracoil layer will keep you in that position. Due to firmness you will not be able to sink too much, even if you weigh over 90 kg.


Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress is a great choice for couples. There are two reasons why this is so. The first is that due to the construction of springs it is unlikely that you will roll from your sleep position. In addition to improving your sleep quality, you will also not “collide” with your partner in bed.

Another reason is motion transfer which is practically non-existent. It’s natural for every person to move in their sleep, but it can wake you up. In this case, your partner's movements will not be transmitted to you and this will improve your sleep especially if your partner is restless during night.

Reinforced edge-to-edge stability

side shot of the Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress has reinforced edges to have edge-to-edge stability, which can be a big problem, because the support on the edges is not the same as on the middle. Here the edges are very stable, although the support is definitely different, because in the middle the mattress is more supportive to hold most of your body, and it is softer at the feet to make you more comfortable. All in all, you will have maximum sleep space available.

Hypoallergenic micro-quilted knitted cover

When we go from the bottom to the top of this mattress, first there is a protective layer that evenly distributes the pressure from the springs to prolong the service life. Then comes the Miracoil layer, then the 25mm memory foam layer and finally we come to the micro-quilted knitted cover.

It’s a sleep surface, and we really like the quality. The workmanship is great, breathability is good, and it is also hypoallergenic, which is especially important because it is the layer closest to our body

Mattress depth of 24cm

Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress is 24cm deep or just over 9 inches. We can say that this is the average thickness of the mattress on the UK market. Although heavier people are advised to buy a thicker mattress of 24 cm, closer to 30 cm, due to the firmness of it, thickness of 24 cm is more than enough.


This is one sided mattress, which means you can't turn it over. It is generally better when mattress is two sided as it prolongs the service life, but this is a quality mattress so we do not expect the appearance of dents any time soon. You should definitely rotate it every couple of months, just in case.

5-year guarantee

A 5 year warranty will surely have influence on many customers to buy this mattress. When the mattress comes with a warranty that lasts 5 years or more, it is the best indicator that the company is completely confident in the quality and durability of the product. And even if something happens, you don't have to worry, because it will be replaced.

Review of Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

our reviewer sleeping on the Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress is a firm, good quality mattress that is highly supportive. Miracoil system that has horizontally positioned springs, with a significantly smaller distance between springs than standard provides firmness and support. 2.5 cm memory foam layer on top of Miracoil system makes this mattress comfortable and pressure relieving and perfectly complements the Miracoil system. The cover is breathable and high quality. The cover, like the whole mattress, is hypoallergenic.

It is good for front and back sleeping, if we are talking about people of average build. It comes with a 5 year warranty and you have 60 nights to try it.


What we like about the Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

What we don’t like about the Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

The common problems with Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress & how to solve them

Firmness is certainly a common problem of Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress. We would advise side sleepers to look for a softer mattress and then there will be no problem. The firmness of this product is much better for back and especially for stomach sleepers. However, if some side sleeper really wants to buy it, we assume because of the support, then the solution is a softer topper. Thus, the support will remain the same or similar, but the topper will enable a more comfortable sleep. There will be no pain in the shoulder and hip because you will sink into the topper and then this mattress will provide support and firmness underneath.

Check the best alternative to Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

If you do not want memory foam in your mattress or for some other reason you do not like Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress, we recommend an alternative, which will be a great replacement for this one in our review.

Silentnight Eco Comfort Miracoil Luxury Mattress

a product image of Silentnight Eco Comfort Miracoil Luxury Mattress

Though a bit cheaper, this model from Silentnight will be a decent replacement for Miracoil Memory mattress. Silentngiht Eco Comfort Miracoil luxury mattress comes with an open-coil base, which ensures firm support, especially around the core areas.

Motion isolation is great, which is great for people who toss and turn a lot. In addition, this coil system does not prevent air from circulation, making it highly breathable. It is also hypoallergenic, which means people with allergies will be safe to sleep on this one.

We have done a review for Silentnight Miracoil Luxury mattress so take a look at check more info about it.


An icon depicting a firm & supportive surface indicating support & firmness
Open-coil system ensures firmness and optimal support.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Breathable & cooling
The optimal airflow won't cause overheating but rather cooling effect.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
Safe for people with allergy problems.


An icon depicting the product is not side sleeper friendly
Not for side sleepers
The majority of side sleepers did report too much of sinking.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress is certainly not another similar mattress on the UK market. It is very firm, and yet when you sleep on it you don't have the feeling that it is so firm, but support is what you primarily feel and that distinguishes it from products in the same price range.

How did we test the product?

Free delivery is included, and will be delivered to you from 14 days to your room of choice. There are other ways you can choose, but then the free delivery option is no longer valid, you pay extra. If you have already ordered some sleep products online, you know how it works, so we will not explain in detail. You will definitely be informed on the website about all the steps of shopping. Mattress removal service is not available.

When you get it and unpack it, off-gassing will be present. Odor related to memory foam is nothing new and as you know, that odor will disappear very quickly. Even until it disappears, if you don't mind too much, you are free to use the mattress, because off-gassing is not a consequence of harmful and toxic chemicals. It is safe and domestic flammability rated source 2 for low hazard.

We have inspected every part of Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress to make sure there is no damage, which you should do because of the warranty. That's how we checked the quality of workmanship, which is good. If you press this mattress with your palm, you will probably think that it is too firm. But you will change your mind when you lie down on it.

There’s not a lot of mattress with which we can compare the feeling when you’re lying on Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress. Very firm on the one hand, and comfortable and pressure relieving on the other. During the overnight test we tried all sleep positions and it is safe to say that it will suit most customers.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

This is one firm mattress, we can tell you that. But that is not our main impression. If that were the case, it would mean that it is potentially uncomfortable. But in our opinion, this is one of the more comfortable firm mattresses. It will support every part of your body and will always keep you on top of the mattress, without you sinking into it. This is what every front sleeper needs, so that they do not experience pain in the lumbar part of the spine.

Memory foam is pressure relieving, while breathability is just fine. During testing, we got the impression that it is a durable mattress that will have a long service life. It is not easy to rotate it because there are no handles, so someone will have to help you do it every few months. Otherwise dents may appear. You should also use a mattress protector and bed sheets, because the cover is not removable, so you will not be able to properly maintain it.

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FAQs about your Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress

To end this review, we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions we thought you might be interested in.

Can side sleepers use Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress?

Generally, it is uncomfortable mattress for side sleeping, but it can be comfortable for side sleepers of higer BMI.

Should front sleepers opt for Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress?

Yes, Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress is great for front / stomach sleepers since it won't let you sink too much.

Is Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress good for back sleepers?

Most back sleepers find this mattress comfortable.

How do I clean my Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress?

Since the cover is not removable, it is recommended to use a mattress protector so that you can keep it clean, and you will also reduce wear and tear that way. You must avoid using detergents or chemical cleaners.

Is Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress good for back pain issues?

The combination of support and pressure relief makes it suitable for back pain issues especially if you currently have old mattress.

Does Silentnight Miracoil Memory mattress have a trial period?

You have two months (60 days) to try it out and make sure it is the mattress you want to use for years to come for good night's sleep.

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