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The Best Pillows UK For a Good Night's Sleep

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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1 May 2024 9 min read

Say goodbye to neck pain and night sweats because today we're on the hunt for the best pillows the UK has to offer!

Getting the perfect pillow can be a lot more difficult than you'd imagine. After all, to find the best pillow, you have to know all about different kinds of fillings, cover materials, and pillow types while also taking into account factors like your build, sleeping position, and needs.

And seeing how from 1990 to 2017 the UK has seen the biggest increase in the number of people with neck pain, it's obvious that a lot of people are getting some of these facts wrong!

But don't worry, you can copy your homework from us! Just change it a little so that it fits your individual needs.

So, we're first going to go over our top six picks for the best pillows in the UK and then break down the science of what differentiates a “meh” pillow from an amazing pillow! Let's get into it.

The top 6 best pillows in the UK

Trust us when we tell you that we have not lightly chosen the following 6 pillows, which we consider the best pillows on the market in the United Kingdom. We have considered many different features like craftsmanship, material quality, durability, breathability and manufacturers. In front of you are the best pillows that the UK sleep industry has to offer.
    Pillows 1
    Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow
    Best Overall
    Pillows 2
    a product image of simba hybrid pillow with stratos
    Simba Hybrid Pillow
    Best Adjustable
    Pillows 3
    Emma Premium Pillow
    Best Memory Foam
    Pillows 4
    Groove Original Pillow
    Best Ergonomic Design
    Pillows 5
    Our presenter showing the Aeyla pillow during the review process
    Aeyla Dual Pillow
    Best Value
    Pillows 6
    Close up of the Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow cover.
    Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow
    Most Firm

Best Overall: Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow

Our favourite pillow of all time. 
Best Overall

We have given the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow our award for the Best Pillow 2024. It is truly one of the best we have tried and tested.

This pillow is good for those who are side sleepers as the loft sits perfectly between your head and shoulders, while still being comfortable sleeping on your back. It has got the ideal balance of comfort and support – being cushioning for your head but still firm enough underneath to take the pressure off your neck. The fluffy quilted cover is what gives the pillow comfort and it’s gentle on the skin, thanks to the bamboo material.

It makes it even better that it comes with a 10-year guarantee so you know it will last for years to come.

Take a look at our full Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow review.

Shop Now £89
12% off with code TSA12
  • Size: 70 x 13 x 40 cm
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Removable cover: Yes


An icon representing an eco-friendly & sustainable concept
100% eco-friendly. Circle of Life program, vegan-friendly & pesticide-free.
An icon depicting a thermometer illustrating a good thermo regulating properties
Active O2 Micro-pods ensure the maximum level of airflow, ensuring a sleeper pleasant sleep experience.
an icon depicting that the product is supportive
Supportive & orthopaedic
CharcoCell Foam maximises contouring and ultimate comfort for all sleep positions.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Though worthy, the price tag might be high for some sleepers.

Best Adjustable: Simba Hybrid Pillow

Adjust the pillow for your chosen comfort and support.
Best Adjustable
a product image of simba hybrid pillow with stratos

If you’ve always struggled to find the perfect pillow for you because they’ve been too high or too low, too firm or too soft then look no further. The Simba Hybrid Pillow is designed to be adjusted specifically for you and how you prefer your pillow to be. It uses foam Nanocubes as the filling which you’re able to add and remove to get the comfort you desire. Front sleepers will want more taken out whereas side sleepers are likely to use all of them. This particular filling makes the pillow super breathable too as it allows air to pass through, rather than retaining heat. Plus, it has a cotton cover to enhance the breathability.

The pillow even comes with a reusable bag that you can store the excess cubes in, or for keeping your spare bedding tidy.

Check out our Simba Hybrid Pillow review.

  • Size: 45 x 70 cm
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Removable cover: Yes


An icon depicting a thermometer illustrating a good thermo regulating properties
Good thermo-regulation
Stratos technology ensures high level of breathability.
An icon representing an eco-friendly & sustainable concept
Pro Planet & TCPP-Free + Carbon Neutral Delivery.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Nanocubes & mesh border ensure high level of air flow.


An icon depicting no trial or warranty
Short trial period
Only 30 days to try out the pillow.
An icon depicting no warranty
Short warranty
You only get 1 year warranty protection.

Best Memory Foam: Emma Premium Pillow

An all-foam pillow to provide you with support while you sleep.
Best Memory Foam

The Emma Premium Pillow features three foam layers that all have a different purpose. First up is the cooling foam, and we can confirm it is definitely cool to the touch. Hot sleepers will appreciate this because they won’t be waken up sweating and overheating. This is followed by the foam that gives support and pressure relief. Underneath is the softest foam for comfort. Depending on your sleep preference, you can flip the pillow to the side that suits you best.

This pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers and positions. You could even remove the layers that you don’t need to lower the loft and make it better for those who sleep on their front or back. It is a firmer option of pillow, however, you’ll still sink into it as you drift off to sleep.

  • Size: 70 x 40 cm
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Removable cover: Yes


an icon depicting that the product is supportive
Quite a firm pillow to give your neck and head support.
An icon depicting good cooling properties
Cooling properties
One of the foam layers keeps you and the pillow cool.
An icon depicting a medal indicating a warranty
Two-year guarantee
A longer guarantee than other alternatives.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Fairly pricey
It is quite an expensive pillow choice.

Best Ergonomic Design: Groove Original Pillow

The ideal pillow for those aches and pains.
Best Ergonomic Design

The Groove Pillow is a good choice for those who tend to get neck pain or tension because it’s carefully designed to ease them. It has the ‘groove’ in the centre of the pillow for you to rest your head and keep your spine aligned. There are the raised sides for more support for side sleepers and the slight underhand to give space for your shoulders to rest. This helps to relieve pressure and reduce stiffness.

The pillow itself is fairly firm but has a softness that moulds to your head to keep you supported. It also has a cover that’s gentle on the skin and soft to the touch.

Inside is bamboo charcoal that keeps the pillow fresh by eliminating odours and keeping it germ-free, creating a good sleep environment.

You can find out more about it in our Groove Original Pillow review.

  • Size: 60 x 34 x 11 cm
  • Type: Memory foam
  • Removable cover: Yes


an icon depicting a removable cover
Removable cover
The cover is removable & comes with the zipper.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Highly breathable due to the bamboo-charcoal infusion.
An icon depicting a man suffering from a neck pain, illustrating a product that is good for back pain treatment
Great for neck pain treatment
Thanks to the lateral raised sided, you get ergonomic design that relieves you from neck pain.


An icon representing a non-removable cover
Cover is hard to remove
Being in the centre, zipper can be difficult to remove.
An icon depicting a ruler indicating lack of different sizes & dimensions
One size
The current size may not be suitable for bigger people.

Best Value: Aeyla Dual Pillow

While a synthetic filling might not sound as fancy as memory foam or down, it's by no means any lower in quality – just look at this pillow for proof!
Best Value
Our presenter showing the Aeyla pillow during the review process

The Aeyla Dual Pillow got its name because it uses a pillow-in-pillow design. That means that there's a firmer pillow in the centre, wrapped by a thinner, softer pillow from the outside.

And this adds a bit of adjustability to the pillow, as you can always choose to sleep on a single layer. However, it's not as precise as some other adjustable pillows.

The filling is a down-alternative and we have to say it's just as soft and fluffy as you'd wish it to be! It also comes with an outer cotton shell that ensures you won't overheat during the night. Plus, it's pretty nice to the touch as well.

Lastly, the pillow is a lot more supportive and durable than you'd think. It keeps its shape for quite a while and doesn't clump up as some other down pillows might.

To learn more, read our full review of the Aeyla Dual Pillow.

  • Size: 70 x 50 x 15 cm
  • Type: Down alternative
  • Removable cover: Yes


An icon depicting a cotton plant, illustrating a product that contains cotton material
Breathable cotton shell
Added breathability and nice to the touch.
An icon depicting different groups of people
Will suit most people
The pillow is somewhat adjustable.
An icon representing an eco-friendly & sustainable concept
Eco friendly
Down alternative fill. OEKO-TEX certificate.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Higher price tag
The pillow is a bit expensive, especially when compared to similar pillows.

Most Firm: Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow

A firmer pillow with a soft comfort.
Most Firm
Close up of the Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow cover.

Although it is named as a firm pillow which is true, it can also be adjusted to be more suited to what you’re looking for. There are three layers inside that can be removed and swapped around for your chosen comfort and support. Two are cushions made from Simba Renew fibres for comfort and the other is a firm layer made from Simba Pure foam and tiny Aerocoil springs. The pillow comes with a guide on how to structure the layers for what you need. For back sleepers, you’ll want to have one of each layer and flip it to firm or soft depending on your preference. Side sleepers have more combinations of all three layers depending on the firmness they want. It’s a clever design for a pillow and super adaptable.

Take a more in depth look at the pillow with our Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow review.

  • Size: 70 x 45 cm
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Removable cover: Yes


an icon depicting a light bulb, illustrating a slick design
Adjustable design
You can alter it to suit your sleeping position.
An icon depicting air passing through a fabric
Thanks to the mesh panel around the edge of the pillow.
An icon depicting good cooling properties
Cooling surface
Stratos technology has been used to keep one side of the pillow cool.


An icon depicting a filling material that is not of the best quality
Loose fluff
When swapping layers you will find that some fluff from inside can fall out and make a bit of the mess.
An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
Expensive compared to others
The price is quite high for one pillow so if you're wanting a pair then it's a lot of money.

Features to look for in the best pillows

While we've all had pillows for our entire lives, very few people stop and think about what makes pillows so great. Luckily for you, we've done nothing but think about this very question!

Is a down pillow better than a memory foam pillow? Can a side sleeper use a pillow meant for front sleepers? Are expensive pillows any different from cheap pillows? We're going to answer all of these questions, and more, as we break down which features you should be looking at when trying to find the best pillow on the UK market!

The filling

The first thing we need to discuss is the filling, as it has the biggest impact on the way the pillow feels and performs. Sure, not all memory foam pillows are going to feel the same. However, they will share more than a few features in common that will allow you to pick out the best match for what you're looking for.

Plus, picking out a filling first is going to make finding your perfect pillow a lot less complicated, as you won't have as many products to consider. So, let's go over the most popular pillow fillings and see what they have to offer.

Memory foam

a child holding a Kids Panda Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are likely the most popular pillow type and for good reason. For one, in terms of pressure relief, they are among the best. This is because memory foam can cradle your neck and take off a lot of pressure while you're sleeping.

They're also typically not too expensive and are very easy to find. In fact, there's a tremendous level of variety when it comes to memory foam pillows. After all, if you look at the Simba Hybrid pillow and then the Panda Pillow, you can see they are from two different worlds!f

However, memory foam pillows tend to have a lot of issues when it comes to overheating, unless you go for higher-end memory foam pillows. Plus, memory foam tends to off-gass during the first night or two, which some may find rather annoying.

So, they're not the best at everything but they definitely deserve some praise.

Feather and down

our reviewer talking about Slumberdown Super Support pillow

In some ways, feather and down pillows are the opposite of memory foam pillows. For one, they hardly ever have issues with overheating. So, if you're a hot sleeper, feather and down pillows might be a safe choice.

However, feather and down pillows are also a lot softer than memory foam pillows. This means that they will compress quite a bit during the night, making it a bit more difficult to gauge the ideal loft (which we will talk about later). This compression is very useful for back and stomach sleepers. However, side sleepers might have an easier time with a memory foam pillow.

So, for hot sleepers who sleep on their back or stomach, feather and down pillows are very decent options. However, for side sleepers who don't tend to overheat, there might be better options. They can also be a bit pricey, especially if you want the best-of-the-best, like goose down pillows. That being said, feather and down pillows are the best for pillow fights – that's an undisputable fact.


Latex is like memory foam but with a few key differences. Just like memory foam, latex pillows offer amazing pressure relief. So, they're an excellent pillow for people with neck pain. And in terms of comfort, latex pillows offer a similar hugging sensation as their more popular counterparts.

However, latex pillows are a bit better in some regards as well. For example, they're usually more breathable than memory foam pillows. Maybe not to the same extent as down pillows but a nice step-up nevertheless.

Latex pillows are also a bit firmer, on average, and have a bit more bounce. This makes picking the perfect loft a bit simpler and is especially useful if you sleep on your side. However, just like memory foam pillows, latex pillows have a distinct odour for the first night or two.

Plus, they're more rare. So, you have fewer choices and they tend to be a bit more expensive, especially if you're looking for a natural latex pillow.


While the word “synthetic” usually comes with a negative connotation, synthetic pillows aren't bad at all! After all, a microfibre filling offers a decent amount of comfort doesn't trap heat as much as memory foam, and doesn't produce any off-gassing.

Plus, synthetic fillings come in all shapes and sizes. For example, for people who love down pillows but might not want to pay a premium price, down alternative pillows are an excellent choice! Plus, since there are so many different pillows with a synthetic filling, it's a lot easier to find your perfect match.

For example, stomach sleepers might be hard-pressed to find a thin, firm memory foam pillow. However, there are probably a dozen synthetic pillows with those exact features! So, in terms of being budget-friendly and offering multiple solutions, a synthetic filling is pretty great.

The cover

While it might not seem like much, a proper pillowcase is essential if you want a good night's sleep. This is because of a few reasons. For one, the pillowcase is in direct contact with your skin. And trust us, you're going to notice a difference between a silk pillowcase and a cheap synthetic blend.

Secondly, the pillow cover directly impacts the breathability of your pillow. So, even if you have a proper feather and down pillow, a bad pillow cover is still going to feel hot and stuffy to the touch.

Lastly, if the pillow doesn't have a removable cover, keeping the pillow clean is a lot more complicated. After all, cleaning memory foam by hand is a lot more time-consuming than throwing a pillowcase into a washing machine.

So, try to pair your excellent pillow with an equally excellent pillowcase that's nice to the touch, breathable, and easy to clean.

The loft

The loft of a pillow is basically how “tall” it is. And it's a lot more important than some people realise. That's because if the pillow is too small or too big, your neck will be at an angle during the night. And this is a very common cause of a sensation we all hate – neck pain!

So, while this is the third entry, don't underestimate its importance!

It's also important to note that different sleeping styles require a different loft. So, a pillow that's perfect for a side sleeper is likely going to be terrible for a stomach sleeper. That's why we've decided to split this section up based on the three main sleeping positions: side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

The perfect loft for side sleepers

An image of a woman sleeping on her side

For side sleepers, bigger is usually better! This is because the pillow needs to cover the distance between your shoulder and your cheek for your spine and neck to remain straight.

However, pillows for side sleepers can be a bit deceiving in some cases. That's because the pillow can compress, especially if it's a down pillow. So, while it might seem like the perfect pillow while on the shelf, it might compress to far down and leave your neck in an awkward position.

Likewise, it's also important to account for other factors. For example, if you sleep like the lady in the picture and have your arm under the pillow, take that bit of added height into account!

And if all of this seems a bit overwhelming, we advise either getting a pillow with a sleep trial or opting for an adjustable pillow (as you can't get the loft wrong).

The perfect loft for stomach sleepers

An image of a The Sleep Advisor sleeping on their stomach

Stomach sleepers basically want the opposite of what side sleepers are looking for. This is because when you're sleeping on your stomach, your spine is already more or less in a straight line. So, if you put a giant pillow under your head, your neck will have to bend to the left or the right.

In other words, the best pillow for front sleepers should be almost completely flat! And this time around, compression is your friend, as even a larger down pillow can compress down enough to keep your neck healthy.

Also, just like with side sleepers, you should take into account where your arm is going to be. In other words, if you put your arm underneath your pillow while sleeping, the pillow has to be even flatter.

Lastly, we will note that finding a good pillow for stomach sleepers can be a bit difficult. This is why it's usually easier to just get an adjustable pillow instead.

The perfect loft for back sleepers

An image of a woman sleeping on their back

For back sleepers, the margin of error is the most forgiving of the three. This is because back sleepers generally want something in the middle. Plus, we find that it's a lot easier to notice when a pillow isn't suitable for back sleepers.

After all, if you try to rest the back of your head on a very large pillow, your chin will end up tucked into your chest and it's going to feel odd.

However, there is one thing that makes for a great pillow for back sleepers, and that's neck support. While it's not mandatory, getting a pillow that's curved at the bottom so that it can support your neck will likely make you feel a lot more comfortable.

This feature is most common in good orthopaedic pillows. So, give them a look if you suffer from neck pain and/or sleep on your back.

Extra features

If you get the right filling, the right cover, and the right pillow loft, you're 99% done with picking out your perfect pillow! After all, these are the features that make a pillow either a great pick or a waste of money.

However, there are quite a few extra features that aren't essential but can make your life a bit better. In other words, if you have two or three pillows that have all passed the previous tests, these are the features to look for to narrow your choices down to just the perfect pillow.

Hypoallergenic properties

When it comes to allergies, the UK is among the most affected, with around 20% of the population having some type of reaction. So, for a lot of people, hypoallergenic bedding is going to be a must! Luckily, most good bedding is hypoallergenic by default.

However, if you suffer from allergies, you might want to take the extra step and look for anti-dust mite covers, an anti-bacterial cover layer, or at least a certification from Allergy UK.

Temperature regulation

While the filling and the cover control the breathability of the pillow, temperature regulation is a bit different. Most commonly seen with pillows that utilise a wool layer, temperature regulation describes the pillow's ability to keep your body at an optimal sleeping temperature.

In other words, it can be a cooling pillow during the summer and a nice, stuffy pillow during the winter. The target audience here is rather simple – anyone who tends to overheat during the summer or becomes half popsicle during the winter.


As we've briefly mentioned, adjustable pillows are the safest pick when searching for a new pillow. After all, you can't really get the loft or firmness rating wrong, as you can always adjust those features. Plus, adjustable pillows can be a game-changer for people who tend to switch their sleeping positions from night to night.

With that being said, they can also be a bit more expensive. But we'd say that's a small price to pay for not having neck pain anymore!

Orthopaedic pillows

Speaking of neck pain, you will also run into orthopaedic pillows. These are basically just pillows that were made to be as ergonomic as possible. They're usually made out of foam and are a bit firmer.

And, as you can imagine, they're an excellent choice for people who really struggle with neck pain.

Support pillows

An illustrations of sleeping positions and back pain

While not directly related, we would like to point out that pillows can do a lot more than just sit under your head! In fact, knee pillows, V-shaped pillows, U-shaped pillows, and the rest of the alphabet-pillows can all be very useful.

And if you're pregnant or have serious back issues, a pregnancy pillow is also going to make falling asleep a lot easier. So, if you have serious body aches, don't be afraid to look into other pillow types as well.

Not to mention that certain body pillows can even be your main pillow for sleeping. So, if you've noticed that a regular pillow simply doesn't have enough support for you, try out some other options.


While having an eco-friendly pillow won't necessarily affect your comfort, it should still be considered. After all, if it costs nothing to do so, why not keep things green?

You can look for eco-friendly fibres, recyclable fillings, sustainable delivery and practices, and so on. After all, we bet it's going to be a lot easier to fall asleep if you have a clean conscious!

Tips for buying and using the best pillows

Now that we've gone over our favourites and all the technical know-how of pillow-picking, let's break it all down into a few easy-to-remember tips!

Firstly, if you're going for a higher-end pillow, make sure it comes with a trial. Then, lie down in bed as you normally would and take a picture. Take a look at how your head is positioned and whether your spine is in a healthy, straight line.

Secondly, if the pillow isn't as breathable as you had hoped, try using a different pillowcase. Even higher-end pillows sometimes use a polyester pillowcase and that could be the cause of your night sweats.

Thirdly, use more than one pillow! Support and V-shaped pillows can keep you extra comfortable and ensure that your entire body is in an optimal position, not just your neck.

The advantages of owning the best pillow

We wouldn't blame you for thinking that we've made a simple process sound complicated. And sure, you could just get the first pillow you see and hope for the best. However, we'd say this is a purchasing decision that warrants a bit more thought.

After all, getting the proper loft means no more neck pain first thing in the morning. Getting breathable covers means no more waking up with your face covered in sweat. And getting a comfortable pillow with adequate support means falling asleep more easily.

And at the end of the day, all of these benefits will make your sleep quality better, which in turn makes all aspects of life better! So, while it can be a bit tedious, we'd say that the pros heavily outnumber the cons.


In conclusion, picking out the ideal pillow can be trickier than one would think. You have to take into account the cover, the filling, your sleeping position and many other small factors. However, we hope that we've made it a bit easier to understand!

So, whether you're getting one of the pillows we've featured or you plan on finding the perfect pillow for yourself, let us know about your experience down in the comments!

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FAQs about getting the best pillows in the UK

Finally, we thought we’d end things off by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about pillows. We firmly believe that sometimes, a simple answer to a simple question could be the difference between someone buying a product or not. Here are some FAQs about pillows we thought you might like to know the answer to!

How do I wash my pillow?

How you wash your pillow depends on the type of pillow. Your best bet would be to read the label and instructions for the particular pillow you own.

How often do I need to wash my pillow?

This also varies from type to type, but in general, you should wash your pillow at least two times per year. Ideally, you’d wash your pillow once every three months and the pillowcase ever more frequently than that.

What is the right size of pillow for me?

There is no perfect pillow size for everyone. You’ll need to choose your pillow’s size based on your sleeping position and other sleeping preferences.

What is the best type of pillow for me?

To choose the perfect pillow you first need to know which type suits your needs the best. Your needs and preferences range from sleeping position, head or neck issues and even allergies. Factor in all of those before you choose a pillow.

What is the best pillow material for people suffering from allergies?

There are several different hypoallergenic materials that are suitable for people suffering from allergies, but in general, a latex pillow is the safest, hypoallergenic option.

About the author

As a CPD certified Sleep Consultant I know how important sleep is. And as a combination sleeper, I have found it difficult to get products to suit my sleep style. I have more than 2 years product testing experience with The Sleep Advisors which means I have slept on, with and under more than 500 products with varying degrees of success. This is added to more than 2 years experience as a product reviewer for Closer, Heat and Grazia magazines, so I've got a rigorous process. I love sharing my sleep testimonials with our readers and hearing their experiences too.

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