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Best Goose-Down Pillows UK Has to Offer

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29 March 2024 9 min read

Discover the epitome of comfort and luxury as we unveil the ultimate guide to the best goose down pillows UK has to offer.

For those seeking the pinnacle of nighttime luxury, the United Kingdom boasts a selection of the finest goose-down pillows that promise to elevate your slumber to new heights.

So, in this guide, we embark on a journey to explore and uncover the most exquisite and opulent options, presenting you with the ultimate list of the best goose-down pillows the UK has to offer.

Whether you're a connoisseur of comfort or simply in search of the perfect pillow, join us in this quest to enhance your sleep experience and discover the plush, cloud-like embrace of these feathered wonders.

Our 5 best UK goose-down pillow picks

We searched and we searched. And, of course, we didn't stop at just searching, no – we found top five goose down pillows in the UK. So, let us share them with you.
    Pillows 1
    An image of Snuggledown goose-down pillow.
    Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Pillow
    Best Overall
    Pillows 2
    Scooms goose-down pillows.
    Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Pillow
    Best Luxury
    Pillows 3
    Artisitic Fashionista pillows.
    Artistic Fashionista Goose Feather & Down Pillow
    Best Hotel-Style
    Pillows 4
    SUFUEE goose-down pillow.
    SUFUEE Goose Feather and Down Pillow
    Best Comfortable

Best overall: Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Pillow – best of the best (definitely)!
Best Overall
An image of Snuggledown goose-down pillow.

So, after trying out a bunch of goose down pillows, we're all in agreement that the Snuggledown Hungarian Goose Down Pillow is the absolute boss. This pillow is the front-sleeper's best friend – it gives you the perfect mix of support and coziness, so you'll sleep like a champ.

And, it's just the right size for a UK pillowcase, so no awkward wrangling there.

But what really makes it the kingpin is that it's packed with a blend of 80 percent Goose Down and 20 percent Small Goose Feather. It's like sleeping on a cloud that's got your back (literally).

You can toss it in the washing machine and dryer without any worries, which is a massive time-saver. Plus, it's totally cool for allergy-prone folks. Bottom line: if you want the top dog of goose down pillows, Snuggledown's got your back. It's all about comfort, quality, and convenience rolled into one awesome package.

  • Filling: 80% goose-down
  • Cover : Cotton
  • Size : 48 x 74 cm
  • Firmness : Soft
  • Machine-washable : Yes
  • Best for : Front sleepers


An icon depicting the product that is soft to touch
Very soft
Perfect for front sleepers
An icon depicting a washing machine, illustrating a product that is suitable for machine washing
Washing machine and drying friendly
You can easily wash and dry this pillow.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
Does not conatain any materials which are likely to cause allergies.


An icon depicting a back sleeper
Not for side and back sleepers
Since it is very soft, only front sleepers tend to enjoy this pillow.
An icon depicting a ruler indicating lack of different sizes & dimensions
One size only
This pillow comes only in the standard UK size.

Best Luxury: Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

If you are looking for a way to add luxury to your sleeping space – this pillow is the way to go.
Best Luxury
Scooms goose-down pillows.

If you're up for a bit of indulgence in the sleep department, this multi-award-winning Hungarian goose down pillow is your golden ticket to the best night's rest. Yes, it's on the pricey side, but here's the scoop – it's worth every penny.

Picture this: it's got a genius blend of firm inner core (15% down + 85% feather) surrounded by a squishy layer of goose down, all wrapped in a dust-mite-proof 100% cotton high-thread-count cover. You're looking at the ultimate combo of support, loft, and pure fluffy comfort. It's like a nightly trip to a 5-star hotel.

The filling is a natural wonder, sourced responsibly from Hungarian goose down and small white goose feather, washed in thermal spring water. So, you're not only getting luxury but ethical luxury.

The eco-friendly touch is a bonus, as it's designed in the UK and carefully crafted in Hungary using green tech. Plus, it comes in plastic-free packaging – no unnecessary waste.

They even throw in a 30-night return policy, just in case you need some extra convincing. And the cherry on top? Free next-day delivery in the UK if you order by 1:00 pm during the week.


  • Filling : 15% down + 85% feathe
  • Cover : 100% super soft sateen cotton
  • Size : King, Super King
  • Firmness : Medium firm
  • Machine-washable : Yes
  • Best for: All sleepers


An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
Luxurious feel
You won't find a goose-down pillow as luxurious as this one.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
No need to worry about allergies with this pillow.
An icon depicting free shipping
Next-day delivery
Free UK next day delivery via DPD.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
A bit expenive
This may be one of the more expensive pillows on the market.

Best Affordable

If you are on the budget, you can still get a good night's sleep with these hotel-like pillows.
Best Hotel-Style
Artisitic Fashionista pillows.

If you've ever yearned for that hotel-quality sleep experience in the comfort of your own home, these White Goose Feather and Down pillows have got you covered.

First off, the 100% cotton down-proof fabric with double-stitched edges is a game-changer. Not only does it keep those feather downs right where they belong, but it also stands guard against pesky dust mites. So, you're in for a clean, allergy-friendly slumber.

Now, let's talk about the filling. These pillows are loaded with a blend of 85% Goose Feather and 15% Goose Down. This combo is like a magic recipe for maintaining their shape, so they stay plump and comfy for the long haul. No more flat, lifeless pillows after a few months.

Sized at a full standard UK pillow size of 50x70cm (19″x29″), you get two of these beauties in one pack. They've got the power to cradle your head with just the right amount of support, making them perfect for back and side sleepers.

  • Filling : 85% goose feather and 15% goose down
  • Cover : Cotton
  • Size : 50 X 70 cm
  • Firmness : Medium firm
  • Machine-washable : No
  • Best for : Back and side sleepers


An icon depicting a back sleeper
Perfect for back and side sleepers
Back and side sleepers will enjoy the support this pillow gives.
Very comfortable
You'll feel like you are sleeping in a hotel.
2 in a pack
This model comes with two pillows in one pack.


An icon depicting a stomach sleeper, illustrating product is not stomach sleeper friendly
Not for front sleepers
Front sleepers may not enjoy this pillow.
Tend to go flat after a while
You'll need to replace this pillow after a year or two.

Best Comfortable

The kings in the comfort world – SUFUEE goose-down pillows.
Best Comfortable
SUFUEE goose-down pillow.

The White Goose Feather and Down pillows, in a classic full standard UK size of 48x74cm (19″x29″), are the real champs when it comes to comfort.

They're filled with 85% goose feather and 15% goose down, which is like a dream combo for the best support. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, these pillows have your back – literally.

Plus, they've got this elegant striped design and a 100% cotton shell. The double needle corded edges with welts make sure there are no loose threads to worry about. They're built to last, keeping their shape intact for the long run.

And the best part? They're Oeko-Tex Standard 100 verified, so you know they're hypoallergenic and dust mite-proof. It's like a breath of fresh air for allergy-prone folks.

What's even more convenient is that they're machine washable at 40 ºC and come vacuum packed for easy care. No fuss, no stress.

Out of all the pillows in our testing spree, these feather and down wonders are the comfiest by a mile. So, if you're looking for some serious sleep upgrade, look no further. These pillows are the comfy kings of the pillow kingdom.

  • Filling : 85% goose feather and 15% goose down
  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Size : 48 X 74 cm
  • Firmenss : Medium firm
  • Machine-washable: Yes
  • Best for: All sleepers


An icon depicting a man suffering from a neck pain, illustrating a product that is good for back pain treatment
Excelent neck and head support
These will keep your neck and head in check.
Extremely comfortable
You'll feel like you're sleeping on the clouds.
An icon depicting a leaf indicating hypoallergenic properties
No need to worry about allergens.


An icon depicting a non-removable pillowcase
Need to plump them up before using
They come vacuum-packed, so let them sit for 24h before using to plump up.

What to look for when buying goose-down pillows

If you've been researching goose-down pillows, you've probably come across plenty of positive feedback. However, it's important to understand that not all goose-down pillows are created equal, just like any other pillow type.

Furthermore, the ideal goose-down pillow for you can vary significantly depending on your unique preferences and needs.

Therefore, let's delve into the key factors that set apart subpar goose-down pillows, good ones, and the absolute best goose-down pillows on the market!

Know what a goose down pillow is

A goose-down pillow is a type of pillow that's known for its exceptional softness and luxurious feel. It is made from the down feathers of geese, which are the soft, fluffy feathers found underneath the outer, more durable feathers. These down feathers are renowned for their ability to provide a plush, cushiony feel, making goose-down pillows a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleep experience.

In comparison to memory foam pillows, which are made from viscoelastic foam and conform to the shape of your head and neck, goose-down pillows have a more traditional and natural feel. They offer a soft, cloud-like support that many find incredibly comfortable.

Duck feather pillows, on the other hand, are made using the outer feathers of ducks, which are thicker and less soft than the down found in goose feathers. While duck feather pillows can offer good support, they are generally firmer than goose-down pillows and may not provide the same level of plush comfort.

Fill power

Fill power is crucial when buying goose-down pillows because it directly influences the quality and comfort of the pillow. It measures the loft and fluffiness of the natural down filling within the pillow, indicating how much space the down clusters occupy.

Higher fill power signifies that the pillow contains more natural down and fewer feather fillings, resulting in a loftier, softer, and more supportive pillow that's better at retaining its shape and providing superior insulation, making it a key factor in choosing a luxurious and comfortable goose-down pillow.

Down cluster percentage

The down cluster percentage is of utmost importance when selecting goose-down pillows as it distinguishes between a luxurious pillow and a standard feather pillow.

A high down cluster percentage signifies that the pillow contains a significant amount of pure goose down, which is exceptionally soft and lightweight. In contrast, a lower down cluster percentage may indicate the inclusion of more heavy and less comfortable duck feather fillings. A pillow with a higher down cluster percentage ensures a sumptuously plush and comfortable sleeping experience, making it a critical factor for those seeking the epitome of luxury in their bedding.

Pillow firmness

When purchasing goose-down pillows you also need to think about pillow firmness, as it directly impacts your comfort and support while accommodating various sleeping styles and positions.

Front sleepers might prefer an incredibly soft pillow, while back sleepers may seek a medium firmness. Side sleepers often require a firm pillow for proper neck and spine alignment.

Choosing the right size ensures that your pillow adequately supports your head and neck, irrespective of your sleeping position, promoting a good night's sleep. It's the key to finding the ideal balance between softness and firmness that matches your preferred sleeping style, whether you're a side, back, or front sleeper.

Shell material

A breathable cotton cover, especially one made of pure cotton, is highly desirable for goose-down pillows. Cotton allows for optimal air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. In contrast, a polyester cover or the one found on lower-quality duck feather pillows may trap heat and cause discomfort. Therefore, the shell material plays a crucial role in ensuring a restful and comfortable sleep experience by allowing proper airflow and temperature regulation.


The construction of a goose-down pillow is essential because it directly impacts its overall quality and performance. Unlike lower-quality duck feather pillows, the construction of the best pillows, such as those made from goose feathers and down, typically involves well-stitched baffles or gussets. These design elements prevent the filling from shifting, clumping, or forming uncomfortable lumps, ensuring that the pillow maintains a consistent level of support and loft. Proper construction is a hallmark of premium feather and down pillows, making it a vital aspect to consider for a comfortable and long-lasting sleep experience.

Whether it is allergen-free

It's crucial to consider whether a goose-down pillow is allergen-free, particularly for allergy sufferers, as this factor directly impacts sleep quality and health. Allergen-free pillows are designed to minimize the risk of triggering allergic reactions, making them a safer choice for those with sensitivities. In contrast, pillows made from lower-quality materials like duck feather may contain allergenic elements that can lead to discomfort and health issues. Ensuring that your pillow is allergen-free helps create a healthier sleep environment, promoting a more restful and comfortable night's sleep for individuals prone to allergies.


Considering the cleaning options for a goose-down pillow is essential before purchasing it because it directly impacts the pillow's maintenance and longevity. Opting for a pillow that can be machine washed makes it easier to keep it clean and fresh, promoting better hygiene and extending the pillow's lifespan. A pillow that requires special cleaning methods or is dry clean-only can be more challenging to maintain, potentially leading to inconvenience and higher cleaning costs. Therefore, choosing a goose-down pillow with machine-washable properties offers practicality and ensures that you can easily keep it in top condition for years to come.

The advantages of owning a goose-down pillow

Owning a goose-down pillow comes with several advantages:

While goose-down pillows have numerous advantages, it's important to consider your personal preferences and any potential allergies when choosing the right pillow for you


In conclusion, the world of bedding is vast, but when it comes to a pillow that embodies unparalleled comfort, the best goose-down pillows in the UK stand out as a timeless choice.

These pillows offer a combination of natural luxury, plush softness, and durability that few other options can match. Whether you're seeking a restful night's sleep, a respite from allergies, or the enduring quality of a long-lasting investment, these goose-down pillows deliver. As we bid you goodnight, remember that the perfect pillow is not just an accessory but an essential partner in your journey to better sleep and well-being. May your nights be cosy, your dreams sweet, and your mornings refreshed, all thanks to the comfort of the best goose-down pillows the UK has to offer.

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