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UK mattress size chart and how to pick the right one

Choosing the right bed and mattress size is just as important as the choice of the type of mattress, the material it is made of and so on. We will help you understand all the sizes and choose the right one. 

You have decided to buy a new mattress and now you are analyzing the different models and their features. This is, of course, very important and you have to pay attention to whether you are going to buy a hybrid mattress or some other type, then what material it is made of, whether it has a cover, whether it is hypoallergenic and the like.

But while you check all those details, you must not forget to find the right size of both mattress and bed. And to be able to find the right size, you need to know a little more about all mattress sizes as well as the bed frame sizes you will encounter on the market. 

We will give you dimensions in regard to length and width which will help you pick the right one. We will primarily talk about UK mattress sizes, but we will also mention Euro sizes.

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    Standard UK bed and mattress sizes

    We will go through the standard bed and mattress size chart UK that most manufacturers offer. What we want to emphasize is that when you are buying mattresses, you have to pay attention to whether they are offering UK sizes, or maybe USA / Euro. Because, although small, there is a difference. We will tell you both imperial and metric dimensions.

    mattress size chart UK

    Small single

    The dimensions of the small single bed are 75 x 190cm which makes it slightly smaller than the standard single. It is an ideal size for children, for whom it will be large enough. It can also be used by adults who are of average size, in case they have little space available.

    • Average weight (kg): 17-30
    • Best for: Children, teenagers.


    The dimensions of the single are 90 x 190cm, which means that it is the same length as the small single, but it is wider, which makes it suitable for larger adults, teenagers or two children, for example. It is one of the dimensions that is available everywhere.

    • Average weight (kg): 17-35
    • Best for: Children, teenagers, adults.

    Small Double (Queen)

    If you notice that there is no small double mattress size, look for it under the name ‘Queen’ or a ‘Three Quarter’ as it is also called in the UK. Queen size bed dimensions (Small double bed) are 120 x 190cm and it is often the choice of single adults who want to have a plenty of sleeping space. It is also suitable for couples who want to save space.

    Average weight (kg): 30-50

    Best for: Teenagers, adults.


    The UK double mattress size has several variations. In general – how wide is a double bed? The most common dimensions of the standard double bed mattress is 135 x 190cm, which is 15 cm wider than the small double and will give you significantly more space.

    Average weight (kg): 40-55

    Best for: Adults, couples.

    King size

    King size is also a standard size and it is a mattress that is both wider and longer than single and double, and the dimensions are 150 x 200cm. Due to its large dimensions, a standard king size bed is suitable for two adults, but since it takes up a lot of space, it will not fit well in a small bedroom.

    Average weight (kg): 40-70

    Best for: Adults, couples.

    Super king size

    Super King size bed measures 180 x 200cm so it justifies its name because it is really huge. It is suitable for two adults of any size and is chosen by all those who have a plenty amount of space in the room and who do not like to sleep too close to their partner.

    • Average weight (kg): 55-85
    • Best for: Couples, restless sleepers.

    Emperor bed size

    An emperor size bed is the largest mattress commercial available in the UK standing at 200 x 200cm. A mattress this size is perfect for anyone big and burly and in need of a lot of space to move around. Couples that sleep hot will generally enjoy this one.

    • Average weight (kg): 70-100
    • Best for: Couples, restless sleepers.


    It is a size intended for children from one to three years of age and the dimensions are 77 x 142cm. Toddlers will find that size convenient, but it is certainly not suitable for anyone older because it is too small. Toddler size is popular in UK and USA, and not that much in EU.

    • Average weight (kg): 10
    • Best for: Toddlers.


    You buy a cot size mattress for a newborn baby, and it can last up to 18 months. Dimensions are 60 x 120cm which you will be able to fit into a room of any size. A good choice if you have a baby, because you don’t need a big bed that will take up a lot of space.

    • Average weight (kg): 10
    • Best for: Newborns, babies.

    Mattress size vs bed frame size - What to know?

    Bed frames are usually made of wood or metal and are intended to hold and support the mattress. That’s why the bed frame also affects how comfortable you will sleep, not just the mattress, You will see plethora of bed frame sizes available on the market, and just like we said about the mattress, it is very important that you choose the right size. Choose the size according to the mattress, and the height according to your preferences.

    An image of a four poster bed in a bedroom.

    When buying a bed frame, add or 5 to 12 cm to the size of the mattress and you will get the dimensions of the ideal bed frame for you. If you’re wondering why a bed frame needs to be bigger than a mattress, it’s because it has extra parts, like drawers. And of course, measure the room before you buy a bed frame to make sure it will fit.

    Euro bed/mattress sizes

    It is good to also know measures of the so-called Euro sizes, because these are the sizes used in the European Union. Although the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU, it can certainly happen that you encounter EU sizes in some stores, and above all we mean IKEA.

    Euro single

    What you will notice is that Euro size mattresses are the same width usually, but slightly longer than UK size mattresses. European single dimensions are 90 x 200 cm which is 10 cm longer than UK single. European single will suit all taller people.

    Euro small double

    The same goes for the EU small double whose dimensions are 120 x 200 cm which is also 10 cm longer. In addition to tall people, this will suit those who let all the pets into bed, and the pets usually sleep at our feet.

    Euro double

    The EU double is 140 x 200 cm which is more than enough for two adults to sleep comfortably and for each to have enough room to toss and turn. Some people even like to sleep alone in double size mattress. Compared to UK double it is considerably bigger.

    Euro king

    Euro king size is 160 x 200 cm which means that in the case of king size, Euro king size is 10 cm wider than UK king size, and not longer as is the case with single and small double sizes.           

    Euro super king

    Super king size is a size that is the same in both the UK and Euro sizes. The size of the Euro super king size mattress is 180 x 200 cm same as in the UK. The reason is probably that the super king size is already huge and there is no need to make it even bigger.

    FAQs about the UK mattress size charts

    No matter how much we explain everything about UK mattress size charts in detail, there will always be some additional questions. The reason is that no one wants to buy the wrong size, and it is also the fault of certain manufacturers who do not stick to regular sizes. So find some more user information in the FAQs section.

    King size bed is bigger in the UK compared to Queen size bed.

    No, UK double is not the same as queen, but it is a bit bigger. Queen is known as small double.

    You can measure its length from head to foot and width.

    A bed frame should be 5 to 12 cm ( 2 to 5 inches) bigger than the mattress.

    Yes, there is UK super king which is 30 cm wider than king.

    Standard mattress sizes are single, double and king, but you will be able to find many other sizes in most shops as well.

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