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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: Review

You certainly heard about sleeping pills, as a way to get yourself to sleep quickly. Maybe you even heard about alcohol spray, that briefly makes you intoxicated. What we’re presenting to you is a combination of those two, a sleeping spray. How does it work? Exactly how you think it does: Spray it couple of times on your neck or on your pillow an hour or so before you’d like to fall asleep and prepare to visit the dreamland.

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    What is a deep sleep pillow spray made of?

    This convenient little sleeping spray was invented by the same people who invented caffeine in spray. And don’t worry, it isn’t the chloroform mist. It’s contained of water, an amino acid called tyrosine, and the sleeping hormone, melatonin, which our bodies produce to regulate sleep and wake up cycle. Melatonin is the crucial ingredient and it’s found in a pill form with the same purpose. Which doesn’t work so well.

    The trick is in the delivery method. Melatonin in pill form gives the body much higher doses than needed and most of it gets cleansed out by the liver. If the hormone is slowly absorbed through the skin, it looks a way more like the natural introduction into the system by the pineal gland.


    It remains to be seen if the sleeping spray is better for sleep than pills. Currently, the product gains popularity. Especially ‘This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which had a breakthrough as the best selling brand of this kind of product. The majority of the users praised its beautiful, natural lavender and chamomile smell and its ability to provide deep sleep even to the people suffering from insomnia. Studies confirmed that lavender is an all natural sedative, while chamomile can be used to suppress anxiety and depression.

    The value of using scented products for sleeping is in the making of the habit. If you make your body associate certain smells with the process of falling asleep, it’s a great feat. People with severe anxiety and depression have a lot of troubles sleeping, experiencing surge of thoughts and fears and even physical nausea and cramps for years. For that reason, a lot of them developed the repulsiveness toward sleeping. Even for the extremely sensitive people like these, sleeping spray works, giving them much needed rest.


    If you’re having insomnia, trouble sleeping because of anxiety, racing thoughts and stress, then you might want to give this product a try. The upside is that it’s really affordable, and it’s a completely natural product that can enable you to have a smooth transition into the dreamland, without any consequences. There are many natural ways you can make your body relax, and this is definitely one of them.

    FAQs About Deep Sleep Pillow Sprat

    There are some questions customers often ask about the sleeping spray product which we will talk about:

    Are there any traces of chemicals in the spray?

    There’s a “perfume” written on the ingredients of sleeping sprays, so some people worry that there are traces of harmful chemicals in it. That’s not the case, to the joy of many people concerned. “Perfume”, or anything labeled simply as “Fragrance” is considered a proprietary blend owned by the company, thus they do not have to disclose what’s in it. This sometimes leads to toxic or hormone disrupting chemicals being used to make a synthetic smell, which is typically stronger and less expensive that essential oils. However, it would be ridiculous to have any toxic materials in a product you’re supposed to breathe in or absorb trough your skin. So, yes, sleeping spray is safe for your health.

    Is there an age for the product?

    On some products there are labels that say the minimum age required is 3. Of course, it goes without saying that toddlers and babies don’t need this product. If you’re having trouble putting your child to sleep, there are other, more effective methods. It is best to check with the manufacturer about the proper usage of the sleeping spray. Read the usage manuals and inform yourself about the product accordingly.

    Does the spray work on animals?

    The product is not tested on animals, so no one is sure how it works on them. It is advised to abstain from using this product on animals, dogs in particular. They have a much stronger sense of smell. The fragrances might be too stimulating for them to relax, although they are almost completely organic.

    How strong is the smell?

    For people who are sensitive to strong flowery smells, there’s no need to worry. Sleeping sprays have very subtle and gentle smell of lavender, chamomile and vetiver. This product is exclusively made from natural ingredients, using natural fragrances and essential oils.

    How long does the spray last?

    That  depends on daily dosage. If you use it as described in the manual it could last for a very long time (2-3 sprays daily last about 4 months). A general rule of thumb for sprays which are paraben free is to use them within 6 months from opening. The sleeping spray should be stored in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    What about sensitive skin?

    Don’t worry. Check with the manufacturer, or on the label if it’s dermatologically tested. This sleeping spray in particular has very positive effect on the sensitive skin.

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