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Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector Review

The best way to significantly prolong the service life of your mattress, while making you equally comfortable sleeping on it, is to buy a mattress protector. In addition to protecting the mattress, the mattress protector is also the closest to your sensitive skin, so its importance is multiple. Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector seems to be one of the best on the market in the United Kingdom, and we’ll check that out in this review.

Who is Panda Bamboo mattress protector for?

Panda Bamboo mattress protector, like all other mattress protectors, should be considered if you want to protect your mattress that suits you perfectly and you want it to last as long as possible. It comes from a well-known Panda company.

In case your mattress is not comfortable enough, then you need a topper or a new mattress, not a protector.

We also recommend Panda Bamboo mattress protector to all those who have allergies because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and can protect against skin irritation.

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    What do we use this product for?

    As its name suggests, we use it to protect our mattress from dirt, wear and tear and liquids, as it has waterproof layer. However, that is not all. Since it is made of very soft silky smooth bamboo, although it will not affect the support and pressure relief, it will make your sleeping surface even more comfortable. In essence, we use this mattress protector to:

    • Protect our mattress and extend its lifespan 
    • Fight off any dust mite or allergy problems 
    • Keep your mattress in a good condition. 

    Features you should know about Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    You may think this is a very simple product, but Panda has made significant efforts to make this mattress protector one of the best on the market in the United Kingdom, so it has five features you should know more about.

    Antimicrobial & sustainably grown bamboo

    The use of eco-friendly products is more important than ever, so the first feature is the sustainably grown bamboo that was used to make this mattress protector. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material and significantly less water is needed for its growth than, for example, cotton. It is not necessary to use pesticides and other chemicals to accelerate growth, because it grows very fast and is resistant to various pests.

    Also, in this case, sustainably grown bamboo in managed forests was used, which means that all environmental standards were met. Antimicrobial properties make Panda Bamboo mattress protector unsuitable for the development of dust mites, bed bugs, moisture bacteria and fungi. 

    Lightweight Nano TPU layer

    By implementing the lightweight Nano TPU layer, Panda has managed to make this product thinner than most other mattress protectors that are waterproof. This layer is like a shield against moisture bacteria. With the help of nanotechnology, they developed a very thin, non-toxic, waterproof layer that is registered under the name Nano TPU. In addition to protection against accidental spills and acts, Nano TPU protects your mattress from dust mites, moisture, bacteria and fungi.

    Another great feature of the Nano TPU layer is durability. You can wash it in the washing machine countless times without noticing the signs of wear and tear.


    Waterproof mattress protectors generally have two disadvantages, namely that they are noisy and hot. In order not to hear noise every time you move in your sleep, Panda Bamboo mattress protector is designed to be very quiet, without crinkling sound.

    Temperature regulating

    Panda has solved the second most common problem as well, and that is temperature regulation. They took advantage of the natural characteristics of bamboo. Instead of a classic memory foam, we’re dealing with a bamboo. Bamboo is known as a very breathable material, so although this mattress is a waterproof protector, the temperature regulation is excellent. Even the hot sleepers had no objections about Panda Bamboo mattress protector which is the most authoritative opinion on breathability and temperature regulation.

    32cm 100% polyester skirt

    It is possible that you once bought a topper mattress, but you could not fix it properly because it is not deep enough. Especially if you also use a topper, so together with the mattress it makes a height of almost 30 cm. Panda Bamboo mattress protector is extra deep, 32 cm, so whatever the height of the mattress and topper, it will be able to fit and not move while you sleep.

    Review of Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    Panda Bamboo mattress protector is an extra deep mattress protector with a stretchable skirt of 32cm, so it will suit any mattress, even if you use topper. It is completely eco-friendly because it is made of sustainably grown bamboo. 

    Nano TPU is a waterproof layer, which is very thin and completely silent. Although it is waterproof, you do not have to worry about temperature regulating properties. Panda Bamboo mattress protector is so durable and according to the care instructions you can wash it in the washing machine at 50 degrees C.

    an image of panda mattress protector

    It is available in both UK and EU sizes. You have 30 days to try it and then return it for free if you are not satisfied. It is OEKO TEX 100 certified

    • Material: Bamboo 
    • Filling: Cotton 
    • Washing: up to 50 C degrees; Hang dry
    • Size: Cot, Cot Bed, Single, Small Double, UK Double, King, Super King, EU Single, EU Double, EU King, EU Emperor.
    • Oeko Tex 100 
    • Free delivery
    • 32 cm stretchable skirt.
    • Some off-gassing
    • A bit more expensive
    • Polyurethane presence.

    3 things that convinced us to buy Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    • It offers great protection to your mattress from liquids, dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, moisture and fungi
    • Made from ethically sourced organic bamboo, vegan-friendly, delivered in a recyclable box
    • 30-night trial, free delivery and 2 year warranty.

    3 things we didn't like about Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    • Bamboo has a very characteristic odour that will be present in the beginning
    • The price is completely justified, but there will certainly be customers who will find it expensive for a mattress protector
    • Presence of polyurethane is not great for an eco-friendly product.

    Check the alternatives to Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    Panda Bamboo mattress protector is a premium product, so as an alternative we also recommend the mattress protectors of two premium brands, Simba and Eve.

    Simba Performance Mattress Protector

    This is another top quality mattress protector that reduces wear and tear on your mattress, although it is not 100% waterproof. It is very comfortable, because it has a filling made of 97% cotton. 

    Also, in contact with your sensitive skin is a 200 thread cotton that is soft and breathable. This Simba product is great for hot sleepers as well as for those who have problems with allergies.

    Product image of Simba Performance Mattress Protector
    • Great for hot sleepers
    • Soft cotton
    • Breathable. 
    • Not entirely waterproof
    • A bit pricey
    • No straps.

    Eve Mattress Protector

    Eve Mattress protector has a water-resistant coating that is 100% polyurethane, and the cover is 100% cotton.

    Although water-resistant, this mattress protector has good breathability. It will protect you from dust mites and bed bugs. Available in 5 different UK sizes, but not in EU sizes.

    Check our Eve mattress protector review. 

    a product image of eve mattress protector
    • Water-resistant 
    • Breathable
    • Hypoallergenic. 
    • Only white color   
    • A bit more expensive for mattress protector
    • You have to wash it often.

    Consider Eve Mattress Topper if you are buying Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    We have already mentioned that a mattress protector is needed when you have a comfortable mattress. If you want to improve the comfort of your mattress, then consider buying Eve Mattress Topper. 

    This foam topper is very comfortable and breathable. It has sturdy straps that will attach it to the mattress so it never moves.

    Check our Eve mattress topper review.

    product image of Eve mattress topper in white bedroom
    • Comfortable    
    • Breathable
    • Straps.
    • Not great for side sleepers
    • Too firm for some back sleepers
    • Off-gassing.

    What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

    First of all, we want to highlight the fact that Panda Bamboo mattress protector is environmental friendly, vegan-friendly, plastic-free and sustainably grown without the use of pesticides. Also, its temperature regulation is great when you consider that it is waterproof and that is huge problem for waterproof mattress protectors.

    How did we test the product?

    working days for your mattress protector to arrive, and you can also choose the “next day delivery” option as well as Saturday delivery. Return is also free. Panda products are available for shipping worldwide, so if you read us outside the UK, this mattress protector is available to you.

    When Panda Bamboo mattress protector arrived, we first noticed a very nice branded box in which it was packed. The box is reusable and recyclable. Upon unpacking, you will smell a bamboo smell, but in a matter of hours it should disappear.

    an image of corner of panda bamboo mattress protector

    Before the overnight test we tested the mattress protector on mattresses of different heights and we did not find any mattress where this mattress protector does not fit perfectly. Then we added a topper and the situation was the same. We then conducted a water spill test to confirm that it was waterproof and it will be great protection from accidental spills and acts. During the overnight test we were not hot and we practically did not even notice that we added something new to our bed, and that is exactly the point of the mattress protector.

    We washed it according to the care instructions at 50 degrees C and then dried it. You should know that it dries a little longer than average, so don’t wash it for a couple of hours before you plan to sleep, it won’t dry so quickly.

    FAQs about your Panda Bamboo mattress protector

    If there is anything else you are interested in about your new Panda Bamboo mattress protector, we will use our FAQs section to answer all these questions and thus complete this review.

    Yes, it is better, because less water is needed for bamboo growth and no chemicals are needed.

    No mattress protector is perfect for hot sleepers, but this one is among the top 3 on the market in the United Kingdom.

    Panda Bamboo mattress protector is machine washable at 50 degrees C.

    All Panda products are made to last, so you get a 2 year warranty for this product as well.

    You have 30 nights to try this mattress protector and see if it suits you, and you can return it for free.

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