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Bed Frames

Featured image of Modern beds

Modern Beds 101

As for other materials, a wide variety was used in creating bed frames and finishes. Leather, with its rich and luxurious appeal, found its way into the design of beds.…

Featured image for low bed frame 101

Low Bed Frame

What is considered to be a low bed frame? As the name would suggest, a low bed frame is a frame that's lower to the ground than the standard model.…

Featured image of what is a slatted bed base.

What Is A Slatted Bed Base?

Types of bed slats Each type of bed slats has different advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the best decision, you should check which slats are compatible with your…

Bedroom with Hip Hop Wooden Bed Frame

Hip Hop Wooden Bed Frame Review

Who is the Hip Hop Wooden bed frame for? Who is this bed frame for? Well, here's who: Hip Hop Wooden bed frame is perfect for anyone who wants a…

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