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Emma Ottoman Bed Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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29 March 2024 8 min read

Do you have a small bedroom that lacks storage space or is your floordrobe getting out of hand? We are going to tell you about the Emma Ottoman Bed that could be the solution you have been looking for.

Emma Sleep UK is a great place to look for a new bed frame and we were excited to take a look at their Ottoman bed. If you have recently purchased an Emma mattress, then why not treat yourself to an Emma bed frame to receive the full benefits of the product.

After putting the Ottoman bed through our testing process, we're here to tell you whether this is the right bed frame for you and if it's worth buying. Let's get into it.


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It is a high-quality product that will last you a long time.
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Works in any bedroom aesthetic.
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Option of light and dark fabric.


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This made things more complicated but once found, it was fairly straightforward.
Difficult to assemble
Needs two people and some time.

Who is this product for?

The Ottoman bed is ideal for anyone who has a lot of things but lacks storage for them. Of course, it's a lovely style bed but its useful purpose is for storing your belongings. Aside from this, having a slatted base is good for those who get hot during the night. It allows for airflow and keeps the temperature regulated. To summarise, it's for:

What do we use this product for?

Obviously, it's a storage bed so it's going to be good to store seasonal items and any other bits you have lying around your bedroom. Not only that, the slatted frame adds an extra layer of support and has a bit of give so you can have the most comfortable sleep. On top of this, this bed frame provides better air circulation and it will reduce any excess heat.

Features you should know about the Emma Ottoman Bed

While the storage of this bed frame is an obvious feature there are others you should know about. The product's design has been thought through to give you an even better sleep experience. We're going to touch on the space underneath, as well as the upholstery and the frame itself.

Take a look at some of the features we liked on the Ottoman Bed.

Extra storage space

Possibly the most important feature of the bed is the storage capacity. You will honestly be surprised at how much you can fit underneath. If you want to keep your seasonal clothes stored out of the way – put them under the bed. If you have suitcases that rarely get used – put them under the bed. Or if you need somewhere to hide your kids presents – hide them under the bed. The possibilities are endless.

Fabric upholstery

Within the design, the upholstered headboard deserves a shoutout. It has gorgeous tufted detailing that screams luxury and grandeur. There are also smaller, more practical, details that need to be mentioned. At the end of the bed, there is a handle to make lowering and raising the bed base easier to access the storage. On the opposite end, there is a bar that stops the mattress from sliding down when you lift the base up. These two features are essential to the way the ottoman bed works.

Slatted frame

Wooden slats have been used on the base which are lightweight, great for relieving tension, and allowing airflow through the bed. Helping hot sleepers to keep a little cooler every night. Also, the slats are eco-friendly! They are made with either eucalyptus or poplar. The frame is created with pinewood, chipboard and MDF which are all sustainable. The same is used for the headboard and it is upholstered with recycled high-density foam.

Review of the Emma Ottoman Bed

Product image of the Emma Ottoman bed frame

The Ottoman Bed supports you and your mattress, with a sturdy wooden frame and a strong metal mechanism.

When putting the bed together, the wooden slats seemed a little flimsy.

However, after testing they are completely supportive – in fact, the slats are designed with a bit of give for movement and help to relieve any pressure.

The headboard seems a little loose but it is incredibly comfortable to sit up against and is less noticeable when it is up against the wall.

This is quite common with headboards. A headboard gives you the perfect place to rest while you read your book or drink your morning coffee.


  • Size: Double, King, Super King
  • Depth: 28 cm (without headboard)
  • Headboard material(s): Polyester and recycled high-density foam
  • Frame material(s): Pinewood and mdf frame, metal steel frame, poplar/eucalyptus slats
  • Care instructions: Lightly vacuum the surface if needed and use a gentle damp cloth to spot-clean any stains.
  • Warranty: 2-year guarantee
  • Trial: 200-night trial

What we like about the Emma Ottoman Bed

There is a lot to love about this Ottoman bed and we have narrowed it down to a few of our favourite things. These are some of the reasons that we think you will like it too.

What we didn't like about the Emma Ottoman Bed

While there's lots to like, there are also a few reasons that make it not-so-good. This is all part of our honest Emma Ottoman Bed review so we want to give you the other side to the product. You can weigh up the pros and cons to see if it is suitable for you.

The common problems & how to solve them

An image of the Emma Ottoman bed frame

It seems quite common for customers to not have the assembly instructions provided. It's ideal to have them before putting the frame together because if something goes wrong it will void the trial and guarantee. Every step needs to be done carefully. After a lot of searching online, we managed to come across a link to the instructions so we could begin the frame construction. The online instructions may be useful to anyone else who didn't receive them.

When it comes to the actual assembly of the Ottoman bed, we faced a couple of other problems. Firstly, some of the holes didn't line up properly which can make the process slightly more time consuming. I found that you might need to loosen the screws on the connecting pieces and then alternate between the screws to tighten until secure. Secondly, it can be difficult to keep the base down.

Once the mattress is on the bed frame it will be fine but take caution when putting the mattress on. It can be very stuff to pull down to begin with so we would recommend pushing down and towards the headboard – repeating this a few times to loosen the pistons.

Emma's customer service and company information

Delivery – You’ll get free delivery on your bed frame with no contact and free returns. The bed is dispatched within 10-15 working days and arrives in three boxes. Your delivery drivers will do the heavy lifting so you can kick back and relax.

Payment – The usual payments of Mastercard and Visa are available. There's the extra option of PayPal or DivideBuy for smaller instalments.

Online customer service – Emma doesn’t have an online live chat, so any questions need to be emailed to their email address. However, they do have an extensive list of FAQs so you will be able to find the answer to most there.

Is the Emma Ottoman Bed eco-friendly or sustainable?

Emma does not mention how they help the environment on their website, but all we do know is some of the materials used are eco-friendly.

All of these are sustainable materials which is great for a full bed frame like this one. 

How did we test the product?

Every product we get our hands on goes through a testing process so we can give you our most honest review. In short, we use these three things:

To make things clearer, here's how we test the durability of a bed frame:

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

Image of the headboard of the Emma Ottoman bed frame

The details of the Ottoman Bed have been carefully considered and they have made a beautiful quality design. This product comes in two colours – dark grey and light grey – both of which have connotations of a sleek and chic style that can work in any aesthetic.

So, no matter what theme you choose for your bedroom, the ottoman bed will look incredible.

However, there are a couple of downsides to the bed – one being that we didn’t receive any instructions with our delivery and it was extremely difficult to find them online. It is best not to put it up without instructions because if something goes wrong, your guarantee will be voided.

Once we got hold of the online instructions, we could get a better idea of how to assemble the bed.

It can be difficult to assemble on your own so you might need two of you, as well as plenty of time to put it together. There are small spaces you need to get into to assemble and some pieces can be heavy.

The material used for the outer frame and headboard is super soft. I was not expecting it to feel as nice as it did but I am impressed. Again, it is another part of the bed that just brings luxury into a room. 

The takeaway from this review is that you should consider the Ottoman bed if you are struggling with storage in your house or bedroom. It could help to keep your room tidy and floor space clear. Giving you a better sleep environment.

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FAQs about your Emma Ottoman Bed Frame

In case there's any important questions we have missed, we've put together a list of the ones you should know about. You can find the answers quick and easy below.

How do I assemble my Emma Ottoman bed?

Ours arrived with no instructions, however, we have found a link to some instructions that can help you out.

How much storage space is underneath the bed frame?

Depending on the size of the bed you're after, will depend on the storage space. It will range from 637L, to 744L to the largest being 891L.

Can I close the bed after assembly without a mattress?

The short answer is no. You'll need to make sure you put the mattress on the bed frame before relying on the mechanism. Do not risk using it without the mattress.

How can I clean my bed?

You can lightly vacuum or brush the surface if needed and use a gentle damp cloth to spot-clean any stains.

Are Emma beds compatible with mattresses other than Emma mattresses?

Yes, it has been designed to fit other standard mattress sizes from other brands.

What other bed frames are available from Emma?

The other Emma bed frames include: Emma Divan Bed, Emma Signature Bed, Emma Wooden Bed, Emma Metal Bed, Emma platform bed, Emma Sofa Bed, Emma Deluxe Hotel Set.

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