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Best Fans for Bedroom to Ensure an Optimal Sleep Temperature

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie Hack

Sleep Advisor

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21 November 2023 13 min read

During the summer, we are all trying to cool the home since it's almost impossible to fall asleep when you're sweating. An air conditioner is certainly the most efficient option, but a good fan can be equally useful and a cheaper alternative.

Luckily in the United Kingdom the summers are not as hot as in some other parts of the world. While we watch the news about record breaking temperatures in Italy, Spain and other southern parts of Europe, it's usually quite pleasant in the UK.
However, the situation changes from year to year. Climate changes affect every part of the planet Earth, which is why we are witnessing temperatures of close to 40 degrees Celsius in London as well, which was unimaginable a few decades ago.

For this reason, cooling devices have become very popular. One research showed that less than 5% of homes in the U.K. have air conditioners. We believe that this percentage will increase significantly in the coming years.

If you do not plan to install air-conditioning, then a fan is an excellent option. We will help you choose the best one.

Our top picks

We invested considerable effort and time to test as many fans as possible. So that helped us narrow down our list to those models that we think are great for the bedroom. The following seven are the best bedroom fans and we expect them to be very useful to you during the hot summer nights.
Gadgets & Tech 1
Product image of Duux Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan.
Duux Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan
Best Overall
Gadgets & Tech 2
Product image of Meaco 260c Cordless Cooling Fan.
Meaco 260c Cordless Cooling Fan
Best Value
Gadgets & Tech 3
Product image of Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan.
Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan
Upgrade Pick
Gadgets & Tech 4
Product image of Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator.
Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator
Best Energy-Efficient
Gadgets & Tech 5
Product image of Meaco MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator.
Meaco MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator
Best Silent
Gadgets & Tech 6
Product image of ANSIO® Tower Fan with Remote Control 30-inch.
ANSIO Tower Fan with Remote Control
Best Tower Fan

Best Overall: Duux Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan

With the help of the Duux smartphone app, the Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan will do exactly what you want.
Best Overall
Product image of Duux Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan.

Due to its versatility and smart features, the Duux Whisper Flex Smart Standing Fan has become an absolute hit on the UK market.

It can cool the space even during the hottest summer days, and even when you turn highest speed, it is still very quiet, which makes it the perfect choice for the bedroom.

Download the app for your smart phone to control speeds, modes, and oscillation from the comfort of your bed.

Inbuilt 12 hour timer allows you to determine in advance how long you want it to be on. You can direct it wherever you want because it has a rotating neck. Battery pack is available separately when you need a portable fan.

  • Dimensions: 52.29 x 42.2 x 25.9 cm
  • Weight: 6.08 kg
  • Modes: 26 speed settings
  • Oscilation angle: 90 degree
  • Noise (dB): 13 db
  • Cord: Cordless
  • Battery: Replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Charging: N/A


An icon depicting a speaker
You almost don't hear it at all.
Adjustable height
You can adjust the height as you want.
An icon depicting a stopwatch
12-hour timer
Use 12-hour timer to schedule cooling.


Battery bought separately
You need to buy batteries separately.

Best Value: Meaco 260c Cordless Cooling Fan

Meaco 260c Cordless Cooling Fan is lightweight and compact, ideal for moving from room to room.
Best Value
Product image of Meaco 260c Cordless Cooling Fan.

The manufacturer says that this model is for bedrooms, desktops and offices. This implies that it is very quiet and is therefore suitable for spaces where complete silence is necessary to be able to work or sleep.

Weighing just 490g, you can take it to the office during the day, and then bring it home in the evening and use it in the bedroom.

The battery lasts a very long time, up to 14 hours, so it is possible to leave it on all night.

You can choose between four operating speeds and tilt it when you want to direct airflow towards yourself or, for example, like a computer to cool it down.

  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 14 x 26.9 cm
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Modes: Multiple
  • Oscilation angle: N/A
  • Noise (dB): 30 db
  • Cord: Cordless
  • Battery: Replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Charging: 1.2m USB cable


An icon depicting lightweight properties
It weighs only 490 grams.
Long-lasting battery
The battery can work up to 14 hours.
An icon depicting a medal indicating a warranty
2-year warranty
You get 2-year warranty plan.


Loud beep sounds
Upon pressing a button, you hear loud beep sounds.

Upgrade Pick: Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan

One of the most powerful fans on the market.
Upgrade Pick
Product image of Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan.

If you have a huge master bedroom, look no further, buy the Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan. You will feel the stirring of cold air even if you are several meters away.

You can choose between three modes – Regular, Natural Breeze and Night. Small and handy remote is there so you don't have to get up to turn on, turn off the fan or change the mode. A seven-hour timer is built-in.

The fan can oscillate 80 degrees. We are surprised how quite it is considering its power. Climatik UK, a home appliances company specialising in cooling and heating technology, has made it portable.

Although it weighs a little more than 6 kg, it is certainly not too heavy to move it on daily bases.

  • Dimensions: 109.2 x 24.5 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 6.08 kg
  • Modes: 3 fan speeds and 3 wind modes
  • Oscilation angle: 80 degree
  • Noise (dB): N/A
  • Cord: Routed cable
  • Battery: N/A
  • Charging: Cable


An icon depicting a speaker
3-speed fan options allow you keep it running without causing a noise.
Remote control
Remote control is supported & it works like a charm.
An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality material & design
High-quality product that will last long time.


An icon depicting a kettlebell on a surface indicating a heavy object
It weighs 6 kg, which is a bit heavy for a bedroom fan.

Best Energy-Efficient: Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator

We have to preserve our environment and buying eco-friendly appliances is the first step towards that goal.
Best Energy-Efficient
Product image of Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator.

The noiseless fan starts at 20dB and while the Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator is definitely quit, we cannot say that it is completely silent because we tested models that produce less than 15 dB.

The power of this fan is surprising when we look at the size. It can cool a much larger space than the one around the bed or desk.

You get a remote control for setting the speed and other functions. Many people choose this model because of its energy-saving features.

Fans are certainly not big consumers of energy, but why not save energy during the summer when your device is on all day?

  • Dimensions: 12.01 x 11.22 x 15.87 cm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Modes: 12 operating speeds
  • Oscilation angle: Multi-directional
  • Noise (dB): 20 dB
  • Cord: Cordless
  • Battery: N/A
  • Charging: Cable


High level of energy-efficiency.
Remote control
It supports remote control.
an icon depicting a night light
Night light
You can turn on light night feature.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
A bit expensive
When compared to similar products, it's a bit expensive.

Best Silent: Meaco MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator

This fan is a good fit even for a children's room.
Best Silent
Product image of Meaco MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator.

If you have an infant or toddler and need a fan to cool the bedroom, then this is the one for you. It is so silent. More precisely, it is no louder than breathing.

Practically all the sounds in the house produce more decibels than its operation. This is not because it is not powerful enough, on the contrary.

It will cool the whole room very well, even though it is compact and primarily intended to cool the sleeping environment and the desk.

You can choose between 12 operating speed settings so chances you won’t find one suitable for every moment are virtually zero.

  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 21.36 x 29.79 cm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Modes: 12 operating speeds
  • Oscilation angle: Manually adjustable
  • Noise (dB): 15 dB
  • Cord: Cordless
  • Battery: N/A
  • Charging: Cable


An icon depicting a speaker
It is so silent, even at the highest speed setting.
An icon depicting modern design
Modern design
Thanks to modern design, it is easy to add it to any sleep room.
an icon depicting a finger of a hand pressing a surface, illustrating a pleasant usage
Touch control
The touch control is calibrated perfectly.


No remote control
You cannot remotelly control it.

Best Tower Fan: ANSIO Tower Fan with Remote Control

When it comes to getting the perfect tower fan, this would be our pick!
Best Tower Fan
Product image of ANSIO® Tower Fan with Remote Control 30-inch.

If you want a fan that can both cool a bedroom and remain relatively quiet, this tower fan is perfect for you! It has 3 wind settings and 3 operating speed settings, with each catering to adifferent situation.

So, whether you want a gentle hum no louder than a whisper or a powerful cooling breeze, this tower fan is sure to have you covered!

Being a decently-sized tower fan, it can also cool off an entire room rather well. And it also comes with a remote control so there's no need to get up when you want to be hit with a nice cooling breeze.

Overall, we'd say that the only downside of this tower fan is that it's not the most affordable model on the market.

  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 76.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.86 kg
  • Modes: 3 fan speeds and 3 wind modes
  • Oscilation angle: 60 degrees
  • Noise (dB): N/A
  • Cord: 1.75 m
  • Battery: N/A
  • Charging: Cable


Remote control
You can remotely control it.
Thanks to energy-efficiency, you can run it all day without building up your electricity bill.
An icon depicting chain links indicating durability
Powerful & durable
It will last you a long time.


An icon depicting a money bag indicating an expensive product
When compared to products from the same category, it is a bit expensive.

What to consider when buying fans for bedroom

There are several features you should consider when buying fans. Since you need one for the bedroom then noise is especially important. We will also focus on types, different modes and timer.


If you haven't bought a fan in the last few years, you will surely be surprised how many different types there are on the market – pedestal fans, floor fan, electric fans, etc. Of course, most manufacturers offer classic fans, which are still the most popular. A ceiling fan is something that many choose for the bedroom too.

If you want something different, maybe a tower fan will be what you want. Many new fan models are actually two-in-one devices because in addition to cooling you, they also act as an air purifier. Since air pollution is one of the world's largest problems it is not surprising that there are more and more air purifier fans. However, to make sure that you make the right decision, let's take a closer look at all these different types and see which one will make for the best fan in your case!

Pedestal fans

A pedestal fan is what most people imagine when thinking about a fan in general. They're a classic and typically feature a large base and a mobile upper section that can move side to side. It's not exactly the quietest fan or the most luxurious fan but it can be the best fan for some.

This is because they're typically affordable and they've been around for so long that there are a million models to choose from. So, if you want to keep expenses low and don't care about bells and whistles, a pedestal fan could be ideal for you!

However, if you want a mode advanced fan with features such as night mode, most fans that have been made more recently are going to be better options.

Tower fans

Next we're going to talk about tower fans as getting a tower fan is very similar to getting a pedestal fans. The main difference is that tower fans are generally slimmer and don't have a moveable upper section. Instead, a tower fan changes the angle at which it blows air through an inner mechanism.

So, for people who have limited space, a tower fan makes for an excellent choice! It's also worth pointing out that tower fans are relatively new. So, if you get the best tower fan on the market, it will probably have quite a few unique features!

Furthermore, many other newer fans are tower fans by design. That's why you can get a bladeless tower fan for example! The downsides of getting a tower fan is that it might not be as powerful as some other fans and it might cost a bit more. But even with that being said, you can find the a fairly affordable tower fan if you look hard enough.

Desk fans

In recent years, a lot of people have been searching for the best desk fan when they want to cool off. And it makes sense. Everything is getting smaller and a desk fan can accomplish the primary goal of fans, blowing air, while also taking up very little room.

Plus, since most of us are at our desk all day, having a small desk fan to cool you off without taking up much room or making a lot of noise is quite valuable. With that being said, desk fans aren't perfect.

For one, the average desk fan isn't going to be very powerful. In fact, no handheld fan is going to have a high output. After all, the handheld fan had to sacrifice power to become so compact and convenient. So, a desk fan can't cool you down in times of strong heat waves.

Floor fans

On the opposite end of the spectrum from a handheld fan we have a floor fan. Just as the name implies, floor fans are heavier fans that are usually placed on the floor. And while techically any fan besides a ceiling fan is a floor fan, we think it's worth bringing up.

That's because when you search for floor fans specifically, you'll usually find bulkier models that have a bit more power. And you'll find plenty of newer fan types, such as bladeless fans and cooling fans.

Cooling fans

If being the best bedroom fan means cooling you down, this is what you want to look for. And while we do understand that every fan is a form of personal cooling, trust us, proper cooling fans are a bit more advanced. That's because cooling fans typically blow a cooling breeze and not just regular air.

A common way this cooling airflow is created is by having a compartment that you fill up with ice. And, depending on how much you're willing to spend, there are fans with some extremely powerful cooling capabilities. To check out our favourite coolings fans, click here.

Bladeless fans

A bladeless fan, like the name implies, is a fan that doesn't use any blades to create a cooling breeze. And while this bladeless design might seem random, it can be quite useful. For example, people who have pets or small children can rest easy knowing that no one can get hurt from touching a bladeless fan.

Plus, while this isn't always the case, a bladeless fan tends to be more modern. That means that you can expect things such as a handry remote control, a night mode, an eight hour timer and so on. Sure, you might not find a bladeless fan in the best budget fan section but they're typically worth the higher price.


People perceive sounds in different ways. While some find the sound of the fan as a very pleasant white noise that will help them sleep, for others it is a very irritating sound. That's why light sleepers and all those who don't like white noise and ASMR have to consider how noisy the bedroom fan is.
Manufacturers try to make the fan quieter in different ways.

They are often very successful in this, so these devices do not produce significant noise. Check the noise, which is usually expressed in decibels, and then you will be sure that your new bedroom fan will not be as noisy as a tractor. So, here are a few tips to ensure your new bedroom fan isn't too loud!

Take note of the speed settings

More often than not, the manufacturer will advertise quiet fans according to their lowest fan speed. And just because it's at a 20dB at the lowest speed doesn't mean that the highest fan speed won't be quite a bit louder. This is why it's always important to take note of how many speed settings there are and whether anyone has complained about the noise at a higher fan speed.

Have a point of reference

Unlike temperature, we rarely bring up decibels in everyday life. So, it can be difficult to gauge how much noise is too much noise. Therefore, here's the scale we recommend using. The noise output of a whisper is around 30 dB while a regular conversation is at a 60 dB.

So, if you know from previous experience that even someone whispering can keep you up, look for a quiet fan that has a noise output under 30 dB. But do also note that the noise level of a fridge hum is around 40 dB. In other words, it's a lot easier to tune out fans and hums than conversations.

Also, while it might seem obvious, take into account that even the most powerful desk fan is likely going to be quieter than a floor fan. And a bladeless fan might even be quieter than that. So, keep in mind that a quiet fan is most likely on the smaller side and with a bladeless design.

Different modes and timer

New models, especially those labeled as smart, have different modes available. So you can quickly and easily choose the fan speed. This will affect the temperature in the bedroom, but also the noise and electricity consumption. Oscillating fans can move and thus evenly distribute the cool air instead of blowing in just one direction.

Oscillating fans usually give you the option to choose a pattern. The timer is another very useful feature. Program when you want the fan to turn off and then when you return home you will know that it will be pleasantly cooled. You can also fall asleep while the fan is on, but to prevent it from needlessly working all night, set it to turn off after an hour, for example. But let's take a closer look at these features.

Night mode or sleep mode

If you're a light sleeper, having a fan with a night or sleep mode option is very useful. As you might have guessed, sleep mode makes it so that the fan is whisper quiet (or at least as whisper quiet as it can get). Some of the best models also have modes where the cool air will blow in specific rhythms to help you fall asleep faster.

And, of course, most fans with a night mode will allow you to set up how long the fans will be working for. After all, once you're asleep, it's better to have the fan off and save energy.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode is the opposite of sleep mode, as it has the fan work as a high speed, usually maximising the output the fan can handle. This mode is ideal for large rooms as it can get the air circulating and cool off a few people at once. However, wind speeds can only get so high.

And, if you ask us, a good cooling fan is usually better than a fan with turbo mode. With that being said, if you can find a cooling fan with a turbo mode feature, that's a win-win situation!

Auto mode

If you have a smart home, you might just have a smart fan with auto mode. Basically, some smart fans allow you to schedule when the fan is going to automatically turn on and off throughout the day. However, the extent to which these smart controls can go varies quite a bit.

Some smart fans could turn on the second the temperature falls below a predetermined threshold. On the other hand, others might just turn on at a set time or when you press a button. In this category you also have auto shut-off. While a rather common feature, this can make your fan a lot safer and more energy efficient!

Eco mode

While It'd be ideal to have a fan that constantly has low energy consumption, that's not always realistic. However, having an eco mode is the next best thing! It simply makes it so that the energy consumption of the fan goes down for a period of time. For example, while you're asleep.

And since lower energy consumption means a lower electricity bill, this is an especially tempting mode for those looking to save a bit of money. So, look into getting an energy efficient fan if that sounds like you!

Other important features

Aside from just different modes and fan speeds, there are a few convenient features that make some bedroom fans better than others. So, in no particular order, let's go through the remaining few features that can help you make a decision on what the best bedroom fan is!

Having a remote control

If the fan comes with a remote, only good can come of it. After all, even fans with remote operation typically also have a few manual buttons you can still use. But a remote control means that you don't have to get off the couch if you suddenly get hot and want to cool off.

With that being said, it's not a must-have feature. A desk fan will never need a remote control. And in the previous example, what if your remote control is even further away than the fan itself? So, unless it's a smart fan that allows for app control, having a remote is nice but not exactly groundbreaking.

Cord vs cordless

In a similar vein, having a cordless fan can be nice but it isn't necessary. For example, if you have a powerful tower fan set up in the courner, it will likely be plugged in the entire time. So, there's no point in having that tower fan be cordless.

However, for a desk fan or a handheld fan, it can be annoying to have a cord. Again, not life-changing, since you'll have to charge the desk fan at some point but a nice convenience.

Tips for buying and using the best fans for bedroom comfort

We have a few tips for you. First, check if the manufacturer is reputable. After all, a fan can cause a fire if it is not made in accordance with all laws and regulations, so the potential damage is incomparably greater than when, for example, you buy a duvet. Also check the reviews and how strong it can blow, because many fans on the market are not strong enough to cool the master bedroom. While you're there, you can also see whether it's a quiet fan or a lawnmower in disguise.

When it comes to use, follow all instructions. Do not attempt to use it in a way not intended by the manufacturer. There is no reason to take the risk and potentially reduce the service life of the device.

The advantages of owning fans for bedroom

The most obvious advantage of owning fans for the bedroom is a cool sleep environment. A good night's sleep is much more common in winter than in summer if you don't have air conditioning or a fan. But that's certainly not only advantage we want to mention. If the fan is multifunctional, then it will purify your air or you will be able to use it in winter for heating as well.

Adjustable height, speed, and angle are very useful too, and such functions are mostly available when you buy state-of-the-art models, not basic ones.  It is not only important to cool the air, but also to improve ventilation. That's another thing it can help you with, especially when it is oscillating fan.


And that's all you need to know to find the best bedroom fans! So, which bedroom fan are you going to get? Let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions, either check out the FAQ section or contact us directly.

FAQs about your fans for bedroom

Now let's quickly go over some of the FAQs we've found in regards to finding the best bedroom fans.

Where should I place my fan for the bedroom?

You should place it so that it blows towards the warmest part of the room whether it is a wall or a bed.

How long do bedroom fans last on average?

It depends on many factors such as the quality of the product and the frequency of use, but on average they last between 5 and 10 years.

Do bedroom fans use a lot of electricity?

In most cases, bedroom fans do not consume a significant amount of electricity.

Are bladeless fans quiet?

Yes, such fans operate quietly whether they are floor fans or tower fans.

Should I keep my bedroom fan running all night long?

It is up to you. If you are hot sleeper and you don’t have problems with allergy, you can keep it running all night long.

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