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5 Best Dormeo Mattress Topper Picks In 2022

Are you waking up in pain? Do you feel tired and worse than when you’ve laid down? If you do – you may be in for a new mattress topper from Dormeo.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t optional – it’s a necessity. So, if your old mattress is making you lose precious sleep, maybe it is time for you to change things up by looking up one of these 5 best Dromeo mattress topper picks in 2022, and who knows – maybe one of them will transform the way you sleep!

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    Our top Dormeo mattress toppers

    Before you are the top 5 best Dormeo mattress toppers, in no particular order. Each and every one of these is comfortable and good in its own way. Therefore, we are certain that most sleepers will be able to find the one that suits their needs the best.

    Small product image of Dormeo Octasmart Plus
    • Type: Octaspring memory foam
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone
    • Type: Octaspring memory foam
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe
    • Type: Octaspring memory foam
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dormeo Octaspring Classic
    • Type: Octaspring memory foam
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dormeo Renew Plus
    • Type: Memory foam
    • Depth: 5 cm
    • Size: Single, Double, King
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    1. Dormeo Octasmart Plus

    One of the best memory foam toppers money can buy!

    At 7 cm tall, Dormeo Octasmart Plus is pretty much the perfect topper.

    It’s brilliantly made and crafted, with a machine-washable, removable, honeycomb pattern cover that is supposedly made to make you feel even more comfortable.

    Unlike many other memory foam toppers, this one is actually as supportive as it is comfortable, thanks to the award-winning Octaspring Aerospace technology and a 3-dimensional permanent cell structure of the Ecocell foam base.

    The topper is also very breathable, motion-isolating, and very conforming, so you’ll be able to comfortably sleep on it regardless of your sleeping position.


    • Supportive & comfortable

      Thanks to unique structure, it offers high level of comfort and support.

    • Breathable

      OctaVent system ensures high level of breathability all the time.

    • Heavy duty & sturdy

      The sturdy construction ensures that it lasts long time.


    • Expensive

      The product is expensive, especially when compared to similar products.

    2. Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone

    Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone is another Octaspring technology topper.

    This one features five zones of Octaspring foam springs for tailored support and comfort across your entire body. The topper will feel nice and supportive where it needs to, while simultaneously allowing your core areas like hips and shoulders to gently sink right into it. Thanks to the foam Octasprings, this one’s quite breathable for a foam topper.

    Thanks to all the memory foam, this topper is very motion isolating and pressure relieving, so it is ideal for both couples and solos sleepers.

    Unlike our previous pick, this 7 cm deep topper does not have a removable cover. However, this one does have a non-slip base, so it won’t move around during the night, no matter how restless of a sleeper you are.


    • Breathable

      Octaspring layer in combination with Airmesh cover ensure great breathability.

    • Affordable

      The price is not high, considering that you get high quality product.


    • Non-removable cover

      Though high quality, cover is not removable.

    3. Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe

    Octasmart Deluxe from Dormeo is the big brother to Octasmart Plus topper we’ve mentioned earlier.

    These two are in fact quite similar, with both of them standing 7 cm tall. The Deluxe model comes with a comfort layer consisting of hundreds of individual Octasprings made from the finest quality memory foam, lying underneath the generous layer of contouring and pressure-relieving memory foam, and resting on top of the Dormeo’s patented 3-dimensional permanent cell structure Ecocell foam.

    All in all, this topper is all you could ever ask for. It’s comfortable, supportive, breathable, pressure-relieving, motion-isolating, and so much more.


    • Hypoallergenic

      Hypoallergenic structure reduces the level of allergy-induced issues.

    • Long lasting & sturdy

      The sturdy construction will ensure you use it for a long time.

    • Motion isolating

      There won't be any motion transfer so it is a great pick for couples.


    • No straps

      The lack of straps makes it difficult to secure the topper to the mattress.

    • Expensive

      Highly expensive when compared to similar toppers.

    4. Dormeo Octaspring Classic

    A soft memory foam topper for undisturbed sleep!

    This Dormeo Octaspring Classic topper is ideal for everyone looking for soft to medium-soft comfort and a relatively affordable, high-quality topper. So, for side and back sleepers.

    This one’s made entirely out of the memory foam Octasprings, and as such, it is guaranteed to offer you tailored comfort and support, no matter the position you sleep in. With that in mind, this one might just be a tad too soft for front sleepers, if placed on a medium-firm or softer mattress.

    It is 7 cm deep, as were all the other toppers on our list, and as such, this one’s pretty much the standard depth for a memory foam topper. What’s not standard is airflow and breathability you’ll get out of this one, so that’s one thing to keep in mind. Check our Dormeo Octaspring Classic mattress topper review to learn more.


    • Great for side sleepers

      Side sleepers will absolutely love it.

    • Motion isolating

      You won't feel any movement in the bed caused by your partner.

    • Pressure relieving

      Great pressure relieving. All sleepers with pain issues will enjoy it.


    • Not for stomach sleepers

      Stomach sleepers will find it too soft probably and therefore not comfortable.

    • Lack of straps

      There are no straps to secure it in place and prevent from moving.

    5. Dormeo Renew Plus

    Topper with a silver fibre-enriched cover for rejuvenating sleep!

    Dormeo Renew Plus is the most affordable topper on our list, but that does not make it any less valuable than the previous ones. This one’s also as comfy as all the previous ones.

    This 5 cm deep topper is made from a single layer of memory foam, encased in a removable cover enriched with silver fibres woven directly into the fitted sheet cover.

    The silver strands woven into the cover make this topper anti-bacterial, anti-static, and completely odourless, so even if you do get a little toasty from all the foam – your topper won’t get smelly. And, on the off-chance it does – the cover is easily removable and machine-washable at 30 degrees Celsius.


    • Anti bacterial

      Anti bacterial, hypoallergenic and odoourless cover.

    • Removable cover

      Removable and washable cover. Wash it at 30 C degrees.

    • Affordable

      The topper is affordable. The price is not high while the quality is of high quality.


    • 1-year warranty

      The warranty plan could be longer.

    • Slight breathability issues

      There might be slight breathability issues, especially during the summer.

    The advantages of owning Dormeo mattress topper

    There are quite a few reasons why one should invest in a new Dormeo mattress topper. Here are just some of the many scenarios where these would be useful.

    For instance, if your mattress is firm and supportive, but you want it to be a little bit comfier and softer, a suitable mattress topper could make a world of difference.

    Also, if you sleep on a sofa-bed, divan bed, or a couch, and you just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep because of how uncomfortable it is – any one of the five Dormeo toppers we’ve mentioned should be able to help.

    Furthermore, if you struggle with back pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain, a high-quality Dormeo mattress topper will provide you with enough pressure and pain relief to comfortably get through the night.

    Finally, if you have an old mattress that you just can afford to replace just yet, an affordable Dormeo mattress topper will provide you with a nice, comfy sleeping surface until you manage to replace your old mattress.

    • It will make a firm, sturdy mattress softer and comfier.
    • It will make sleeping on a sofa-bed, divan bed, or couch a lot more enjoyable.
    • It will help you get rid of the annoying, persistent back, neck, or shoulder pain.
    • It will be an affordable, cost-effective alternative to getting a new mattress.


    All things considered, it is very hard not to recommend every one of these five Dormeo mattress toppers.

    They’re all excellent at what they do. When you consider all the benefits you get from these, from pressure relief all the way to hypoallergenic properties, it would be almost irresponsible not to treat yourself to one of these.

    Whichever one you choose, we’re sure that if you take our advice, and choose according to your needs – you will be enjoying every single moment you spend lying in bed.

    FAQs about your Dormeo mattress topper

    Now that we have met all of them and gotten over all the benefits you get from these Dormeo mattress toppers, we thought it would be an excellent idea to wrap things up by answering some FAQs.

    Absolutely. The pressure and pain relief you'll get from these mattress toppers is almost guaranteed to help with back pain.

    Yes. Side sleepers are generally the ones that benefit the most from Dormeo mattress toppers, and that's also the case with these five, as well.

    Some of these will come with a removable cover that you can wash in a washing machine, while some of them can be vacuumed or spot cleaned in case of accidental spills.

    Yes. All Dormeo mattress toppers come with a warranty. For some of them it's eight years, for some five, and for some only a year.

    Some mattress toppers come with a 60-night risk-free trial during which you can return your topper for a full refund. However, sometimes, you will only have a 14-day return policy which will grant you a refund only if you haven't opened and unpaced the product.

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