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Featured image for Best pets for bedroom.

Pets for Bedroom

Best pets for bedroom When it comes to bedroom companions, most people might think of the two-legged variety. But why settle for the human company when you can snuggle up…

Pug in a blanket

Best Blanket For Dogs

What to look for when buying the best blanket for dogs While it might not be obvious, there's quite the difference between a mediocre blanket for dogs and the best…

Featured image of best dog beds in the UK.

Best Dog Beds In The UK

Material Choosing the right material for a dog bed is essential for many different reasons. Naturally, you’ll want your pup to be nice and cosy, but also, you’ll want to find…

Two dogs sleeping

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

What’s the average number of hours dogs sleep per day? The dog sleeps an average of 14 to 16 hours a day. However, puppies and senior dogs can also spend…

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