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Dunlopillo Mattress – What Do You Need To Know About It?

image of our writer Filip Maric

Written By Filip

Sleep Advisor


4 June 2024 6 min read

Which Dunlopillo mattress is the best? Are they all good? Are they all latex mattresses? Let's find out!

We can't possibly talk about the best latex mattresses UK has to offer without mentioning a Dunlopillo mattress. Or a few of them,
Whether we're talking about the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign mattress or the Dunlopillo Millennium mattress, one thing's for certain – they come with a steep price tag.

But then again, that's true for pretty much any natural latex mattress. So, what makes this UK latex mattress manufacturer better than all the rest and why should you pay a premium?
Well, that's what we're here to find out!

Who is Dunlopillo?

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Dunlopillo is a world-renowned, leading manufacturer of latex mattresses, pillows, and other bedroom accessories. The company has been in business for over 90 years and is known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer satisfaction.

They started off by inventing Dunlopillo latex foam (memory foam and latex blend) that was used across public transportation, like trains and trams. Later on, they took off, pun intended, in cockpits and aeroplane seats.

It wasn't long before they created their first Dunlopillo latex mattress.

an image of Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress in bedroom

Nowadays, they boast an extensive catalogue of various latex products and they continue to innovate and produce new latex designs to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Their latex mattresses are made from 100% natural latex and they offer a variety of firmness options to choose from. But, they're also in the bed frame game, too.

Unfortunately, the days of “Dunlopillow” are over, but more on that later.

The main characteristics of Dunlopillo mattresses

What makes Dunlopillo mattresses special? Is it the fact that they're latex foam mattresses?

Well, a bit. But what makes Dunlopillo mattresses deliver long-lasting performance and premium quality is a lot more than that.

High-quality craftsmanship

There are many other mattresses that could deliver you a good night's sleep, but it's almost a century of careful latex craftsmanship that makes Dunlopillo mattresses exceptional.

They've been perfecting their latex manufacturing process for decades now and it shows in the quality of their products. Every layer is precisely designed and crafted. Every stitch is at the right place. Every detail serves a purpose.

An image of dunlopillo mattress close up.

It's that attention to detail that makes Dunlopillo mattresses so special and such a pleasure to sleep on.

Just look at any Dunlopillo mattress review. It's beyond stellar.

Latex core

The heart and soul of any Dunlopillo product, whether we're talking about a Dunlopillo pillow or a mattress is their world-renowned latex core. Natural latex is an exceptionally bouncy, breathable and comfortable material. It's also very supportive and provides excellent pressure relief.

And, we can't forget about its natural protection against dust mites and other pests thanks to latex's natural resilience to allergens and innate anti-bacterial properties. What also helps keep the pests away is the ActiproTM technology that Dunlopillo uses to treat the covers of your new bed.

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But, what makes latex so special in many folks' eyes is that it's also very durable and incredibly long-lasting. It doesn't break down easily and it will retain its shape and performance for years to come with proper care.

When you couple these natural properties with almost a century of research and improvements, you get a latex marvel like the Royal Sovereign Dunloppilo mattress.

Zoned supports

Another thing you'll notice with Dunlopillo beds is zoned support. And yes, we've said beds. Their adjustable beds have the option to control the firmness and support around certain zones. Now, many of you would think they achieve this with springs, but no – they actually achieve this through 100% pure latex.

a close up image of Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign mattress corner

Their innovative approach ensures ergonomic support along seven targeted support zones, keeping your spine properly aligned and having you sleeping like a baby. They achieve this with multi-density cores that are layered in strategic places – shoulders, hips, and heels.

Encapsulated pocket springs

Moving away from the Signature range, Dunlopillo company also features an Express Hybrid collection. This collection sports three pocket-sprung hybrids with a pocket spring core and a Dunlopillo latex comfort layer.

Den, Lair, and Pad, are the names of mattresses in this hybrid Dunlopillo range, and they feature 1090, 1190, and 1390 pocket springs respectively.

An image of Dunlopillo Orchid mattress corner.

All three feature full-sized pocket springs that remain durable and retain shape over time and provide each sleeper with a pressure-relieving Dunlopillo signature sleeping experience.

The overall comfort of the Dunlopillo mattress

It's tough to talk about the overall comfort of the Dunlopillo mattresses due to several reasons.
First of all, comfort is a subjective thing. What may be good for hot sleepers may be average at best for someone else. So, that's one thing.

Moreover, the Dunlopillo Signature Collection features 6 different mattresses and each of them comes with a Plus model, which is essentially the same thing with a new, cooling cover.

However, most people find that Dunlopillo mattresses are more than comfortable. And, from our experience, that seems to be the case.

You'd wake up feeling refreshed and without any pain or discomfort after a full night of sleep on a Dunlopillo latex mattress.

The overall pain relief of the Dunlopillo mattress

Latex is known for being extra gentle on the pressure points. It contours to your body shape and provides excellent pressure relief around the core areas, but also optimal support along the spine.

This results in an optimal sleeping position with no pressure points being aggravated. It also results in less movement and tossing during the night, as well as less pain and discomfort in the morning.

An image of Dunlopillo Diamond Mattress on a white background.

Moreover, Dunlopillo latex mattresses have the added benefit of zoned support, as we already mentioned. This means that there are different comfort and support levels for each core area of your body.

As a result, you get a tailored, optimal sleeping experience that leads to noticeably less pain.

The overall firmness of the Dunlopillo mattress

Once again, we're talking bout a range of products, so the only way we can accurately answer this question is if tell you about each mattress individually.

So, here goes:

Firm mattresses:

Medium to medium-firm mattresses:

Now, there are subtle differences between these, of course, but those are the categories these fall into.

Also, you can find all of these manufactured in the standard UK sizes – Single, Small Double, Double, King, and Super King size.

The cooling technology of the Dunlopillo mattress

One of the major benefits of latex mattresses is their ability to draw away heat and keep things cool. However, Dunlopillo didn't want to just rely on latex's open cell structure and took things a step further.
They've also perforated their latex cores to improve airflow and aid in heat dissipation.

Moreover, the company has also added a new and innovative cooling cover to their Signature collection, which you can find encasing the Plus lineup of mattresses.

Who should look for a Dunlopillo mattress?

To put it simply, anyone with a deep enough pocket and a preference for latex mattresses should definitely give Dunlopillo a try.

However, we would particularly recommend these:

An image of Dunlopillo Orchid mattress in a bedroom.

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FAQs about Dunlopillo mattresses

Where are Dunlopillo latex foam mattresses made?

All mattresses are made in Wellington, Somerset.

What has happened to Dunlopillo pillows?

Dunlopillo pillows are no longer sold under the same brand name. They're under the Relyon brand now.

How to wash Dunlopillo latex mattresses?

We would suggest spot-cleaning the cover or using a mattress protector to keep the mattress clean.

Where to buy Dunlopillow mattresses?

Dunlopillo mattresses are available to buy online or in stores.

Are Dunlopillo beds good?

Yes. Every Dunlopillo bed frame is made from high-quality materials and is well-made.

Does Dunlopillo make headboards?

Yes, Dunlopillo makes headboards, too.

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