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10 Best Plants For Bedroom That Bring Peace & Health

a headshot of our reviewer Connie

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant


14 June 2024 6 min read

The bedroom is a room intended for relaxation. Since plants are very healthy for the environment in which you live, it is desirable to have plants in the bedroom as well. They contribute to better energy and better sleep.

Anyone who has a problem with sleep, allergies, bad energy in the room should consider redesigning the interior. During this process, the emphasis is on plants. It is important to pay the most attention to choice. Although many indoor plants look similar, each has different characteristics.

This means that each can be used for different purposes. For example, English Ivy is known for its soothing effect, Lavender is known for its authentic scent, but there are many other types. Among best bedroom plants you will also find Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Lady Palm, Rubber Plant, Boston Fern, Dracaena, Philodendron, Spider plant, Corn plant or Aloe Vera.

English Ivy

an image of english ivy plant in a pot

This plant is much more than beautiful leaves. It is first and foremost a great medicinal plant. It has proven to be an excellent remedy in the fight against inflammation and arthritis. English Ivy can stay in different lighting. Whether it's full sun or full shade, it will survive.

The environment in which it will develop best is partially full of shade. Although this plant is quite hardy, pay attention to the amount of water you give it. Ivies are not fans of wet soil which means they don’t like too much water. If in doubt, it is always a better option to leave the plant dry than to over-water it. Wait for the soil to dry before watering it again.


Light requirement: Shade       

Water: Occasionally.

Peace Lily

an image of peace lily plant in a pot

Peace Lily is one of the most popular plants grown at home, because it always thrives and looks wonderful. In addition, there are many benefits that you can enjoy. These are tropical, evergreen plants that need colorful sunlight and constant humidity.

If you take proper care of peace lilies, you will get white flowers that will shine throughout the year. Both plants generally grow up to 16 inches, and in outdoor conditions they reach up to 6 feet in height.


Light requirement: Direct sunlight       

Water: Occasionally.


an image of lavender flowers

The scent of lavender also has a calming effect. Many studies have proven that this scent can soothe irritated babies and help them fall asleep. This plant comes from northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. It is also grown for the purpose of producing essential oil that has cosmetic and medicinal uses.

Lavender is a well-known plant that has been used throughout the history of a mankind. The first official use of this plant is in 77 AD, when a Greek military physician treated the soldiers with it.  


It treats:

Light requirement: Direct sunlight       

Water: Every day

Snake Plant

an image of a snake plant in a pot

Snake plants are very easy to adapt to indoor conditions similar like spider plants. This plant can live in indirect light but also can be exposed to bright light. If your bedroom is dark, Snake Plant is a great way to bring life to this room or corner.

It does not need frequent watering, especially in the winter time. Watering once per month is just enough for this plant to survive and live well. 


Light requirement: Shade

Water: Occasionally.

Lady Palm

an image of lady palm in a pot

Lady Palm is a great choice for anyone who has trouble breathing during the night. Thanks to its ability to clean the air. This plant removes formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene out of your home. It is best to place your plant in a corner of the room, close to a bright space. Caring for the plant is not overly complicated.

All you need is to water and feed it regularly. During the warmer months, Lady Palm needs a little more water. It is very resistant to pests and diseases. If you notice brown color on the leaves, you do not have to remove them immediately. The plant can still use them. However, if you notice a sticky substance, wilting and yellowing leaves, start recovering your plant.


Light requirement: Shade       

Water: Occasionally.

Rubber Plant

an image of rubber plant in a pot

Rubber plant will not only add beauty to any indoor space, but will also purify it. However, you must not keep them in a place where they will be exposed to direct sunlight. Failure to do so may result in burns to the leaves. These palms prefer variegated light and sometimes they prefer a place with more shade.

If you have an allergy problem, you should consider this type of plant, because it does not produce pollen. It is completely safe for your bedroom.


Light requirement: Shade

Water: Every day.

Boston Fern

an image of boston fern plant in a pot

This is one of the oldest plants on earth. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. It is still a popular choice because of its beautiful appearance, but it is equally useful for the purpose of removing harmful air pollutants from the environment. By removing formaldehyde from the air, it will provide you with the necessary humidity.

This means that you will get a clean and fresh sleeping environment. In that case, you will get a calming effect in your home, which is a prerequisite for good sleep and a quality life.


Light requirement: Shade       

Water: Every day.


an image of dracaena marginata plant in a pot

Dracena is very popular among lovers of indoor greenery. It is not demanding for maintenance, and it is one of the air purifier plants. It comes in a large number of different types. Dracena belong to the family Liliaceae, and their name comes from the Greek word Drakania, which means female dragon. With its rich colorful leaves, it beautifies homes around the world.

Dracena Marginata is characterized by thin, pointed, green leaves with reddish edges. Create an interesting landscape by putting three dragonflies of different heights in one pot.


Light requirement: Shade   

Water: Occasionally.


an image of Philodendron plant in a pot

Philodendron is the most famous and widespread houseplant. It is an extremely favorable plant for growing, even for absolute beginners. This pllant will “forgive” you if you ignore it from time to time since it is low maintenance plant. It got its name from the Greek words “philo”, which means “love” and “dendron”,  “wood”. It literally means “I love wood”.

Attractive, large leaves are the main characteristic of this flower. It is they who create the tropical atmosphere in every space. It is also recognizable by its shiny, leathery surface dotted with holes. This plant is one of the most important plants of Feng Shui philosophy so make sure you have it if you follow this Eastern philosophy. 


Light requirement: Shade   

 Water: Occasionally.

Aloe Vera

an image of aloe vera plant in a pot

It is an Asian plant that has been used in healing since ancient times, due to its indescribably great healing properties. It is also known for its soothing properties. Aloe Vera also releases oxygen during the night, allowing you to sleep more peacefully with fresh air. It can also be grown as a houseplant, in pots.

This plant does not require excessive care, but with a little care it can live for 100 years. It has been used for decades to treat and care for the skin, from sunburn to dermatitis, but it also has many other benefits.


Light requirement: Shade   

 Water: Occasionally.

Is it dangerous to keep plants in the bedroom?

Some plants are especially good because they clean the air and we sleep better with them. That is why certain species should be kept in the bedroom. So, it is not only a part of interior decoration, but also a very powerful tool for air purification. Although plants emit carbon dioxide during the night, a few plants in the room cannot harm you.

an image of plants in a bedroom

They cannot produce such a percentage of carbon dioxide that would affect your health. Research proves that building relationships with nature can only benefit our health in a variety of ways. In addition to the fact that active plant care relaxes our mind and body, their presence in the bedroom enables us to sleep better and with better quality. The reason is their calming effect, which helps us calm down and prepare for sleep. Green plants are especially recommended, because this color is associated with health. If you want to make your home vital and strong, consider growing these plants.

The main benefits of plants for bedroom

Plants have many health benefits. Changing the interior has a positive effect on general health and happiness, but there are other positive effects of the presence of plants in the bedroom. For example, herbs help you eliminate stress. This condition is very bad for our body, because it increases the risk of heart disease and other diseases. Thanks to plants, you can avoid some serious health complications.

an image of a bedroom with a potted plant

However, bedroom plants also clean the air in the room from indoor air pollutants. They will filter out different types of air pollutants such as chemicals and smoke. It is a completely natural filtration process that will improve air quality. You will have a heightened sense of optimism near the plants and you will be more relaxed, safer and happier.


It would be good to have bedroom plants, because it will significantly improve the air quality and provide many health benefits. However, there are theories that do not recommend plants in the bedroom because it is not compatible with sleeping. Many also cite the reason for this opinion as the carbon dioxide that plants release. It is true that there are a large number of species that you are free to put in the room where you sleep, and they are even desirable for several reasons. Plants have a positive effect on our mental health.

an image of a father and son having plants in the bedroom

They relax us, contribute to greater concentration and productivity. The stronger your connection with plants, the better energy you will feel in the space. In that case, you will eliminate stress and enjoy all the benefits that plants offer you. The most important are breathing benefits, such as the absorption of toxins, dust and the removal of bad particles from the air. All you need to do is give your plants enough light, water and love.

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