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8 Best Grey Bedding Picks To Blend Your Bed With Modern Bedroom Design

Grey bedding is modern, sleek, and elegant. So, how many shades of grey would you say is enough for your bedroom? How about five?

Have you ever considered the importance of bedding? Most have never thought about how much bedding affects a night’s sleep, although we all love the feeling when we lie down in the clean, crisp bedding we just put on bed. High quality bedding should be breathable, soft and pleasant for skin. 

Back in the day, cotton was practically the only material from which bedding was made and today there are many different ones. Cotton has remained popular, but you can also find bed linen made of polyester, eucalyptus, bamboo and many blends.

Also, bedding has a decorative role. Nice bedding can change the look of the whole bedroom because the bed is the centerpiece of the room, and the bedding covers practically the whole bed. Which colour you choose depends on what you like but also on the design of the entire interior. 

Grey bedding is not the most common choice of bedding colour. However, in recent years, the monochromatic and minimal look has been gaining popularity, so we thought to ourselves here – why don’t we make a top list? So, on that note, here are the best grey bedding picks in 2022.

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    Our top 8 grey bedding picks

    Now that we know what you should look for when shopping for grey bedding, let’s take a look at some of the best ones your money can buy.

    Small product image of Panda Bamboo Bedding
    • Items included: Fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase + flat cover
    • Material: Bamboo viscose (rayon)
    • Thread count: 320
    • Size: Single, Double, King size, Superking
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    Small product image of Ruikasi 4PCS Bedding Set
    • Items included: Fitted sheet, flat cover, duvet cover, two pillowcases
    • Material: Sateen cotton
    • Thread count: 400
    • Size: Single, Double, King size, Superking, Emperor
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    Small product image of Viceroy Bedding Bedding Set
    • Items included: Fitted cover, duvet cover, five pillowcases
    • Material: 100% polyester/satin
    • Thread count: N/A
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Pizuna Beding
    • Items included: Fitted cover, duvet cover, two pillowcases
    • Material: Brushed microfibre
    • Thread count: N/A
    • Size: Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Adam Home Reversible 4PCS Bedding Set
    • Items included: Fitted cover, duvet cover, two pillowcases
    • Material: 100% polyester microfibre
    • Thread count: N/A
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Simba Performance Bed Linen
    • Items included: 1x duvet cover; 2x pillowcases
    • Material: Percale weave / Egyptian cotton
    • Thread count: 200 / 400
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Bedfolk Linen Bedding Bundle
    • Items included: Sheet, 1x duvet cover, 2x pillowcases
    • Material: Flax
    • Thread count: N/A
    • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
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    Small product image of Dorma Egyptian Cotton by Dunelm Bed Sheets
    • Items included: Flat sheet
    • Material: Egyptian cotton
    • Thread count: 1000
    • Size: Double, King, Super King
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    1. BEST OVERALL: Panda Bamboo Bedding

    Softest bedding with the best thread-count!

    This is a 3-in-1 set of the highest quality bamboo bedding your money can buy. The set contains a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and a pair of standard-size pillowcases to fit every pillow. All of the items are available separately, too. In addition to these three, you can also buy a flat sheet, instead of a fitted one. 

    The thread count for these is 320, which would be the equivalent of 1200 thread count if these were cotton sheets. Every item in the set is luxuriously soft and well-made, with special attention to detail. The set is also very breathable, so you’ll be able to use it all year round.


    • Highly durable

      Bamboo fabric is known for its longevity. It will lst you a long time.

    • Bamboo

      Made of ethically-sourced, high quality bamboo. Hypoallergenic & anti-dust mite.

    • Anti-bacterial

      Thanks to bamboo's anti-bacterial properties, you can forget bacteria.


    • Might be expensive

      Some customers found it to be very expensive for a bedding product.

    • Possible off-gassing

      There might be some off-gassing issues upon unpacking.

    2. BEST VALUE: Ruikasi 4PCS Bedding Set

    The perfect way to go the sleep!

    This 4-in-1 set comes with a very deep fitted sheet, that will fit mattresses up to 40 dc thick, a duvet cover, and two standard-sized pillowcases.

    The brushed microfibre fabric makes these very soft and smooth, very gentle on your skin, breathable during the warmest nights, and not at all prone to wrinkling. Sleeping under these will feel like staying at the most luxurious hotel.

    Unlike most other duvet covers, this duvet cover comes with a zipper instead of buttons, as well as 4 secure corner ties, making it much easier for the duvet to stay in place during the night. Also, pillowcases are envelope style.


    • Excellent price-to-quality

      Great ratio of price and quality. 100% worthy investment.

    • Sturdy & durable

      Thanks to high quality microfibre, this bedding set will last long time.

    • Easy to put on and off

      Thanks to great design, it is super easy to put it on and off the bed/mattress.


    • Not hypoallergenic

      Sleepers who suffer from allergies should not go with this bedding.

    • May be too expensive

      Some sleepers, despite the high quality craftmanship, reported high price tag.

    3. BEST SET: Viceroy Bedding Bedding Set

    The softest satin bedding for every season!

    If you are looking to shop for a rich bedding set – this is the one you need! This 7-in-1 soft and silky satin bedding comes with a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, two housewife pillowcases, two oxford pillowcases, and a single cushion cover.

    The sheet and cover feel very premium and soft to the skin. They’re fully machine-washable (at 40 degrees Celsius), and can also be tumble dried. Also, due to satin’s nature – these ones will be perfect for the winter months.



    • Excellent price-to-quality

      Considering the quality, price and design, you get an excellent price-quality ratio.

    • Super soft

      Incredibly soft and pleasant to the skin - eve to the most sensitive types of skins.

    • Modern design

      Though painted in plain grey, the design and stitching give a modern impression.


    • Overheating

      Some sleepers were too hoot to sleep with this bedding. Especially hot sleepers.

    • Off-gassing

      Some sleepers have complained about the off-gassing issues.

    4. BEST HIGH END: Pizuna Beding

    400 thread-count for the most comfortable sleep!

    If you want to add some sateen weave cotton to your collection – this is the way to do it. This 400 thread count long-staple cotton bedding is velvety soft and durable, not to mention excellent at wicking away extra moisture and not retaining heat.

    Pizuna offers a set containing a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two standard sized pillowcases. If you want to get a duvet cover – you will have to get it separately, as it is not sold as part of the set.

    Finally, the bedding is OEKO-Tex certified, meaning it is safe for everyday use and free of any potentially harmful chemicals.


    • Highly breathable

      The bedding is sweat-ticking and highly breathable.

    • 400 thread count

      It is a high quality product, made of the finest 400 thread count sateen cotton.

    • Durable

      It is super durable and long lasting.


    • Higher price tag

      A lot of customers reported that they were expecting a less expensive price tag.

    • Lack of duvet cover

      Maybe not the best choice for sleepers who need a complete bedding set.

    5. BEST DOUBLE-SIDED: Adam Home Reversible 4PCS Bedding Set

    Multi-coloured set for those with style!

    These reversible duvet covers are excellent for everyone looking to mix things up in the bedroom. These two-toned sets come available in six different colourways and are made of 100% soft polyester microfibre.

    The set comes equipped with a double duvet cover, a 25 cm deep fitted sheet, and two standard sized pillowcases.

    The microfibre fabric feels soft and premium, even though it could get a little bit toasty over the summer. Thankfully, the set is machine-washable at 40 degrees, so even if you do get a bit sweaty during the summer – these will be very easy to wash.


    • Double sided

      It is a double sided bedding, which means you can use both sides of it.

    • Super-soft

      Thanks to high quality polyester, it is super smooth and soft to touch.

    • Machine-washable

      Just throw it in the washing machine and enjoy the easy maintenance.


    • Lack of King & Super King

      Customers often reported the lack of King and Super King sizes.

    • Not for allergy sufferers

      It is not an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies

    6. BEST COOLING: Simba Performance Bed Linen

    This bedding is not only better for you, but it is also better for the environment, the farmers and the community.

    Simba Performance Bed Linen is made of 100% cotton. Cotton comes from Better Cotton Initiative sources. BCI is a non-profit group that makes sure that standards in cotton farming are as good as possible for both the environment and farmers. 

    This bed linen is so soft and breathable, and at the same time durable. Cotton dries very quickly and creases less. Stratos technology that Simba has already implemented in Simba pillow can be found in this bedding set, which brings perfect temperature control. You can choose between 200 thread count percale weave and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton.


    • Highly durable

      Thanks to high thread count, this bedding will last long time.

    • Cooling

      You will stay cool even during the hottest summer months.

    • Easy maintenance

      Wash it at 40 C degrees and after it's washed, just spread it a bit to dry out.


    • Unpleasant smell

      Some customers reported a presence of an unpleasant smell upon unpacking.

    • 4 sizes only

      You can opt only for 5 standard bed sizes, including: Single, Double, King & Super King.

    7. BEST LINEN: Bedfolk Linen Bedding Bundle

    If you want to feel like sleeping in a 5-star hotel, choose the Bedfolk Linen Bedding Bundle.

    We know that over £ 200 for a bundle without a sheet and over £ 300 if you choose bundle that comes with a sheet may sound too expensive, but trust us the sleeping experience in this bedding set is well worth the price. Bedfolk Linen Bedding Bundle is crafted in Guimarães, Portugal from 100% highest quality linen grown in Belgium and France. 

    Oeko-Tex certification is there to guarantee that this sleep product is completely safe. You can choose between flat sheet, fitted sheet and deep fitted sheet so you will find the right sheet for each and every mattress. It is machine washable and tumble dry friendly.


    • Ultra soft

      Not too many beddings have this level of softness.

    • Breathable

      Highly breathable bedding set that will hot sleepers adore aa well.

    • High quality

      The bedding is made from the finest linen, grown in Portugal, Belgium & France.


    • Higher price tag

      Although high quality bedding, the price tag is higher than on similar products.

    8. BEST EGYPTIAN COTTON: Dorma Egyptian Cotton by Dunelm Bed Sheets

    High thread Egyptian cotton is synonymous with luxury.

    Duvet cover and pillowcase are important, but for many the sheet is the most important part of the bedding set. Dorna flat sheet is made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, and the thread count is 1000 which is fantastic. 

    As soon as you touch this sheet you will be amazed at how soft it is. Service life should be very long, as well as lustre that will last for years. You can wash in the washing machine, and later tumble dry it on low heat setting. Same goes for ironing, you also need to choose a cool setting.


    • Super-soft

      Thanks to 1000 thread count, the sheest are super-soft.

    • Durable & high quality

      The product is made of high quality materials and it is durable.

    • Easy maintenance

      Just put it in a washing machine and tumble dry on low heat setting.


    • No single size

      This sheet is available in all sizes except Single size.

    • Bed sheet only

      You can order a bed sheet only, whereas a whole bundle is not available.

    3 things to remember when buying grey bedding

    Shopping for grey bedding isn’t too hard, but it isn’t easy either. You will have to pay attention to several things if you want your new bedding to be perfect like materials, size, brand, shop, and so on.

    On that note, we’ve prepared a little guide for you.

    Size of your bed

    First things first, you’ll want to make sure your new grey bedding fits your bed perfectly – so, you’ll have to choose based on the size of your bed.

    Just like mattresses, bedding comes in standard, correspondent sizes, with a range from Single to Emperor, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the perfect fit.

    An image of Silentnight Sleep Healthy Eco 2000 Divan Bed Set.

    To be fair, you could always go bigger when it comes to sheets, but if you’re looking to buy duvet covers, for example, you’ll want to make sure it matches perfectly. otherwise, you’ll just be stuck with a flappy, long grey duvet cover.

    Cotton, linen, velvet, sateen, bamboo or synthetic

    Cotton is the most common choice for bedding. It is soft and cosy, very smooth, and it will keep you warm during cold nights and cool during warm ones. For the best quality, choose bedding with a 300 thread-count or higher, and for the warmest cotton – go for brushed cotton.

    an image of cotton material for pillows

    Linen is a lightweight fabric ideal for the summer months. It is durable and soft and is made from the flax plant. It is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable choices.

    An image of a close up of grey linen material.

    If cotton and linen were soft – velvet is ultra-soft. It is a synthetic fabric, often associated with riches and luxury, and is truly one of the softest, most gentle fabrics bedding’s made out of.

    A close up image of a black velvet material.

    Sateen is another luxurious fabric, often made from Egyptian cotton. It is as soft as cotton and as almost as smooth as velvet, making it one of the most popular bedding choices.

    Bamboo is another sustainable, eco-friendly option for fabric materials. Just like all the rest, bamboo’s soft and gentle to your skin.

    An image of Panda kids bamboo cot mattress close up.

    Finally, you can always go for synthetic bedding like polyester or microfibre, which is generally the most affordable option out of all.

    eve microfibre duvet

    Grey bedding sets VS single piece

    The last thing to take into account when buying grey bedding is whether you want to go for the whole set, or for the separate pieces.

    an image of sheets and beddings

    Loosely translated, you can either go and buy yourself some pillowcases, sheets, or grey duvet covers all by themselves, or you can choose to buy a whole set, including all of the pieces you might need.

    FAQs about your grey bedding

    Now that we have seen our top 5 picks for the best grey bedding, let’s answer some FAQs to wrap this thing up.

    Not particularly. Most of the time, all you'll have to do is wash your bedding regularly and that's it.

    There is a good chance that some of the grey bedding on the market will fade over time, but not the ones we've handpicked for you.

    It all depends on the fabric, but generally speaking, anything above 320 thread-count should be excellent.

    Not at all. Your mattress might as well be fiery pink. The grey bedding isn't see-through, so your mattress colour won't show through.

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