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Anđela Rajković

Has been with The Sleep Advisors since 2023, a CPD certified Sleep Consultant and author of 96 articles. Here are his most recent articles:

Featured image for how to sleep with a dead leg

How To Sleep With A Dead Leg?

What causes a dead leg? Ever wondered what's behind that annoying "dead leg" you get when you take a nasty hit or bump to your thigh? Well, it's usually the…

Featured image for how to sleep with lower back pain

5 Tips to Sleep With Back Pain

Are sleep and lower back pain actually connected? Yes, yes, yes! Your sleep and the pain in your lower back are very connected! Just think about it - how can…

Featured image for how to use a SAD lamp

How to Use a SAD Lamp

Additionally, psychotherapy, medication, and lifestyle adjustments, such as regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, can also contribute to managing SAD and enhancing overall emotional well-being. As a non-invasive and well-tolerated…

Featured image for the best hypoallergenic pillows in the UK

Best Hypoallergenic Pillows UK

Features to look for in the best anti-allergy pillows When on the hunt for the best hypoallergenic pillow in the UK market (or any other market per se), several key…

Featured image for Carbs Before Bed

Do Carbs Make You Sleepy?

Should you be having carbs before bed? Yes! As long as separate the 'good' carbs from the 'bad' ones - that is, as long as you separate simple carbs from…

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