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Alex Petrović

Has been with The Sleep Advisors since 2023, a CPD certified Sleep Consultant and author of 251 articles. Here are his most recent articles:

Featured image for how can technology help you sleep

How Can Technology Help You Sleep Better

Sleep trackers It's one thing to have a solid grasp of how sleep works and another to have actual sleep data! And having your own sleep device has never been…

Couple on bed

Best Mattresses for Couples UK

What to consider when buying a mattress for couples UK Whenever you're browsing new mattresses, you'll see a section that describes all the different features they might have. But that…

Featured image for becoming a morning person

How to Become a Morning Person?

How to make waking up in the morning easier if you're a night owl? Just because you can't "become a morning person" doesn't mean that every morning needs to feel…

Featured image for best divan bed

Best Divan Beds

What to consider when buying the best divan beds Now that we've gone over our favourite divan beds, let's talk about what makes some divan beds better than others. After…

Featured image for who invented the alarm clock

Who Invented the Alarm Clock

The first American alarm clock As we've mentioned, the most straightforward answer is that Levi Hutchins invented the alarm clock in 1787. It was constructed as part of a relatively…

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