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How To Become A Morning Person?

For some people, it’s so easy to get up with the sunrise and immediately be alert and ready for the action. Do you wonder how do they do that? Are they just born with that superpower? Is that something that can be achieved even if you are not born as a morning person?

Luckily, the answer is yes, definitely! You can become a morning person just if you want to. All you need is a little discipline and a smart plan. In this article, we shall talk about how and why you should become a morning person.

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    Why should you become a morning person?

    What are all the benefits of being a morning person? Let’s find out!

    More time for your professional goals

    Morning person has more time for their professional goals, it’s no secret. Successful professional life is important for your finances, self-esteem and maybe a better social life. Use all this as a motivation.

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    More time for your hobbies and interests

    We all have hobbies that we sometimes don’t have time for. This can really mess with our general mood and motivation for everything else. Make your life full and rich with things that can improve you as a person.

    More time for your personal life

    People can often sacrifice their personal lives for their carriers. But, a morning person doesn’t have to. This can be a good motivation, right?

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    A morning person is healthier

    Humans are very dependent on the natural day-night rhythm. The circadian cycle is vitally connected to our overall health. Getting up with the sunrise and going to bed early at night can boost and significantly promote your health. It can help with losing and maintain body weight, also.

    Introducing and promoting discipline in your life

    Becoming a morning person brings one more secret benefit. It makes you generally more disciplined as a person. This is very important for your life goals, professional life and for the general improvement of your personality. Introduce to your life a samurai-like discipline!

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    How can you achieve this?

    Now, let’s talk strategy. How can you become a morning person in just a few weeks? Here are some great guidelines and tips that you can use!

    "Jump" right into the day

    The moment you wake up, rush into the bathroom, wash your face, take a shower and start with your day. Leave no space for lying around in bed that can turn into falling asleep again.

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    Strong but pleasant routine

    Decide on your most pleasant morning routine the night before. How does your perfect morning look like? Washing your face, having coffee, then a shower and then breakfast? Or is it in a bit different order? Do you like to go jogging before breakfast? Whatever it is that you like to do the most in the morning, do it. Just be sure to stick to it every day! Make a strict plan and follow it.

    Something to look forward to

    Promise yourself that you will do one of your favourite things when you wake up and let this be your motivation. Would you like to listen to your favourite songs while drinking your first coffee? Would you like to go for a nice walk before getting to work? Or maybe take your first coffee in your favourite coffee shop while reading the book you never had time for? Well, whatever is the thing that can motivate you, just use it to get yourself out of the bed.

    Prepare everything the night before

    The night before, choose and lay out your clothes for the day. Pack your briefcase, purse or laptop. Choose your shoes and buy ingredients for breakfast. This way everything will be prepared in the morning and just wait for you to get up.

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    More proteins, fewer carbs

    Eat protein-rich foods and avoid carbs. Some kind of a moderate keto, protein or low carb diet is the best when you are trying to become a morning person. Make sure you keep track of what you eat before bed.

    Stay hydrated and drink green tea

    Hydration is the key to more energy. Drink plenty of water and fresh organic juices. Also, don’t take too much of caffeine since it’s not too healthy. Try to substitute coffee with green and black tea.

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    Exercise hard but smart

    Exercising is so important when you want to boost your energy level. Having regular exercises is a great trick that can turn you into a morning person. Apart from boosting your energy, exercising will help you to fall asleep faster in the night. But, avoid excising late in the evening, because it can leave you feeling full of energy during the night. The best times to exercise are early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Cardio is the best choice for the morning. Strength exercises are better left for the afternoon or an early evening. So, make your exercises intense but plan them smartly.

    Take naps if necessary

    When you are new to the morning person lifestyle you can often feel drowsy during the day. Avoid the temptation of ruining your hard work! Instead of making a complete mess of your schedule, take a short nap during the afternoon. This way you won’t ruin your plans and you will get that much-needed energy boost.

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    Quiet and nice evenings

    Don’t make your evenings “intense” and overstimulating. Choose a light dinner and a book rather than unhealthy meals and TV. Avoid electronics. Take a nice walk instead of playing video-games. Also, try to avoid alcohol.

    Fight drowsiness with interests

    When you feel tempted by sleepiness to ruin your whole plan about becoming the morning person, use the following trick. Use things that make you happy to fight drowsiness. Cooking, drawing, walking your dog, hanging out with your friends, do whatever can help you fight an attack of sleepiness.

    One extra tip: This is a nice lifehack. Make your coffee the night before and put it next to your bed. Maybe this coffee is not going to be so tasty and fresh in the morning but it will do the job.

    Special circumstances and how to deal with them?

    Vacation and weekends

    Don’t be tempted by weekends to ruin your plan of becoming a morning person. Try to maintain the discipline even during vacations and weekends. You will thank yourself later.

    When something unexpected comes up

    Try not to change your sleeping schedule for more than two days if something unplanned comes up. Changing your waking up time for more than two or three days can ruin the hard work that you already had invested. It can be really annoying to have to start all over again with your plan of becoming a morning person.

    Changing time zones

    When you change time zones it can really get hard, almost impossible to stick with your plan of getting up at the same time. But don’t let this discourage you. The problem will go away in a day or two and you can continue with your routine.

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    When you get ill

    When you get the flu or the fever it can be hard to stay a morning person during this period. But, it’s not a big deal. Wake up later in the morning just for a day or two days when you are feeling sick. During this period, you may need more rest, so, will free to relax for a couple of days. Just be moderate about this. Don’t make a habit of it.

    Winter periods

    Maybe the hardest period for waking up early is during the winter months when there is so little sunlight. It can really be difficult to find motivation for getting up early in the morning when it’s completely dark outside. In these situations, you may rely on wake-up light. Many people have discovered that wake-up lights help them a lot with waking up during the dark winter mornings.
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    Final thoughts

    Once you become a morning person and start to promote discipline in your life, it will be a lot easier for you to accomplish all of the things that you want. When getting up early becomes your routine, you can introduce to yourself a much longer, nicer, more active and fulfilled morning. Besides obvious benefits that getting up early has on your professional life and goals, it has benefits for your health and wellbeing. Getting up with the sunrise betters your mood, energy levels and gets your mind and body in balance. Be in the sync with the rhythm of nature.

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