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Sofa Beds with Storage: The Ultimate Guide

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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29 March 2024 4 min read

If you live in a small flat or just don't have a lot of flor space, sofa beds with storage can be a game-changer for you! So, let's take a closer look.

The beauty of sofa beds with storage is that you get to have a nice, comfortable bed and a place to put away your seasonal bedding/clothes all in one! And once you start looking into it, you'll see that there are a lot of different storage sofa beds with storage on the market.

So, today we're going to take a closer look at this sofa type and hopefully help you pick out the best one for you! And we'll also link to a few other helpful resources that will allow you to learn all there is to know about sofa beds!

Types of sofa beds with storage

An image of a corner sofa bed with pillows on it

Broadly speaking, we can differentiate between three different types of sofa beds with storage. And, depending on what you're looking for, one can be a lot more appealing than another. With that being said, it really does come down to the specific make of the sofa bed.

So, this is just a general overview and by no means a definitive rule.

Sofa beds with built-in storage underneath

Under this category, we're counting most ottoman sofa beds as well as easy-open and click-clack sofa beds. Generally, these types of sofa beds have a hollow bottom that you can access by taking out the cushions or moving the front section of the sofa bed forward.

This is a rather modern sofa bed with storage but it's still rather useful for people living in small rooms. That being said, the actual amount of storage they provide can vary quite a bit. And if it's a pull-out bed, the storage space might be next to non-existent as the mattress will take up most of the space.

Sofa beds with drawers

Some sofa beds will have two separate parts, with the “bed section” on top and independent drawers on the bottom. This means that figuring out how much storage space you're getting is rather easy.

This space-saving sofa bed is also rather ideal if you want your items to be easily accessible. After all, you don't have to move the entire sofa bed just to get to your things.

Chaise storage sofa beds

Lastly, we want to talk about chaise storage. You'll usually find this type of storage in corner sofa beds and it's bound to be the most convenient for some people. The way this usually works is by having a pull-out bed in the main section of the corner sofa bed.

Then, the smaller section (the one standing at a 90-degree angle from the bed), or the chaise, will be a large storage unit. This means that you basically get the best of both worlds – as this storage is very easy to access but also provides a lot of storage for your bedding.

Benefits of sofa beds with storage

An image of a sofa bed with pillows on it

Now that we know about the different types of beds with storage, it's time to answer a very important question: do you even need a sofa bed with storage?

Well, like most decisions in regard to furniture, this depends on your specific needs. So, let's go over a few of the benefits of having a sofa bed with storage and then you can see for yourself whether it's worth the hassle.

More free space

Of course, the biggest advantage of having a sofa bed with storage is all the extra room you'd free up! Even smaller sofa beds with storage can usually fit a few pillows and a duvet and if you have a small room, this is a game changer.

Not to mention that if you have a bigger sofa bed with storage, you can put away all of your off-season clothes in a single go! This is especially true if you use vacuum-sealed bags to compress your clothes.

Good value

It's also important to note that the price of a good sofa bed with storage isn't that higher than a regular sofa bed. For example, if you compare the Bruno Interior Sofa Bed, which doesn't have storage space, and any traditional sofa bed with storage, the difference in price is rather negligible.

However, if you have to get a bed, then another piece of furniture where your guests can sit, and then somewhere to store your bedding, the price can add up rather quickly. And this brings us to our next point.

Multi-functional furniture is more convenient

The beauty of multi-functional furniture is that you can tick off multiple tasks with a single purpose. Like we've mentioned, if you want a place where guests can have a seat but also a comfortable futon mattress and a second closet – there's no better option than a sofa bed with storage!

So, why spend all day and night getting multiple pieces of furniture when you can just get a sofa bed with storage and be snoozing within a few hours?

Choosing the right sofa bed with storage

An image of a corner of a sofa bed with a pillow

Hopefully, we're all on the same page now – sofa beds with storage are pretty great. However, that doesn't mean you should just go to a sofa bed seller, turn on the filter “with storage” and get the first one you see!

After all, even within the same range, sofa beds can differ quite a bit. And if you, your guests and/or your family will be using that sofa bed for half a decade or more, you'd want it to be perfect! So, here are a few quick tips that will make your new sofa bed with storage as good as they come.

Measure everything twice

Our biggest tip has to do with sofa bed dimensions. There's no one standard size when it comes to sofa beds and you want to make sure it can fit within your home with room to spare. Specifically, you want to measure the sofa bed once it's completely “transformed” into a bed.

And that's because you don't want to end up accidentally blocking the entrance to the room or something similar once you've already assembled the sofa bed inside.

Splurge a bit if you can

When it comes to furniture, especially if you plan on sleeping on it, we'd generally suggest spending more as opposed to less. And that's because a bad sofa bed can severely mess up your back after a few nights. So, both comfort and your health are at stake here.

Therefore, try to find the best, highest-quality sofa bed that you can. Of course, you shouldn't have to sell your soul to get it but try to aim for the upper end of your budget if you can.

Consider getting a mattress topper

On a similar note to the previous tip, consider getting a mattress topper for your sofa bed with storage. That's because even a modern sofa bed with storage can still prioritise functionality over comfort. For example, you might notice that a lot of sofa beds use lower-grade foam or stiffer microfibre fillings.

And if you're on the lighted side and/or sleep on your side, you might need something a bit softer. In these cases, we'd strongly suggest looking for a good topper that you can put atop the sofa bed when it's time to go to sleep.

Trust us, the results of this one change will be noticeable right away and even cheaper sofa beds with storage will feel as comfortable as your standard bed!


And that's all you need to know about sofa beds with storage! So, are you going to get a sofa bed with storage space for yourself? Let us know in the comments. And if you have any questions about sofa beds with storage or bedding in general, feel free to ask us.

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