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Understanding Sofa Bed Dimensions: A Comprehensive Guide

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Written By Alex Petrović

Certified Sleep Consultant

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29 March 2024 9 min read

With progressively smaller homes becoming a reality, having a sofa bed is becoming more common. So, to make sure that your sofa bed fits, let's talk about sofa bed dimensions!

Like a lot of things, sofa bed dimensions seem simple until it's time to actually get a new sofa bed. But don't worry, it's not rocket science either. In fact, as long as you know what to look out for and are in the correct head space, you should be able to get a comfortable sofa bed with minimum difficulties.

So, today we're going to talk about what you should consider when getting a new sofa bed – the sofa bed dimensions, how they can differ between different sofa types and other important factors. And if you still have any questions by the end, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Types of sofa beds

An image of a grey sofa bed

If you've ever tried to buy a sofa bed before, you'll know that there is quite a bit of terminology. A two-seater sofa bed, a futon, a click-clack, a sleeper sofa, a corner sofa, etc. So, just like when we talked about how you can make a sofa bed more comfortable, we're going to break them all down into three categories based on the opening mechanism they use.

Note that this doesn't relate to their size or their shape but just the mechanism. And that's because most sofa beds fall under these three categories and based on how they open, there are slightly different factors you need to consider.

Easy open sofa beds

Easy open sofa beds or slide-out sofa beds can be rather tricky when it comes to measuring out your sleeping space.

This is because, with these sofa beds, you usually pull out the bottom section of the sofa forward and then push the backrest down.

So, your previous seating space is now your sleeping space and the seat cushions and back cushions are your new mattress. And we say these sofa bed types are particularly difficult to size up as they need extra space behind them so that the backrest can be pushed down all the way.

Click-clack sofa beds

Like with easy open sofa beds, a click-clack sofa bed has the backrest serve as half of your mattress. So, the seat cushion has to be comfortable and you have to be aware that the “bed form” will need more space than the “sofa bed form”.

So, leaving some space both in front and behind the sofa bed is essential, especially for smaller living rooms with a lot of decorations.

Pull-out sofa beds

Unlike the previous two types, pull-out sofa beds have their own dedicated mattress. This means that you won't be sleeping directly on the cushions, making them more hard-wearing and more easily keeping you comfortable.

However, both the assembly process and the measurements are a bit more difficult. For one, since there's an entire mattress at play, a pull-out sofa bed is typically going to take up more space. Especially since pull-out sofa beds are usually corner sofas – the largest and bulkiest furniture you can find.

Secondly, this is where most people make a mistake when taking measurements. Because you need to remember that you're only sleeping on the mattress. In other words, a double sofa bed can have a big, double mattress. But a large four seater sofa bed can also just have a double mattress. So, make sure to pay attention!

Standard sofa bed dimensions

An image of a woman on a sofa bed

When it comes to choosing a mattress, you usually don't have to know the exact dimensions. The Double-size mattress goes with the Double-size bed frame, and a Double-size bed frame is more or less the same size regardless of where you get it.

However, when it comes to the size of a sofa bed, it's a bit more complicated. That's because the dimensions of a sofa bed aren't always standardised.

While sofa beds offer versatile sleeping solutions, knowing the standard bed sizes in the UK can help you compare options and make informed decisions for your bedroom as well. This understanding ensures you choose the right size for your needs, whether it's a sofa bed for guests or a traditional bed for everyday use.

Plus, it can be hard to gauge the width or length of the sofa bed by just the size name. And, to really make things complicated, manufacturers don't always use the same terminology.

In other words, even after reading the following section, we will always advise that you look up the specific dimensions of the sofa bed before committing to a purchase.

However, we'll list off a few of the standard sizes just so that you can get an idea of what to look for.

The standard dimensions of the sofa itself

It's important to note that here we're just talking about the sofa itself and not the mattress that may come with it. It also doesn't cover corner sofas. And these numbers can change from one manufacturer to another. But generally, here are the standard dimensions of sofa beds.

a custom infrgraphic showing standard sofa bed dimensions

Chair or cot sofa bed

Chair or cot sofa beds are the smallest of the bunch. They're usually the size of a regular small sofa, at around 55H x 80W x 60D cm. As a bed, they're usually the size of a Single mattress.

Twin or loveseat sofa beds

Twin or loveseat sofa beds are a bit more common than chair sofa beds and can more easily fit one person. However, it usually can't fit two people comfortably. It's typically around 90H x 120W x 90D cm.

Full sofa beds

A full sofa is usually the same height and depth as a twin sofa but a bit wider. This is so that it can more easily fit two people. It's usually around 90H x 180W x 90D cm.

Queen sofa bed

With the following two sofa beds, you start getting into the territory of being able to sleep on the sofa even before it's “transformed” into a bed. Queen sofa beds are usually 90H x 200W x 90D cm and should be large enough for the vast majority of people.

King sofa bed

Unlike with mattresses, a king sofa bed is the biggest, not counting corner sofas or sofas with custom dimensions. They're typically around 90H x 220W x 90D cm.

Other standard sofa sizes

Believe it or not, there's more than one way to measure a sofa. And here's an easy reason as to why. The previous section uses the names of mattress sizes, focusing more on the bed part of a sofa bed. However, if we focus more on the sofa part, we get these standard sizes.

1 seater sofa bed

As the name suggests, a 1 seater sofa bed is made for one person to sleep and sit at a time.

2 seater sofa bed

A 2 seater sofa bed or a double sofa bed should typically fit two people sitting down. However, it might not be big enough for two people to sleep on.

2-and-a-half seater sofa bed

This sofa bed is slightly larger than the previous one. The added size helps two people sleep on the sofa bed at once.

3 seater sofa bed

A 3 seater sofa is likely the most common sofa size as it's ideal for occasional use when having guests over as well as for a couple to sleep on. Three or even four people can sit on a three-seater sofa bed.

4 seater sofa bed

A four-seater sofa bed is likely going to be the largest sofa you'll find most of the time, not counting custom-made sofas. They easily fit multiple people both when looking for somewhere to sit and to sleep. However, this piece of furniture requires a lot of room.

The size of the sofa bed mattress

Lastly, we want to point out one very important fact – the size of the sofa bed doesn't always correlate to the size of the mattress! AKA your actual sleeping surface can be smaller or bigger than what the name would imply. So, always check the size of the actual mattress, especially if it's a pull-out sofa bed.

When it comes to click-clack and easy-open sofa beds, you can just do the math. Just add up the height of the back cushions and the depth of the seating cushions and you'll have the width of your sleeping surface. And the length is going to be the same as the sofa bed itself.

An infographic showing the standard mattress and bed sizes in the UK

Room space considerations

As you might have noticed by now, making sure you have enough room for a sofa is trickier than one would originally think. Sofa bed sizes in the UK can vary quite a bit and all rules go out the window once you throw in corner sofa beds and custom sofas.

However, this isn't the end of the world. As long as you read the measurements online, or in the store, and plan things out back in the living room or bedroom, you should be fine. That being said, here are a few more things you should really consider before getting your new sofa bed.

Does the sofa have scroll arms?

While this might sound like a random question, it can save you quite a headache. Namely, a lot of modern sofas have scroll arms, or even a scroll backrest, meaning that they're thicker on top than they are at the bottom.

So, if you're only measuring the bottom of your new sofa bed, you might be in for a rude surprise once you get it inside the living room and see that it can't fit properly! So, make sure to measure the sofa bed at the bottom as well as at the top.

What are the measurements of the sofa once completely laid out?

On a similar note to the previous tip, although a bit more obvious, don't only measure the sofa bed while “in sofa mode”. After all, the bed is going to need ample room and the last thing you'd want is to specifically find the best sofa bed only to learn that it can't fit.

Also, when it comes to easy-open and click-clack beds, remember that the sofa bed needs room behind it to accommodate for the backrest being pushed down. Even something like the Bruno Interior Sofa Bed needs a bit of space behind the backrest – even if it might not look like it at first. So, don't leave the sofa bed flush with the wall.

Will the sofa bed block anything?

While your sofa bed will hopefully be the highlight of your room, it's by no means the only thing in your room. So, make double sure that it won't block anything from working like before! An obvious example would be a door that opens inward getting stuck on the edge of the sofa bed.

But there are also less obvious situations. For example, if your new sofa bed has longer legs than your previous one, it might now block the window or get caught on the window sill.

Can the sofa fit through the door?

If your new sofa bed is already assembled, you must make sure that it can actually fit through the door of your building/flat/house. This is especially important for corner bed sofas as they're rather tricky to manoeuvre.

So, ask your friends for help, measure everything three times and get the sofa inside. But if you're not averse to the assembly process, it might be better to go down that route and skip this step.

Tips for buying the right sofa bed

Getting the correct sofa bed dimensions is half the battle. However, getting a good sofa bed is the other half. So, here are a few tips for getting the best sofa bed in the UK.

Take note of the cushions

In a lot of cases, the back cushions and the seating cushions are going to be your new mattress. So, make sure that they're comfortable! For most people, getting soft foam cushions is the way to go. But you should also take note of the fabric. This is because something like polyester might prove too warm and lead to overheating.

Take note of the mattress

On the other hand, if you have a pull-out sofa bed, look at the actual mattress. If you're relatively light and sleep on your side, try to find a sofa bed with a soft foam mattress. However, if you're slightly heavier, you might want a firmer mattress.

And remember, just because it's a sofa bed doesn't mean you should settle for a mediocre mattress. In fact, you should look for the best mattress that you can find!

Consider getting a mattress topper

On a similar note to the previous tip, a mattress topper could be necessary in some cases. Most sofa bed mattresses are only around 11cm tall and tend to be on the firmer side. However, this isn't ideal for everyone!

So, if you're worried that the sofa bed mattress isn't going to be comfortable enough, consider getting a high-quality mattress topper! They're usually not too expensive but can completely change the feeling of your sofa bed mattress.


And that's all you need to know about sofa bed dimensions. As you can see, they vary quite a lot. And at the end of the day, you will always have to take it case by case and carefully read the product description. But as long as you keep your wits about you, it should all work out in the end!

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