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Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag Review

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Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

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29 April 2024 11 min read

With over a million units sold worldwide, the Duvalay Sleeping Bag should be a must-own for outdoor lovers, right? Well, it might be, but we won't know for sure until we're fully done with our Duvalay Sleeping Bag review. One thing we'll let you in on right away is that we did our best to meticulously test this bag in every way possible.

Who is Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag for?

It's pretty clear that the Duvalay Sleeping Bag is marketed towards a very specific type of customer – those who love spending time outdoors.

This is evident in the bag's design, which places an emphasis on convenience and durability. In other words, this isn't your average humdrum sleeping bag you'd take on a short camping trip.

Instead, the Duvalay Sleeping Bag is meant for those who want a reliable, comfortable bag that they can take on longer trips, such as backpacking excursions, month-long camper trips or even mountaineering adventures. But also, it's for those not willing to spend a fortune on it.

With that said, we think the Duvalay Luxury Sleeping Bags could also be a good option for indoor use when you have unexpected guests over. It would be like having a spare Duvalay mattress topper.

So, pretty versatile.

Anyway, here's a sum up:

  • Outdoor lovers who prefer a more comfortable night's sleep in the woods

  • Camping and camper trip enthusiasts


An icon depicting a magnifier indicating high quality
High quality & durable
Made with the highest quality materials, it will last long time.
An icon representing an eco-friendly & sustainable concept
Thanks to OneTeePlanted initiative, the product is eco-friendly.
Different colours
Available in different colours.


An icon depicting no trial or warranty
No trial period
There is no trial period available.
Not waterproof
Not being waterproof is probably the biggest flaw.

Features you should know about Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

Unless you're very familiar with sleeping bags, you could easily fall for all the marketing jargon and think that every bag is basically life-changing. Well, we hate to break it to you, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Sleeping bags, like any other product, come with their own set of features. So, let's take a look at the ones featured in this product and try and figure out what they actually mean.

An image of Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag close up.

4 and 5 cm of Gold Memory Foam base

Seeing this one features mattress topper-like memory foam inserts, it's no wonder people often call this one a camping trip mattress.

With two options to choose from, 4 and 5 cm, this sleeping bag promises a great night's sleep even when you're not at home in your bed.

We did find both “memory foam topper inserts” pretty cosy and comfy, but the 5 cm version is definitely the way to go if you want maximum luxury and pressure relief. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay extra for that centimetre of additional comfort and plushness.

One thing to note is that despite being dubbed Gold memory foam – that's just the name. There's no gold infusion here.

Also, while customer feedback suggests fantastic pressure relief and outstanding comfort, don't expect it to be as comfy as a memory foam mattress. That's not going to happen.

3 different widths

While there's only one available size (a standard Single – 190 cm), you do have options when it comes to width.

This one comes available in three different options – 58, 66 and 77 cm. In other words, it doesn't matter if you're bulky or slender, this sleeping bag should be wide enough to comfortably accommodate you.

It's worth noting that upgrading from 58 to 66 cm doesn't come at an additional cost, but you will have to pay extra for 77 cm.

Roll out & roll in – simple storage

Just like with any other traditional sleeping bag, when it's not being used, you'll have to store it somewhere.

Duvalay Sleeping Bag has its own storage and carry bag, which is pretty neat, but as you'd expect – it's sold separately.

But what's even neater is that this one can be easily rolled out and rolled in – no faffing about required.
This feature is bound to come in handy when you're trying to set up camp in a hurry or if you're new to the whole sleeping bag thing and don't know how to properly fold one.


If you didn't know by now, this sleeping bag has one more distinct feature – it's open-ended. It also holds both European and American patents, so you won't find many like it, even if you do try.

All in all, what this means in real life is that you're not zipped in, as you'd be in a regular sleeping bag.

Instead, you get to enjoy some wiggle room for your feet and more than enough room to turn around at night without feeling restricted or boxed in.

Kudos to Duvalay for thinking outside the box.

Polycotton washable cover

Keeping your sleeping bag fresh and clean is a must – there are no two ways about it. You can't just fold it up after a week-long trip and put it in a closet without washing it.

Thankfully, this one comes with a machine-washable cover, which is not only easy to remove but also pretty durable.

Even though it's made of polycotton and not some fancy fabric, we've found that it was more than satisfactory. It's durable, smooth, and feels good on your ski. It's not particularly insulating, but there's a solution for that.

Also, it's available in eleven different colours and patterns, so we're sure you'll be able to find the one that fits your style or matches your camper's aesthetic.

Hollowfibre or Microfibre

As an open-ended sleeping bag, instead of a regular slip-in enclosure, this one comes with a cosy duvet. A duvet whose filling you can choose.

You can either go with a hollowfibre filling or a slightly more expensive microfibre one.
Hollowfibre is generally slightly denser than microfibre, and therefore, this option feels a bit more full and puffy. But, it's also a bit steamier, than the microfibre.

With microfibre, on the other hand, you get a bit softer, plushier, and dare we say silky-feeling duvet?

An image of Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag in a caravan.

Also, both of these duvets are easily removable from their polycotton casing and are easily machine-washable.

With all that being said, the choice between micro and hollowfibre won't make as much of a difference as the following one will.

4.5 & 10.5 TOG

As anyone who spends time out in the open knows that summer nights are pretty easy to handle. But, when you're camping during the other seasons, nights tend to get a bit more chilly.

Thankfully, the duvets that come with these sleeping bags are available in two tog ratings – 4.5 and 10.5.

In other words, if you're a summertime kind of camper, go for the lower number. On the other hand, if you camp all year round or if you get cold easily – 10.5 is definitely a better fit for you.


Remember that open-ended design we mentioned? Well, there's another reason for it.
Namely, this bag “opens up” both ways.

What we mean is, you can turn the bottom over any way you want and snuggle in from whichever direction you want (or can, depending on your surroundings).

What this also allows you to do is put these two together and create a seamless Double-sized sleeping bag which two (possibly even three) of you could share. So, it's perfect for couples or small families who like to cuddle while they're away from home.

Review of Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

Now, let's take a look at the actual review – starting with the cover.

It's made from quality polycotton and it performs the way you'd expect it to. It's durable like polyester and pleasantly breathable like cotton. We also can't be mad at eleven colour options, although the way we see it – it's actually ten. Why would you want an all-white sleeping bag?

The rest of this sleeping bag is equally good. You can really tell the level of planning and craftsmanship that went into it. After all, this is a hand-made product.

The foam base offers a lot more support than comfort than pretty much any other sleeping bag out there. Sleeping on it actually feels like you're lying in some kind of a bed, not just some pile of blankets thrown over a tent floor.

The ability to choose duvet TOG and filling is also a nice touch. As we mentioned earlier, having the ability to pick a properly insulating duvet depending on the time of the year is great.

But, the best part about this sleeping bag has to its open-ended design. It just rocks. Being able to freely move around “inside” of a sleeping bag is certainly every camper's dream.

Also, it's neat how easy it is to set up and pack up.

Even though this bag is far from being simple and traditional, the duvet and the topper combination simply roll out and are ready to be used. And once you're done – it's equally easy to roll it back up.

The Downside

What isn't as easy as it sounds putting it back together after you've washed the covers and the duvet. It's not super hard to get the duvet and foam back into the cover, but it will take some practice. So, don't be surprised if it takes you 10 minutes on your first try.

Also, the bag is not waterproof. Now, we're fully aware you wouldn't sleep in a bag out in the pouring rain, but considering there's a memory foam insert at the bottom, some level of water protection would be appreciated.

Finally, this is a 13-pound bag. So, unless you're strong and don't mind carrying a heavy load, you're probably better off saving this one for a camper trip.

All in all, despite some drawbacks, it's our expert opinion that this is a truly worthy investment for an average camper out there.


What we like about Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

What we didn’t like about Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

The common problems with Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag & how to solve them

The biggest problem with this sleeping bag is the lack of waterproofing.

As you might know, memory foam shouldn't get wet. It'll stink, get mouldy, and will become pretty useless rather quickly if not dried properly.

So, how do you solve this issue?

How do you ensure that if you accidentally leave your sleeping bag out in the open a sudden rainfall doesn't ruin it?

Well, it won't be easy and it will require some level of DIY-ing, but it can be done.

Basically, you need a waterproof mattress protector. You might need to pull out the ol' sewing machine to make it properly fit the Single-sized foam insert inside of this one, but it will be worth it in the end.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

We've gone over pretty much every feature of this sleeping bag and pretty much every single one of those features is unique in some way, shape or form.

But, what makes this one better than the other sleeping bags out there is the open design. Most people don't appreciate being boxed in during the night, so having the ability to move freely move around while you sleep is simply amazing.

How did we test the product?

Testing this bay boy was kind of out of our comfort zone. It's not like we could get a good feel of it by testing it in our studio. We had to get down and dirty. So, we did. Kind of.

We took it out on a camping trip. We didn't really go all the way, but a trip outdoors was good enough to see how this one handles the ground. And, well, the ground didn't feel too shabby.
Lying on top of the foam “topper” was A LOT more comfortable compared to the similarly priced traditional sleeping bag we carried with us for reference.

The rest of our testing was done indoors since we couldn't really wait for the weather to turn bad.
So, we simulated it.

An image of a woman testing Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag.

We tried the bag in both hot and cold conditions and we have to say, we were pretty darn impressed with each duvet. They handled the temps pretty neatly. Now, to be fair, lowering the temperature inside is not the same as being out in the open when it gets cold at night, but this one will most likely be used in a camper van, so this shouldn't matter much.

Of course, we didn't forget to inspect and wash the cover or check the foam and duvet quality and longevity, as we usually do. It's just… Talking about camping stuff is much more interesting, isn't it?

Once we do all that, we all come together to discuss our findings, compare them, and based on them – we deliver you this objective review.

Is Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag eco-friendly or sustainable?

All in all, this one's not too bad.

Considering Duvalay's partnership with One Tree Planted where they plant a tree for each bag sold, and the fact that all of the materials found here can either be reused, repurposed or recycled, this sleeping bag gets a solid score in the sustainability department.

It's not perfect by any means, but as long as you don't just chuck it in the garbage once it's old and dirty – it'll go.

Overall impressions of the product after the testing

So, what's our final verdict? What were our thoughts after using the product?

Well, this is a unique product. Is it the best sleeping bag out there? No. Not even close. Is more than good enough for an average Joe that likes to spend some time in nature? Hell yeah.

Duvalay Sleeping Bag is comfortable, versatile, and durable. And did we mention how good it looks? Seriously, this thing is a knockout. A real head-turner if you ask us.

As to how we'd rate it, well, we can't give it a ten, since it's not waterproof and it is quite heavy. Also, it's not really comparable to traditional sleeping bags.

All things considered, for a mid-range sleeping bag – we'd say 8.5 out of 10.

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FAQs about your Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag

Is Duvalay Sleeping Bag waterproof?

Duvalay Sleeping Bag is not waterproof. Bummer.

Does Duvalay Sleeping Bag come with a storage bag?

Duvalay Sleeping Bag does not come with a storage bag. However, you can buy one separately.

How do I wash my Duvalay Sleeping Bag?

You take the duvet and the foam out of the cover, and you put the cover and the duvet in a washing machine at 40°C.

Do Duvalay Sleeping Bags come with a trial & warranty?

Duvalay Sleeping Bag does come with a 1-year warranty, but unfortunately, you don't get a trial. The only way you can return the bag is if you don't use or open it and you send it back within the first 14 days.

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