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Featured image for Pillow Sizes for Kids - Which Size Does Your Child Need?

Pillow Sizes for Kids

Standard pillow sizes Although we'll be covering all the pillow types, it only makes sense to start things off with the standard pillow. After all, it's what most people will…

Featured image for Best Goose-Down PIllows.

Best Goose Down Pillows UK

What to look for when buying goose-down pillows If you've been researching goose-down pillows, you've probably come across plenty of positive feedback. However, it's important to understand that not all…

Featured image for down pillows 101

Down Pillows

Feather vs down pillows The first thing we want to discuss is the difference between feather pillows and down pillows. This is because most of the time, your pillow will…

featured image for pillow technology

Pillow Technology

New pillow materials If asked about pillow fillings, most people would probably default to memory foam or feather pillows. After all, they're incredibly popular and in the case of the…

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