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The Benefits of Bamboo for Bedtime

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April 29 2024 By  Ashley Brown 3 min read

We like to stay on top of the latest developments in the bedding industry, especially when it comes to new eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics which can help us all sleep a little better at night. We wanted to share some expert info on Bamboo and who better to ask to make a guest post for us than Ashley Brown, Head of Content over at Panda London – specialists in Bamboo bedding.

From no screen time before bed to cutting back on caffeine, we are always looking for ways to try and get the best night’s sleep. Though with one in five people in the UK not getting enough shut-eye, many of us haven’t struck gold! The good news is there is something you may not have heard about. Bamboo sleep products from breathable Hybrid Mattresses to snuggly, soft bedding could be just the thing to help you doze off. Read on to discover five dreamy benefits of bamboo for bedtime.

Cool summers & cosy winters

Ever get to bed to find yourself tossing and turning all night due to overheating? Many of us have been there. Overheating is one of the leading causes of restless nights. If you are a hot sleeper or live in a warmer climate, summer months can make bedtime unbearable. Bamboo to the rescue! The naturally thermo-regulating fabric will keep you at just the right degrees from lights out till morning. This can make the hotter summer months a dream. Love to be cosy in winter? Bamboo will keep you snug as a rug and sleeping soundly- making it the best choice for every season.

Fresh, breathable nights

A woman waking up refreshed using bamboo bedding

The magic doesn't stop there. When it comes to keeping bedtime fresh, breathable and hygienic bamboo gets three stars. Bamboo bedding is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, preventing night sweats and the build-up of bacteria. Bamboo mattresses and pillows are incredibly breathable, which considering all those hours we spend in bed can help keep our sleep fresh and healthy. The fabric is naturally odour-resistant, so will prevent things from smelling funky even if you forget to wash the sheets! (It happens- life is busy)

Happy skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin, allergies or common conditions like eczema and acne- you will LOVE bamboo. The smooth fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, gliding gently over the skin for comfortable, irritation-free nights. Bamboo bedding is kind to the skin keeping it cool, fresh and healthy. Though look for brands that ensure their bamboo sleep products are organic and chemical-free. With zero nasties used in the production process, you can doze off knowing you are taking extra special care of your skin. Bamboo might just be bedtime’s best-kept beauty secret.

Snuggly softness

Is there anything better than snuggly, soft bedding? Bamboo is in a league of its own when it comes to softness and is even known to get softer with every wash. The fabric feels as smooth as silk and soft as cashmere, providing unparalleled comfort and is ideal to snuggle into any time of day. This is down to the structure of the fibre, the bamboo plant has fewer ends which contribute to its superior softness. From tempting you into earlier nights to making those weekend lie-ins all the more cosy, bamboo will have you falling in love with bedtime.

Planet love

The cherry on top? Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources, growing up to 1.5 inches per hour. Taking care of our planet is something we must all take a part in and many leading home brands are now looking for a solution. A bamboo mattress is the ultimate hero of bedtime. The durable, breathable mattress allows you to enjoy healthy, restorative sleep for many years with minimum impact on our world. When it comes to bedtime wins, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Now you know all the benefits of bamboo for bedtime!

If you are new to the benefits of bamboo sleep products, you are in for quite a treat. Leading brands like Panda London create award-winning bamboo mattresses, toppers, and pillows which will make bedtime the best time of day! It is important when choosing products online to make sure they come with free trials for you to get to know each other.

Dive in and get ready to drift off into a whole new world of comfort!

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