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Are You Struggling To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning?

If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, you are not the only one. There are several factors that contribute to this, one of the key factors being the psychological state.

Waking up in the morning may not be the easiest thing in the world, because a difficult awakening can often be the result of a certain conditions. However, there are many more reasons so you should not jump to the conclusion.
In most cases solution lies in establishing a routine, healthy lifestyle habits and striving for positive thinking, but everything depends on the factors that are decisive in your case.

Some of the most common reasons why people find it difficult to get out of bed are chronic fatigue syndrome, dysania, tiredness, depression and many others.

You can influence most of these conditions, but first you should get enough information about them. Reading this article will help you if you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

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    Possible reasons of struggling to get out of bed

    There are a number of reasons why getting out of bed is probably more difficult for you than for other people. The cause of this condition can be depression, anxiety, insufficient quality sleep and many more. Nevertheless, sometimes there is no specific reason why it is difficult for you to leave the bed. Maybe you’re just more tired than usual. If you diagnose a medical condition in time, you can prevent a serious problem.

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Symptoms of chronic fatigue are tiredness and sleepiness. In such a state, it is almost impossible to get out of bed at least 1 hour after waking up. Regardless of the length of sleep, fatigue is still present. Certain medications can also contribute to the appearance of chronic fatigue, but the main cause is bad lifestyle habits.

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    It is most often described as a condition that involves difficulty getting out of bed. Those who suffer from dyspnea have difficulty getting out of bed, and the condition is much more serious than sleepiness itself. Regardless of the length and quality of sleep, it is very difficult for a person to leave the bed. Even when they leave it, they will always feel a longing for their bed and to return to it. Extreme episodes will make you unable to drive a car for example. The condition is associated with depression and similar disorders.


    People are sometimes not aware of fatigue until it is time to get up. If you deny your body rest, you will become chronically tired and find it difficult to get going in the morning. So improve your sleeping habits and make sure your bedroom is a quiet and dark space that you will use exclusively for sleeping.


    Dyspnea can be a symptom of many serious conditions, one of which is depression. It is a mood disorder that causes sadness, loss of energy and fatigue. This mental health disorder affects every aspect of life, and is especially pronounced in the morning and evening hours. This means that it contributes to disturbed sleep and difficult awakening. It does not have to be major depressive disorder, but it can still make your life harder.

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    It is a chronic pain of muscles, ligaments and tendons. There is also a huge amount of fatigue, and patients experience this pain every day for up to three months. In addition to physical ailments, there are also mental ailments that lead to a certain level of dysfunction. One of the ways in which this condition manifests itself is difficulty getting out of bed after waking up.


    A high level of fatigue is one of the first symptoms of anemia. This condition occurs as a result of a large drop in erythrocytes or as a result of low hemoglobin. The main cause can be iron deficiency, which often occurs during puberty. There are different types of anemia. When anemia is detected in time and properly treated, the symptoms will soon disappear.


    Diabetes is a very insidious disease, and it manifests itself in several ways. Frequent awakening during the night is one of the symptoms that indicate poor diabetes control. The consequence of this symptom is bad sleep, which means that waking up will be very difficult. However, early signs of diabetes are also frequent urination at night, feeling thirsty or extremely hungry.

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    Sleep disorders

    Sleep disorders such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness have serious health consequences. Body clock problems have the same impact on the human body as diabetes or hypertension. Lack of sleep leads to chronic fatigue, poor concentration and the inability to perform daily tasks. And it all starts with delayed awakening. In such a condition, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist who will diagnose the disorder and make the difference between insomnia and some other mental health conditions.

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    What to do when struggling to get our of bed?

    Habits can prepare you mentally and physically for getting out of bed. With their repetition, your body and brain will very quickly start to wake up on their own, as they will recognize the steps of the routine as a sign that it is time for duties. It is enough to pay attention to a few details, such as the position of the curtains in your bedroom or the location of the alarm.

    Open curtains

    The sun rays will move you to action and evoke positive feelings. For example, before going to bed, open the curtains or do it immediately when you get up. That way, the sun will shine brightly through the window and you will automatically wake up. Such an atmosphere will further motivate you and you will be more prepared for your working day.

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    Put feet on floor

    Make sure you don’t spend unnecessary time in bed. So try to adopt this encourage exercise and apply it as soon as you get out of bed. In this way, your body will automatically activate itself, because you will leave the sleeping position. You’ll notice very quickly how much better you feel and how quickly you’ve woken up, even though you may be grumpy at first.

    Think positive

    If you are the type of person who doesn’t like waking up early, try to change that. A positive mindset will help you a lot. Instead of starting the day nervous, try looking at the morning more positively. Getting out of bed should be the best thing ever, so think about the positive aspects of the day. It could be a date you’ve been waiting for all week, planning a delicious lunch, or some other situation.

    Play music

    There are many tricks that will help you get out of bed quickly in the morning, and one of the most effective tricks is listening to music. Music not only boosts the mood but also wakes us up. It affects our thoughts, behavior, mood and feelings. Faster beat music is the best choice. If family member does not like music listening in the morning, use headphones.

    Start thinking about the daily plan

    Many people start the day by thinking intensively about their plans and successful moments. It’s a great strategy to start your day productively and wake up automatically as soon as you open your eyes. Of course, try to keep only positive thoughts. Forget your worries and look forward to all the challenges the day brings. Worry leads to excessive lying in bed. If you come up with a brilliant idea while brainstorming, write it down.

    Keep alarm away so you have to get up

    So that you don’t have to struggle to get out of bed, try to find a strategic place for your alarm. It should be far enough away from your bed, yet not too far that you can hear it. That way it won’t be within your reach and you won’t turn it off in your sleep or anything like that. Such a situation forces you to get out of bed, stretch your legs and turn off the alarm. After that, going back to bed will not be profitable.

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    Wake up slowly & take your time

    You don’t have to jump out of bed the moment the alarm goes off if you find that very unpleasant. Strike a balance by giving your body enough time to wake up, but don’t overdo it. Establish a routine that won’t keep you in bed for too long. That way, you will wake up refreshed and ready for new work victories.

    Keep moving ASAP

    After you wake up, stretch well regardless of your body position. You can do it lying down, sitting, and best standing. However, keep moving right away by starting your morning routine. The activity will wake you up and you will have enough time to prepare for the working day without rushing. If you have a dog you have to take for a walk, even better. Human animal interactions are very healthy. Pets can even help you fall asleep faster in the evening.

    So - how to get rid of struggle to get out of bed?

    According to many peer reviewed studies he earlier you get up, the better you will make use of the day. So try to wake up as early as possible so that you are not sleepy all day. Although there are several tricks that will help you wake up as soon as possible, healthy lifestyle habits are a prerequisite for a good start to the day. You will have to pay attention to the time you go to sleep, your diet, your physical activity and everything else.

    Then, come up with an appropriate strategic plan for your mornings. Routine is a great thing because it provides security and peace. Incorporate into your routine habits that inspire, motivate and move you in the right direction. And if non of that help, seek help from mental health professional.



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