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Best Baby Monitors of 2023

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Written By Connie

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1 April 2024 6 min read

There are many baby monitors to choose from, but it is all about finding the best baby monitor for you and your family. You need to consider the features you will want to narrow down your options and we can make that easier for you.

Most baby monitors on the market now have the same features to offer. However, some are much more expensive and others might lack the one thing you are looking for. You have a choice of a smart video baby monitor, a standard video monitor, an audio baby monitor and other baby monitors. Ideally, you will want that one to go into your baby's room so you can easily see the baby's cot. When they are younger, audio baby monitors are suitable enough to listen out for any cries. Yet, as they get older you may find you want video monitors for your child's room so you can keep an eye on them.

Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for the best baby monitor because it will have a use for a long time. When your little one starts to run around the house, you can have the monitor set up in a specific room to watch them during the day. So, it can be something to invest in.

We are here to help you find the best baby monitor UK for you.

Our top picks

If you don't feel like reading and just want to know which are the best baby monitors on the market, here are some recommendations! The product availability when considering baby gear is vast. Baby monitors are no different. This technology is very helpful, especially for babies and toddlers under the age of 3.
    Baby Monitors 1
    Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 2
    HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 3
    BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450
    Baby Monitors 4
    Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount
    Baby Monitors 5
    Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 6
    Nooie 360º Pan Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 7
    BT Smart Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 8
    Motorola Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 9
    Tommee Tippee Dreamee Video Baby Monitor
    Baby Monitors 10
    Owlet Smart Sock & Video Baby Monitor

BEST OVERALL: Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


This baby monitor is a more expensive option but it is light and compact, making it perfect to carry around the house. It requires no Wi-Fi and no app which makes it super easy to use and set up wherever you are. You can get two lens attachments to create different camera views. There is a 2x zoom and a wide-angle lens – so from the ideal spot in their bedroom you will be able to get the right view of the cot and baby’s mattress. Whether you need it to zoom a little closer or if you need to fit more of the room in.

The Infant Optics baby monitor features night vision, a temperature sensor and a talk-back function. You will also receive quality pictures and sound. There are buttons on the side of the screen which allow you to adjust the camera viewpoint to see exactly where your baby has settled. This is good for those with twins, rather than needing two baby monitors, you can position the baby unit where you are able to move the camera between the two little ones.

All in all, a good choice for baby monitors, but there are a couple of improvements that could be implemented.


Great video quality
Good resolution and image quality.
Durable design
It will last long time.
Viewing controls
Easy to use controls.


Fairly pricey
Might be more expensive than similar products.
Some signal interference
Signal interference is possible.
Battery life could be better
Battery could last longer.

BEST VALUE: HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor


An affordable baby monitor and it is good to have if you are planning to have more children in a short space of time. This is because the parent monitor can be paired with up to four camera monitors. It is also helpful if your little one likes to explore the house on their own, you can set up a camera in the different rooms they play in.

Compared to others, the lullaby songs selection on the HelloBaby baby monitors is limited. However, there are eight which is plenty to get your baby to sleep. You will find that this baby monitor has a longer range than its competitors. So, if you live in a larger house you may benefit from this one more. You are able to have the parent unit and camera far enough apart in a house without losing the signal. They state that it reaches up to 300m.

Some features of this baby monitor include an alarm, room temperature display, infrared night vision, and 2x zoom. Although there is a zoom, the movement of the camera is quite restricted. Another thing to note is that there is an audio-only option so you can turn the screen off if you wanted to.


Reasonable price
Great quality for an affordable price.
Can be paired with up to four cameras
Pair it with 4 cameras for easy access.
Clear infrared night vision
Clear night vision mode.


Battery life not so great
Battery life could be better.
View adjusting problems
There might be some problems with adjusting the view.
Picture quality could be improved
The resolution is not so great.

MOST AFFORDABLE: BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450


The BT audio baby monitor 450 is the best budget baby monitor you will find. It is one of the audio-only monitors, but it has all the other functions you would be wanting from a baby monitor. To start with, it has a dreamy light show of moons and stars for your baby to look at while they drift off to sleep. There is a selection of 18 lullabies, which includes classic lullabies white noise, and nature sounds. The only problem with the lullabies is that they play through the parent unit too, but once your baby is sound asleep you can turn the music off from your unit. However, having the lights and sounds gives your little one something to familiarise themselves with and associate with going to sleep.

Along with hearing your baby make a noise, the baby monitors have sound-sensitive LEDs to give you visual alerts as well. All the functions on the monitor are featured on the parent unit so you can control it wirelessly. This one has a talk-back feature, an LCD display, a temperature display and a range of 50m indoors. As far as an audio baby monitor goes, this one is a great pick.


High quality product for a fraction of price.
Easy to use
Really user-friendly UX.
Choice of 18 lullabies
18 different lullaby songs.


Audio monitoring only
You can monitor AUDIO only.
Fewer features than others
The features could be bigger.
No movement sensor
You cannot track the movement.

BEST FOR VERSATILITY: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount


The Nanit Pro is a decent baby monitor but it is one of the most expensive ones. However, it comes with various accessories that you can benefit from having. The camera links up to your phone so it is easily accessible. Their app allows you to keep track of your baby's sleep patterns and behaviours. You can see a timelapse of their sleep to give you a better understanding of their sleep positions. Even when you are using another app or have your device locked, you will still be able to listen out for baby noises. The breathing bands included are a great idea for peace of mind because you can keep an eye on their breaths per minute without electronics or wires. It really is a smart baby monitor, giving you updated stats in the palm of your hand.

The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor is super versatile and is good for when you are on the go or when the little ones have sleepovers with their grandparents. You can simply take it off the wall mount and put it onto the travel multi-stand. Other features include HD video and night vision, two-way audio, temperature and humidity, and nature sounds and white noise.


Sound and motion notifications
You get notifications on your phone.
Complete set
Camera unit, wall mount, breathing bands and stand travel accessory.
Great motion detection and sleep tracking
Fantastic sleep tracking analytics.


Most expensive
High price tag, when compared to similar ones.
Need app downloaded
For full potential, you need the app subscription.
No parent unit
Need to use your phone instead, but this does mean better picture quality.

BEST DESIGN: Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor


An all singing all dancing video monitor. Not only can you use it for their sleep, but you can also set danger zones in the room so you are notified when they are going somewhere they shouldn't be. We love the design of this one because it is a cute bird shape so your little one is likely to accept it being perched next to their cot. There is covered-face, rollover and cough detection which means you will get an alert to check on your baby. Extra features of the Cubo Ai Plus are an 18-hour playback that includes event tags to guide you through the night. It has built-in lullabies and white noise and a built-in night light which helps with night vision.

Again, this is another expensive one but it has some clever features. The Cubo Ai Plus smart baby monitor comes with three stand options and a camera monitor. However, no parent unit is provided, so it will need to be connected to a device. Lastly, this baby monitor is compatible with Smart Home and the app can have up to eight people logged in to watch the baby.


Includes three stand options
Choose 1 out of 3 positions.
Connect with seven other people
Share access with up to 7 people.
Great battery life
Long-lasting battery.


Not all features can be used alongside each other
Some features not available.
Sound alerts are too subtle
Sound alerts are not loud enough.
More expensive than others
High price tag than it is for similar ones.

BEST CAMERA: Nooie 360º Pan Baby Monitor


360º in the name gives away what is so special about this baby monitor. You can use this one beyond the cot, as it is able to keep watch of a whole room. The video monitor has movement sensors so it can track movement within the space. Through the app, you can easily pan and tilt the video monitor to where you want it to face. While some baby monitors do not need wifi, this one does, to connect to the app. It can also double up as a pet camera so you can use the same one for both purposes – it saves paying out for another monitor.

The Nooie baby monitor works with Alexa and Google Assistant to make the use of it even smarter. Other features are motion and sound alerts to keep you connected when there is noise detected. Night vision can reach up to 10m so even in a larger pitch-black baby's nursery you will be able to clearly see your little one while they sleep.


Clear picture quality and night vision
The superb resolution & image quality.
Brilliant sound quality
Very good sound calibration.
360º camera view
Rotate camera and 360-degree angle view.


Two-way audio can lag
Audio transmission can lag sometimes.
Not wireless
No wireless connectivity.
Only app can be open
You can't have anything else open on the phone when the app is in use.

BEST FOR EASY USE: BT Smart Baby Monitor


The BT video camera baby monitor connects to both your phone and a monitor screen that is included. This means you can have the screen set up on your bedside table during the night but you can keep checking on your phone whilst around the house. The screen included with the baby monitors is larger than most, giving you a clear picture of your baby. On the video baby monitor, you will find buttons at the side to make it easy to use. You can control the camera with the monitor, tilting and panning to where you need it to focus.

The extra features found on this product are night vision, quality video, and connections to Google and Alexa. The reason this product has made it to our best baby monitor list is that everything about it is super easy to use. When there is too much on one device, it can all become confusing. However, the BT smart baby monitor has all you need but in a simple design. It is worth noting that this one is more expensive than some of the others, so you will need to work out what your deciding factors are.


Large screen monitor
Good screen size.
Easy to adjust the camera
On your device or on the parent unit.
Record clips on a smart device
Video recording option.


Sound on the parent unit can be quiet
Sound is too quiet.
Fewer lullabies than their audio monitor
There could be more lullaby songs.
Only one device can be connected
You can connect ONLY one device.

BEST MOUNT: Motorola Baby Monitor


A video baby monitor with night vision, like most baby monitors. However, this one has a 24-hour video feed and a flexible mount. Both of these can make it completely tailored to your little one's sleep behaviours. You can attach the camera to wherever is best and angle it with the pan, tilt and zoom – everything to have the best view of your baby in their cot. This is another video baby monitor that has night vision and a talk-back function. It is not one of the cheaper options, but it also isn't the most expensive one. On the parent unit, there is an LED sound level indicator so you are visually alerted when there is noise – this is especially useful if you are in a loud or busy room, and cannot hear the monitor.

This product includes the camera mount, the camera, a 5-inch parent unit and a free app. You can check the room temperature and play sounds through the app and the parent unit, whichever you have easier access to. Although, you will need the app subscription for all the benefits it has to offer. Using the app does mean you receive notifications for sound, motion and temperature changes.


Easy to use
Easy to navigate through the app.
Good camera unit
Good resolution & image quality.
Includes flexible mount
Mount it however you want to.


Lag when controlling the camera unit
There might be some lagging.
Share access is not ideal
Only allows for 15 minutes at a time.
Not fully accessible from the monitor
Need an app for the full benefits.

BEST FOR MOVEMENT: Tommee Tippee Dreamee Video Baby Monitor


If the movement of your little one at night is of concern for you, then we recommend having a movement sensor mat. The movement sensor pad lies on the baby's mattress so you become aware if your baby tries to roll over during the night. Having the movement sensor pad adds another level of reassurance for parents. It also features a room thermometer so you are able to maintain a suitable room temperature while they sleep. Being notified of any baby movement is extremely practical. The Tommee Tippee Dreamee has a CrySensor which you can customise to work with your baby. When they cry, the video baby monitor will automatically play a choice of 6 pre-set lullabies or sounds to soothe them to sleep.

Another feature of the baby movement monitor camera is 360º which allows you to tilt, pan and zoom whilst giving a wide-angle view. There is a VOX mode to make it energy-saving, by turning to sleep mode while your little one is asleep and as soon as there is noise, it will start up again. Tommee Tippee Dreamee also has a 300m range, two-way audio, infrared night vision and a fairly large screen with easy controls.


Includes movement sensor mat
Can adjust the sensitivity as they get older.
Good picture quality
Clear image & video quality.
Infrared night vision works well
The night-mode works great.


Short battery life on the parent unit
Battery does not last long.
Mount is not the most practical
It can be hard to mount it.
Lights on the baby camera
Can be distracting for your little one.

BEST FOR SLEEP ANALYTICS: Owlet Smart Sock & Video Baby Monitor


The Owlet Smart Sock is the most expensive option, but that is because of the sleep analytics it provides. This one is a baby's breathing monitor that keeps track of their heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends which is exactly what some parents may need for peace of mind. You can get a true reading on the app of how long they were asleep, and how much was a deep sleep or a light sleep. Every 7 days you can get a detailed review of your baby's sleep that week.

Compared to other video monitors, the Owlet has a 4x zoom instead of 2x and it is fast-charging. This video baby monitor can have 8 hours of charge in 20 minutes and be fully charged in 90 minutes. The additional features of the Owlet video monitor are an HD screen with night vision, wide-angle view, two-way audio, real-time sound alerts and wireless charging. One thing you should know is that the smart sock is for babies 0-18 months and up to 30 lbs. However, you can continue to use the video baby monitors once they grow out of the smart socks.


In-depth analytics
Great data/information analysis.
Durable monitor
Sturdy & durable.
Easy to use
Really easy to use & navigate.


Quite pricey
The price tag is higher compared to similar ones.
Sock might not be comfortable
Especially when having to wear it all night.
Relies on Wi-Fi
Not easy to connect on the go.

What do I need from a baby monitor?

There are different factors that could make the decision of whether to buy or not buy a baby monitor. We have picked out the eight features that we believe make for good monitors. Of course, there are extra features that you might look for to suit your preferences. However, we have chosen things that benefit everyone and their little ones.

Here's what to look for:

Night vision

For those wanting a baby monitor with a camera, it is always a good idea to look for one with night vision. This makes it not only practical during the day, but throughout the night too. You will be able to keep an eye on your little one while they are sleeping, without struggling to see in the dark.

We believe infrared night vision is a must-have in a baby monitor.

Voice activation

Again, another important feature is voice activation. You will want to be able to hear if your baby is making noise during the night, whether they are stirring or they are unsettled. Being notified can help, but for peace of mind, it is best to have voice activation.

Some baby monitors will also have a light indicator when there is a noise so there is a low chance you will miss anything.

Temperature sensor

It can be difficult to gauge how hot or cold your baby's room is, so having a temperature sensor as part of the baby monitor is always ideal. You can find ones that alert you if the baby's room gets too hot while they are sleeping. It is essential that your little one has not been layered up in a room that is too hot for them.

Finding baby monitors that constantly have the temperature on display, can help to reassure you. This is especially useful when the seasons change and you are adjusting to the change of temperature outside.


Two-way audio

Having a baby monitor that has two-way audio available can be helpful if your little one can be soothed by your voice, or if you are keeping an eye on them during the day and you need to get their attention immediately. However, this is not a necessity for everyone, but it is definitely something to consider.

Not only will you be able to hear your baby when they stir, but they will also be able to hear you too.

Night light

You can get a standard night light or you can get a multi-coloured night light.

They can be included with the baby unit so there is no need to buy an extra device. Having the lights shine on the ceiling can give the baby something to focus on, to help them drift off to sleep. Not every baby will need a night light, but it is a nice addition to allow them to understand what signifies naptime or bedtime.


Many baby monitors have lullabies featured in the baby unit. You can find some with lots of tunes on to relax your little one before they fall asleep. If you have one that uses the same few lullabies on repeat, it will drive you crazy. So for your own sake, try to find a baby monitor with a larger selection.

Playing lullabies to help your baby sleep is another good way to signify napping and going to bed.

Camera and video quality

If you are looking at video baby monitors, you will want to be keeping an eye out for ones with HD video and camera quality. With a clear picture, you are able to see when the baby moves and when the baby sleeps. Smart baby monitors with a good camera and night vision, are some of the best baby monitors you can buy.

Unlike traditional video monitors, you can find newer versions with a video feed that you can connect to your phone.

Battery life

Quite a vital feature is good battery life. You will want a baby monitor that can last a long time without being charged up again. It is not ideal if you have to keep recharging one throughout the night, or it only lasts long enough for their naps and has no battery left for the night. With ones that are wireless, this is even more important. Whereas, baby monitors that are plugged in can always stay charged.

The last thing you want is the battery to run out while your little one is sleeping.

… This technology is very helpful, especially for babies and toddlers under the age of 3… The most novel monitors are smart monitors which monitor a baby's heart rate, respiratory rate and even oxygenation levels. This often makes parents feel in control of risks such as sudden infant death syndrome… While the data provided by these monitors may be tempting for new parents, they can alarm when nothing is wrong creating false concern, and anxiety among parents… Deciding on what baby monitor can be made in conjunction with a pediatric nurse practitioner who can discuss the risk and benefits of each type.

Chrystina Manero, PhD, RN, PNP-PC

The advantages of owning the best baby monitor

Having the best baby monitor for your family can provide several advantages and huge practicality for your lifestyle. Here are just some of the advantages:

The number one advantage is peace of mind. If it is your first child, you can have more concerns and worry about them when they are no longer sleeping next to you. You may find that you want to keep getting up to check on them, but using a baby monitor means you can watch them from the comfort of your own bed.

Another advantage of baby monitors is the sleep analytics they can provide you with. Some can keep track of when they are awake, others can show movement in the night with movement sensors, and a few can tell you their oxygen levels.

A baby monitor as they get a little older and can explore more of the house can be helpful to have. When you are not in the same room, you can keep watch whilst you do something in another room in the house. As they become more independent and like to discover new things, you can let them enjoy themselves without being right by their side.


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FAQs about baby monitors

When should parents stop using a baby monitor?

There is no set time to stop using baby monitors, it all depends on your little one. Only you know them and their sleep habits best. Once you feel they have fully adjusted to their bed, there is no reason to continue using one unless you choose to for peace of mind. Another factor would be if they have started to realise they are being watched and play up to that. Many parents tend to use one until their baby turns two years old, but some can wait up until four years old.

Do newborns need a baby monitor?

During the night, your baby should be sleeping in the same room until around 6 months old. However, it could be a good idea to have a baby monitor for their naps during the day and for when you put them down before you go to sleep. It can make life easier, so you do not need to go back and forth to check on them. Although to start with, you probably will find yourself wanting to check in on them yourself.

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