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How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib Every Time Easily?

The baby sleep is erratic and unpredictable. You need to establish a good bedtime routine that will allow your child to sleep well and be consistent in sleep. Every baby has their own habits, and you can use several methods to influence your baby’s good sleep habits.

Putting a baby to sleep is not an easy task and it is not the same process for young infants or babies younger than one year. This process usually involves carrying, rocking and soothing the baby a lot. After some time, it is necessary to establish new ways of putting to sleep that contribute to healthy baby habits. 

Since the child changes the whole concept of living and manages your routine, you need to take the leadership at some point. This means adopting methods that will help you teach your child to just fall asleep in crib and accept it as a safe environment. Otherwise, that can be big problem for both you and your baby.

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    Why does my baby not want to sleep in the crib?

    It is known that babies like to have their own permanent place to sleep. That means they can be quite stubborn, but there is a solution. For a start, do not put the baby to sleep in your arms, because it may happen that later he will not want to sleep in the crib at all. However, be aware of baby conditions that can contribute to this situation. For example, it is the age of the child, the growth of teeth, etc. There are other factors that affect this. It can be room temperature, too many toys in the crib and other things.

    The possible reasons why my baby doesn’t want to sleep in the crib

    Your baby’s sleep is affected by many things. For example, it could be a cold, an infection, a rash, or some other medical condition. In such situations, she simply does not want you to put her to bed. In addition, there are several other conditions that contribute to this mood. A solid bedtime routine in a familiar environment will greatly help the baby to learn to calm down and go to sleep on his own, but also to solve health problems and overcome developmental stages.

    Growth of baby

    Children can develop different sleeping habits depending on their age. Although there are no strict rules for the length and manner of sleeping of the baby, it can be said that during the first months they sleep as much as they need. However, during these months, they will not have a clear sleep pattern. During the sixth month, most babies sleep over 10 hours, which means that there will be one night and one or two daytime sleep.

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    By the end of the first year, the child will probably sleep until 2 p.m. Therefore, monitor the child’s behavior during age, because it is very changeable. Adjust the methods of falling asleep to developmental changes, because babies from 4-6 weeks are already starting to distinguish day from night, and you should help them.

    Teeth growth that causes pain

    Your baby’s tooth growth is another step in its life. Teeth can start to come out at any time between 3 months and one year of age. During teething, many babies may have trouble sleeping in the crib. It is important for parents to learn to notice the symptoms early, in order to avoid any unnecessary discomfort or pain of the child, but also to avoid and be upset themselves. Tooth eruption tends to take place in stages, with more activity at night than during the day, so the baby may be more nervous in the evening.


    If you notice any health problems in your baby, it is important to consult your pediatrician. Then throw out any unnecessary items from the baby’s own bed, such as unnecessary toys or too many pillows. For example, a baby is not comfortable until it can sleep well and eat with a stuffy nose and a secretion that is constantly being created. This means that you will have to clean her nose often and you will have many long nights, but the child’s immune system will fight off viral infections on its own.

    So, how to get the baby to sleep in a crib every time?

    First of all, try not to take the baby in your arms every time he or she cries in the crib. Whether you believe that a baby is born with a certain character or it is built over time, it is clear that some babies are born with the need to gain a soothing bedtime routine as soon as possible. That is why you need to stay consistent in your plan and stick to the following few methods. You should also consider devices like white noise machine which is great to put baby to sleep when she’s drowsy or after night feeds.

    Put a baby in the crib before it fall asleep

    You don’t have to wait for the baby to be completely sleepy, to start whining or crying. It is enough to show fatigue, yawn, rub his eyes with his hands. Before you put her to bed, spend a pleasant time with her. For example, you can play quieter games that require less activity. It can be talking, reading, bathing, etc.

    When it’s time to go to bed, put the baby to bed slowly and gently, even if it means living it in crib awake and leaving room before baby fall asleep.. Address the sleepy baby in a soothing voice, but keep a serious expression on your face. It is important that your kid feels safe. You will succeed in that only if you provide enough warmth and calmness, while at the same time supporting with a determined and confident attitude.

    Stick to the usual bed routine

    Your child should have a set schedule, as well as the time of the evening activities. It is important to always stick to that schedule. For example, first comes bathing, then swaddling, feeding, singing, lullabies and sleeping. If they stick to these activities every night, the baby will follow the pattern. Also pay attention to the intensity of light, but also feeding in the same room.

    These things will additionally help her to determine for herself when and for what time. Joint activities that are performed in the same order, giving pleasure to both parents and baby, and can be applied in the first weeks and months of the baby’s life.

    Avoid car seats and swings

    Although some babies fall asleep much faster while comfortably seated in car seat, get rid of this habit since baby sleeps better in crib. Recent research confirms that this position of the child during sleep is not healthy for it, because it should sleep on his back in his crib. You will also get rid of annoying habits, because your baby can learn to sleep there and avoid the crib.

    In that case, you will find it very difficult to fix the situation, which is why it is important to get the car seats out of use as soon as possible. Use this item to play with your baby during the day or to do something else, but don’t let her sleep there.

    Give your baby playtime during the day

    In order for the baby to fall asleep successfully in the crib, try to make this adjustment easier for her. A day full of stimulation is one of the ways you can achieve this. For example, try to talk to your baby as much as possible, don’t let her take a nap during the day, and don’t turn off the TV during the nap, don’t walk on your toes, but behave as usual.

    However, let the night be calm and quiet. This means that you should not leave the daytime running lights on, do not talk to her when she wakes up during the night and do not play with her.

    Check the room’s temperature

    The temperature of the room where the baby is staying should change. This means that you should distinguish the daytime temperature from the nighttime temperature for optimal sleep environment. Since your child cannot tell when he is too hot or cold, you must constantly monitor the condition and correct it as needed. This is an important factor that affects the baby’s mood, feeding and good night’s sleep.

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    Focus on a temperature that is not too high, but not too low. Use a room thermometer for this purpose, as it can be difficult to assess on your own. The ideal temperature of the room where the baby is staying should be around 22 degrees C. The temperature during the night should not fall below 18 degrees C. This rule applies in both winter and summer months. Sleep sack can also influence which temperature is optimal.


    Every baby is special and different from other babies. Some kids need shorter, and some need longer to fall asleep. External circumstances can greatly affect a baby’s sleep. These are various external factors that we are used to when falling asleep while falling asleep. If you put your baby awake in the crib and she falls asleep alone in it, it means that she will sleep without waking up and if she wakes up she will not cry looking for you. She will be able to calm down on her own. There are several ways you can create good sleeping habits.

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