What is open coil mattress?
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What Is Open Coil Mattress?

Open Coil Mattress is a traditional type of mattress that is generally a cheaper option, because the production is simple, and the price of the materials used is not high.

So, the traditional type of mattress implies a system of interconnected springs. They represent a very stable support which is why they are popular. Open coil mattress are being sold at lower prices compared to other models and therefore can be mass-produced. It is important to note the difference in wire thickness, as traders will very often refer to gauge when it comes to mattresses.

Depending on the thickness of the spring wire, the gauge can be thicker or thinner. Of course, the larger the number of wires the thicker and stronger the gauge. This automatically means that it provides a lot of support which is great for those who like a firmer mattress.

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    The difference between open coil and pocket spring

    Depending on what you want, you can come across several advantages and disadvantages of both types of mattresses. That is why the choice of mattress is mainly reduced to personal preferences. When it comes to open coil mattresses they provide ideal support and are very popular because of their strength.

    Unlike pocket sprung mattresses, open coil mattresses are lighter and therefore easy to carry. On the other hand, after long use, there is a possibility of a dent in the middle of the mattress from use. They usually last 3-5 years before you have to replace them.

    Pocket sprung mattress offers more support. It contains more springs that are independent, and it is known that more springs offer better support. However, more springs does not necessarily mean more quality. More important than the number of springs is their quality. That is why it is important to pay attention to all specifications, such as filling materials.

    Why should you go for an open coil mattress?

    hybrid mattress made of memory foam

    Open coil mattresses are something most people grew up sleeping on. So, it is a well-known model of a mattress, that is, all its advantages. This refers to the high level of support, spinal alignments, lightweight and very affordable price.

    High level of support

    Since open coil mattresses provide a high level of support, your back will have great sleep support. This is the reason why they are often used in orthopedic mattresses. They are designed so that the springs automatically distribute your body weight while relieving pressure in those places where it is needed.

    So, they are mainly intended for back care and support, which means that they promote a healthy body position during sleep. We can say that this mattress contains everything you need for quality sleep. This would mean that it is a system of full support that makes up the core of the mattress.


    When choosing a mattress, we do not pay attention only to whether it suits our body. It is also important that it suits our body. One of the main advantages of an open coil mattress is price. This means that it can be adjusted to everyone’s budget and make everyday life at home even better for everyone. This type of mattress is significantly cheaper than other types of mattresses.

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    They are simply much easier to mass produce. However, that does not mean that for that money you will not get a safe, functional, durable and quality product. The only thing is that you will probably have to change it after 3-4 years.

    Spinal alignments

    Thanks to such a design, this mattress enables exceptional alignment of the spine. Many situations in which people suffer from back pain are a consequence of poor choice of mattresses. Instead of random dialing, it is necessary to choose the model that is zoned to add extra support to certain parts of the body. This allows for a healthy alignment of the spine and keeping the back.

    The open coil mattress just supports the spine in key areas, ie around the lower back and pelvis. If you opt for this model, you will surely wake up with less painful joints and a greater feeling of freshness.


    Having a light mattress like an open coil mattress in your home means you won’t have much to do with it. Therefore, turning or moving them does not require excessive force. This way, everyone can really use it, because during this action, you cannot burden your back and thus injure yourself.

    Although it is light, it provides the firmness that the body needs to be in the correct position during sleep. The result of this construction is precisely in establishing a balance that provides pure satisfaction to the users of the open coil mattress.

    How do I know that an open coil mattress is for me?

    the natural one mattress by made

    The choice of mattress is an individual matter and that is why the product is usually tested before purchase. So there is no universal answer by which you will know if an open coil mattress is for you. However, you can consider a few things that will present you with a framework guide and thus be useful to you. This way you will be sure that its strength and other characteristics suit you perfectly.

    However, these mattresses allow you to take proper care of your back, are ideal for children and can be a great solution for a guest room. With them, you don’t have to worry about whether your visitors will get enough sleep.

    • If you need orthopedic mattress, open coil is great choice.
    • If you like feel when sleeping on traditional mattress.
    • Ideal choice for all those who don’t want to spend fortune on a new mattress.

    Tips for buying and using open coil mattress

    There are a few key things to keep in mind as you go through the process of buying a mattress. So, before you decide on the ideal mattress, consider who will use it or who will sleep in it. This is important because all people have different needs against which they more or less enjoy certain models of mattresses.

    Some of the most common factors are age, size and health conditions. For example, a softer mattress will usually suit a child better, while a much firmer model will be better for an older back. You also need to think about the period of its use, the size you need and the number of people who will sleep on it.

    •  Consider the size of the mattress.
    • Find out the number and quality of springs that the mattress has.
    • If you have some specific health condition, keep that in mind when buying open coil mattress.

    FAQs about your new open coil mattress

    There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to every mattress, even to an open coil mattress. They are mostly reflected in the individual needs of people and that is why only what you are looking for is important. Read some of the most common questions and answers to them, maybe they will help you understand what you really want to get from the mattress.

    Open coil mattress can fit all types of sleepers, but side sleepers are those who complain most about this type of mattress.

    You can usually combine mattress with different types of bed frames, but choice of bed frame will dictate sleeping experience too.

    It is not very durable, usually lasting 3 to 5 years which is more than enough considering the price.

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