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Coastal Bedroom Ideas To Give You That Seaside Feeling

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant


29 March 2024 5 min read

We all know how relaxing it is by the sea so why wouldn’t you want to think about coastal bedroom ideas? With our selection of coastal bedroom products, you can live a calming lifestyle wherever you are.

In the warmer months, we want to spend our time by the sea and in the colder time of year you want to be abroad near the beach. So, a beach-style bedroom is a good idea for all year round. A coastal style in a master bedroom will create the perfect backdrop for your sleep space.

Your bedroom will leave you feeling zen whenever you spend time there. Every part of the bedroom design brings stillness, no matter what colour scheme you choose.

Let us explain more about the coastal theme.

What are the characteristics of a coastal bedroom?

Coastal bedrooms are open to interpretation as there are different routes you could take for them. The most common theme is using light and white or cream throughout the bedroom space. Think of a beach house and that's the interior design goal. You'll find that many use weathered wood and natural materials for the decor. For example, wooden shelving, jute rug, rope wall art and linen sheets.

Everything in the room leads back to calming bedroom ideas.

How does a coastal bedroom help you sleep?

As we mentioned, one of the main things people love about the coast is it's a relaxing place Therefore, using this as your design inspiration will create a relaxing space. The colour palette of a coastal room uses all soothing tones. Whether you have pale blue, beige/sand, light wood, grey or cream. It has the perfect balance of warm and cool shades to make the space cosy, as well as calming. You could even light a candle before bed that smells like the seaside so can completely unwind. 

Products to help you create your coastal bedroom

Before looking for your bedroom features, use your imagination to relax your mind – picture lying on a beach surrounded by palm trees, listening to the waves and taking in the fresh air. This will get you in the zone for preparing your design ideas.

Here are some of the beautiful products we would recommend.

Bed frame

In the primary bedroom, the bed tends to be the focal point of the room so you want to make sure it's one that fits with a beachy theme. White beds or light-wood beds fit the style well and will work with any other products you pair them with.

Chester White and Oak Wooden Bed Frame

Chester White and Oak Wooden Bed Frame

This is a simplistic bed frame but it is gorgeous. It's predominantly white but has oak accents on the headboard and at the end of the bed. The wooden features will be useful when it comes to finding other products to match the aesthetic. With this bed frame, you can choose whether you want two or four (or no) drawers as hidden storage under the bed. This allows you to have space for bits and bobs that you want to keep out of the way so it doesn't ruin the theme you're trying to create.


Now, for bedding, we have picked out two different shades to give you two choices of style. The bed can transform the room from a basic bedroom to a coastal bedroom. No matter what bedding set you choose, it is sure to fit with the coastal style.

Soft & Cosy Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set


First up, we have a sage cotton set for those who would like something with a bit of colour. It is a plain duvet cover with a couple of pillowcases. To complete the look, you can also get the fitted sheet or Oxford pillowcases to coordinate all bedding. This is a high-quality set which is “soft and cosy” to sleep with, whilst being breathable too. Plus, they have button closures so you know they will stay secure throughout the night.

Classic Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover


The alternative to coloured bedsheets is crisp white ones. This luxury duvet cover is exactly what you want, and it’s a great choice if you want patterned or coloured cushions and throws. It’s the perfect set when you really want the accessories to be the focus. With a coastal bedroom, you may choose blue and white striped cushions which we would recommend pairing with white bedding.

Soft furnishings

We briefly touched on soft furnishings with the bedding, but we suggest doing the opposite with the throw pillows or cushions to your bed sheets. So, if you decided you like the white cover then go with pattern accessories or vice versa.

Florian Bedspread and Cushion Cover


For those that chose the sage bedsheets, this is the ideal pick to start bringing some white/cream shades into the room. We love the natural colourway but the pure white can look incredible too. Even if you switch up your style regularly, the throw and cushion will fit in with any other interior design. The cushion can be thrown between the pillows and the throw can be folded and laid across the bed. Having the dimpled texture design creates visual interest on top of the plain duvet cover.

Organic Cotton Striped Throw


Blue and white is the epitome of a coastal style – combined with stripes and the coastal feel is complete. When we first thought of a coastal bedroom, we immediately imagined this kind of accessory. We would pair this with the white bedsheets so they can draw attention and show off your beach theme. You can fold the throw in half so the lines are vertical and give the illusion of extended length. On the hand, you can create horizontal lines to emphasise the width of the bed. Try both out and see what looks best on your bed and in the space.

Organic Cotton Stripe Cushion


Of course, we couldn't pick the throw without picking the matching cushion. The same reasons apply to this product – it's a must-have for coastal bedrooms. Whichever way you have the stripes on the throw should be replicated on the cushion to keep them unified. This one would be lovely in the centre of the pillows or you could get two and have one in front of each pillow. Even if you stopped your makeover here, your bedroom design will achieve the coastal vibe.


It can be hard to find a starting point with the furniture for coastal bedrooms. We recommend being on the lookout for wicker furniture or light wooden furniture. Both of these can keep small spaces open and airy which is how the seaside feels.

Jessie Oak Bedside Table


This is more of a quirky bedside table that has a couple of shelves for your sleep products. The oak wood ties in beautifully with the wood accents on the bed. You could have the table on just one side of the bed for an asymmetric look, but this might not be the most relaxing idea for some. This style table gives you more area to display your decor and hone in on the smaller details. It gives you somewhere to put your candle, eye mask and book without having to take up the entire room.

Kent 3 Drawer Bedside Table


Look at the bed frame and then look back at this bedside table – a match made in heaven. Both feature white and oak in their design so they complement each other nicely. If the previous option was too open and you'd prefer to have things hidden out of eyesight then this is probably the one to go for. The bedside table has three drawers so there is plenty of space to keep your sleep gadgets. We know how easy it is to just fill them up with little bits but try to have some organisation so the bedroom still remains a chilled place.

Home decor

The final touches always bring the room to life. In this case, the coastal décor. Any bedroom decor can make a difference to the overall feel of the space. We have tried to keep to the colour scheme and the materials we have already found.

Rattan Basket Ceiling Pendant Light Shade


Woven pendant lights are typical in a coastal bedroom. They're almost like upside down fisherman baskets so they will remind you of sea life. Coast aside, this rattan light is gorgeous with the intricate details of the tightly woven design. The light colour keeps the space open and doesn't distract away from the other products, as well as coordinating with the wood features. Additionally, it will create soft lighting in the room due to the woven structure as the light is able to diffuse through the gaps.

Audre Ceramic Glaze Table Lamp


If this isn't the best representation of a coastal theme then we don't know what is. It's stunning. The base of the lamp looks exactly like a coastline with the combination of colours. From blue, through to a sand shade and down to white – they blend in so well together. This place on your bedside table will just look incredible. To top it off, it has a natural linen lamp shade which, again, ties in perfectly with the other design ideas.

Cabral Vase


This vase uses woven rattan in a different style and it creates a casing around the glass. You can have this as decor on your bedside table, on a shelf or on the dressing table. Wherever it's placed, it will definitely bring the coastal feel. The vase comes in three sizes so you could get all three to make a display. You could keep them empty of you could pop some flowers in them – either one is a great idea.

Additional features

It's always worth sprucing up your wall space, especially those with larger rooms. It can give the bedroom a cosier feel. Whether you choose to just paint the walls which makes a lot of difference, or you hang wall art to fill the space. It really depends on the size of your room.

Wall art

There's no need to go over the top with the wall decor, but anything you choose should match the colour palette. You can't go wrong with sticking to blue and nudes.

Here are a few we found.

Seagull Cove II by Victoria Borges


A lovely painting of the beach with a seagull in the foreground. Can it get anymore coastal than that?

Coastal Corals Boxed Canvas


For a modern and minimal look you can have three boxed frames hanging above your bed.

Abstract Sea Painting


This painting on a large canvas is going to look amazing as a feature on the wall. You'll instantly feel relaxed when you walk into the room.


When it comes to the wall colour, you can keep it simple with plain white walls or you can really embrace the coastal bedroom ideas. Perhaps you go for a sea green wall as a feature wall or you paint the whole room a pale colour.

Cabbage White


A subtle white with the slightest hint of blue. It's a super washed out blue to create an off-white tone.

Skimming Stone


A stone off-white with warm light grey tones. If your bedroom is feeling a little cool with the shades of blue, you can use this paint to add warmth to the space.

Light Blue


A light silvery blue that's almost a grey tone. This paint is a good choice if you've got a lot of wood and natural tones in the bedroom as it will balance it out.

What colour scheme should I choose for a coastal bedroom?

The colour palette for a coastal bedroom is fairly obvious, but there are slight variations that you may not have thought about. When you think of coastal, you're going to instantly think of different shades of blue. Alongside this, you have the sand shades that are more neutral like beige and cream.

From coastal blues, you can pick out a pale blue which would pair beautifully with a cream colour. The other option would be a darker colour scheme using navy blue and white. Either one of those makes a classic coastal bedroom.

If blue isn't exactly what you imagine for your coastal bedroom ideas, you could opt for sage green instead. Coastal bedrooms often have a greeny-blue shade rather than pure blue, so it gives a twist on the usual blue and white. If you do choose a green shade then we suggest pairing it with an off-white or cream colour.


Coastal bedrooms are beautiful all through the year and it's definitely a style that can lift your mood. You want to create a place in your bedroom that brings you joy and puts you in the best mood before falling asleep. Coastal bedroom ideas have the potential to keep you calm and soothe your mind so we would recommend thinking about our ideas, and try implementing some of the products into your new bedroom design.

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