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Calming Bedroom Ideas

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

Calming Bedroom Ideas

29 March 2024 5 min read

One thing you will want from a bedroom is for it to be calming to wind down before bed. It is worth thinking about calming bedroom ideas and including some, or all, of the ideas in your bedroom of choice.

If calming bedroom ideas is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Interior designers will agree that your bedroom needs to be a space with a calming effect, as it will increase the chance of a good night's sleep. A bedroom designed to make the space feel relaxing and soothing is always a good idea.

You can transform any room to feel like this by introducing soft colours and ambient lighting to the bedroom. It is possible to make your bedroom feel comforting without needing a full bedroom makeover.

Here's your interior design guide to a calming bedroom.

What are the characteristics of a calming bedroom?

When it comes to a calming bedroom, you want it to be a relaxing space where you can truly feel peaceful. This kind of room tends to use soft lighting and natural light so there is no harsh light on your eyes before you go to sleep. The walls of the bedroom will be in a soothing shade, whether that is light pastel shades or simple white walls. To make a space calming, it tends to use curved soft lines over clean lines because you want the products to flow in the room with no direct distractions.

How does a calming bedroom help you sleep?

A calming environment creates a relaxing bedroom. When you have a tidy space and a tidy mind, it can help to reduce stress to give you a restful sleep. Every aspect of the room will be soothing and tranquil to provide the perfect sleep setting. You can go to bed with no worries, no clutter, no distractions just pure stillness. Throughout the day you can let fresh air in and at night you can be left feeling refreshed.

Products to help you create your calming bedroom

After a long day, you just want to cosy up in bed in a zen bedroom that can help you zone out and calm your mood. Calm bedrooms are exactly what you are looking for when you need a stress-free area in the house.

So, we have put together a list of products that can give you your bedroom inspiration to create an ideal place to rest every night.

Bed frame

A great place to start when decorating your bedroom is the bed frame. It is the main focus so you want it to immediately compliment your style and ideas. There are many things to consider before choosing your bed, but we've made it easier by picking one out for you.

Cambourne Bed

Calming Bedroom Ideas

Firstly, this bed frame is a lovely neutral colour that immediately calms the mind. This is emphasised by the curved headboard that cocoons around the side to create a snug space to rest. Everything about the Cambourne Bed is simple, yet exactly what you would want in your relaxing bedroom. It comes in different colour ways so you can choose whether you want it to be more cool toned or more warm toned.

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Bed linen is an essential part of any bedroom makeover because it's where you spend every night so you want it to be high quality and super cosy. The bedding you have can change how you sleep so we always recommend looking for the best set for you.

100% Cotton Percale 200 Thread Count Duvet Cover


The perfect bedding choice has to be this set in light beige. You can even get the matching fitted sheet and pillows in the same shade. They are super soft and of good quality so you know you'll get a comfortable night's sleep. The bed sheets are stylish and can easily be mixed and matched with other colour options from the bedding range.

100% Cotton Percale 200 Thread Count Pillowcase

Calming Bedroom Ideas

We then picked out the celadon blue shade for accent pillows. You could throw a couple of these amongst the light beige to complement each other. It is a great way to add a pop of colour to the neutrals. Of course, blue is known for being a calming colour so it will help make the bed feel heavenly.

Soft furnishings

There's no need to go over the top with the soft furnishings as it's best to keep it quite simple. A couple of scatter cushions and a throw can complete your bed, and a comfy rug for the floor – voila! Relaxing bedroom ideas are that easy.

Jaipur Cushion


Every bed has to have a cushion or two on it, it just makes the bed feel cosier and homely. Our choice of cushion is this Jaipur one. It is made with cotton velvet on the front side and cotton on the reverse, so you can alternate the side you want facing out. A silvery colour will look beautiful next to the other tones on your bed. There is even the option to get it in a square shape or rectangular shape – perhaps you have two square cushions to sit in front of your pillows or you have one rectangle to sit in the centre. One final suggestion is to use the cushions to create a window seat for you to have some downtime to admire the view.

Herringbone Throw

Calming Bedroom Ideas

To pair with the blue pillowcases, we recommend a light blue throw. Again, it adds a pop of colour whilst tying the bed set together nicely. It is a classic weave that is predominantly blue but intertwines with white too. To complete the design, there are white tasselled edges to give the throw a softer look. Having this draped over the bed will remind you of being by the sea – dreamy.

Linen Look Ladder Voile Curtain Panel


When planning a bedroom makeover, you want to think about how you can make the most of the natural light that shines through the windows. It is much more soothing to have natural light rather than artificial light in your bedroom. For this reason, we believe that a sheer pair of curtains will do the trick. The voile curtain panel is the ideal window treatment. They can be pulled across for some peace and privacy, but the sheer design means the light from outside can still beam into your bedroom. You get the best of both worlds.

Montana Collection Modern Rug

Calming Bedroom Ideas

Having a rug that's gentle on your feet can be a great addition to a calming bedroom. We selected the Montana Rug because it is a subtle design but it makes all the difference to a space. Every time you get in and out of bed you can immediately be relaxed by the rug beneath your feet. It adds warmth to the room so you can always feel snug.


If you're not desperate for storage, you can limit the bedroom furniture in your bedroom. It's useful to have bedside tables on either side of the bed for your essentials but that's all. Any other pieces of furniture are a bonus and can make the room feel a bit more homely.

Lucy Cane 1 Drawer Bedside Table


A stunning, natural and elegant bedside table is just what a relaxing bedroom needs. Bedside tables are so practical to have in the bedroom but you don't want them to be the focal point of the room. The Lucy Cane design has one drawer to store things away and out of sight, but you have the space on top for anything within easy reach and there is even a shelf below that you could add a plant or small decor to.

Eddie Luna Fabric Tub Chair


A cosy armchair placed in the corner of the bedroom makes for the ideal space to unwind. This chair in the sage shade is beautiful. It fits well with the calming bedroom design and provides another home comfort. Another bonus is the design of the tub chair is curved and cocoons you, just like the headboard of the bed does – these slight similarities can really bring the bedroom together.

Home decor

Now, for bedroom decorations and finishing touches. There isn't anything that's a must-have when it comes to a calming bedroom but we can suggest a couple of things you might like to add. However, it would be best if you only chose what makes you at peace and improves your mood.

Peace Lily


The name says it all. A plant to bring peace and zen into a room. It is super pretty to look at and even better that it's super easy to look after. It makes for a great housewarming gift or a gift from you to you. This can sit pretty on top of the bedside table in a lovely ceramic vase. A bit of greenery can leave the bedroom feeling fresh.

Classic Pendant Light Kit


One idea for the pendant is to have it hanging centrally above the bed because it keeps the design to a minimum with no overpowering lighting. However, one idea we like is to have a pendant on each side of the bed hanging above the tables to act as a lamp. This keeps the lighting out of the attention yet it gives a relaxed feel. Every room and everyone's preference is different but it is worth considering both ways.

Additional features

To feel the calming effect, we would suggest keeping the wall decor to a minimum – even just one print on the wall is ideal. If you stick to having pictures on the wall that fit with the colour scheme then it will aesthetically blend in beautifully together. You don't want to cover the walls and risk them being overcrowded. As for the wall colour, any off-white variation or pale shade will look gorgeous to finish off the design.

Again, you want to keep the floor space clear and minimal. Having a rug under the bed will make the room feel cosy and comforting without becoming the focal point. Ideally, you want the carpet to be light-coloured to brighten and open up the area.

Lastly, we think that it's better to keep the ceiling empty. Try to have as little as possible hanging down from it – all you really need is a simple pendant light in the centre of the room. However, if you use natural light then just a couple of wall lights for the evening will do the job.

Wall art


Now it is time to find calming pictures. The choices are endless but you will know what suits your style the best. Here are a few that we have picked out:

Sleeping In The Clouds Print – the perfect fit for a calming bedroom. Everyone wants to feel like they are sleeping in the clouds and that's the feeling you get from this print.


Ceramic Birds Wall Decoration – if you want something that adds depth to the bedroom, rather than a simple print, this is the one for you. The birds are gorgeous and will amazing on a pale blue wall.


Calm Blue Ocean Art Print – a classic example of a calming print and it is definitely one of our top picks. You can't look at it without instantly feeling relaxed.



Classic white walls work for a calming bedroom so there is no need to change if you are happy with them. However, if you want to spruce things up a little then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

Pavillion Blue – Farrow&Ball – a delicate and fresh green blue that would look lovely on its own or paired with a white shade.


Wevet – Farrow&Ball – a delicate white with a hint of grey is such a subtle shade but works well with all the colours we have included while keeping things neutral.

What colour scheme should I choose for a calming bedroom?

For the colour scheme of a relaxing room, you will want to use pastel shades that can be soothing to be surrounded by. The other option is to work with calm colours, such as light blue, green, pink or yellow. However, if you want a stripped-back style then you might find yourself gravitating towards neutral shades like grey, beige, tan, or white.

If you want to have a white bedroom, that will work well but may feel too clinical so we would recommend adding pops of pale colours like green and blue to freshen up the room.


To achieve a calming bedroom design in the primary bedroom, guest bedroom or any other bedroom you should take our top tips on board.

There is more to a relaxing room than just a white bedroom with no personality. You can still play around with colour and statement pieces without going over the top with the interiors. Creating your dream room can be a lot of fun and with these designs, it will work wonders for the body and mind. There will be a sense of serenity when you step into the bedroom and it can be a safe space for you to let go.

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