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Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas for a Natural and Airy Style

a headshot of our reviewer Connie

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant


29 April 2024 6 min read

There are similarities between Scandinavian bedroom ideas and other bedroom styles, but we are here to differentiate them with our Scandi bedroom inspiration.

A Scandinavian-style bedroom is an aesthetically pleasing interior design. It is the perfect theme for your master bedroom and has the potential to make a small bedroom feel open. Scandinavian bedrooms are a beautiful style and yet it is a super simple design to create. Just think about living in a colder Scandinavian country and wanting to add warmth to the room – this is what you want to achieve with the furniture you choose.

We can give you a better idea of the Scandinavian design and even suggest some of the best pieces to include in your Scandinavian bedroom makeover.

What are the characteristics of a Scandi bedroom?

As we briefly mentioned, you may find crossovers with other interior design themes. The Scandi bedroom has a minimalist aesthetic with the use of natural light and clean lines. It is a fairly simple design that consists of light wood, natural tones and mid-century furniture. A Scandi style really makes use of natural materials to create interest and cosy textures. There are different takes on the Scandinavian style, so you can combine them however you desire. You may find some use statement vintage furniture alongside the neutral tones. The idea is to keep it light, bright, natural and warm.

How does a Scandinavian bedroom help you sleep?

Scandinavian bedrooms have a restful feel. Keeping the room light and airy helps to create a positive environment to be in, so you can fall asleep in a good mood. There is something cosy and relaxing about natural materials – and having a bedroom full of them can be calming. Using light wood throughout the interiors can add warmth to your Scandinavian bedroom. Again, this can keep your room cosy so you are ready to curl up in bed. If you go down the minimalist vibe for your bedroom, you can notice how the space with no clutter keeps you stress-free every night.

Products to help you create your Scandinavian bedroom

We have spoken about what makes a Scandi style, but let us show you how to create it for your own bedroom. Even if you choose to take elements of the style and add them to your bedroom. Take as much inspiration as you like to achieve your final makeover.

Bed frame

Many wooden beds can be classed as Scandinavian bed frames as they keep it natural. However, you could find a rattan headboard or something similar if you do not want or need a new bed frame. A Scandi bedframe can also include a headboard, but find ones with clean lines to fit the style.

Recommended Reading:

Emma Sleep Wooden Bed


A classic bed frame, but it is one that provides a warm and natural feel. Those who have a small bedroom and low ceilings will benefit from this choice. This is because it has shorter legs as it is a low-slung bed so it can help make the room appear bigger. It is a timeless piece that will work for so many aesthetics – even if you want to change up your decor, there is no need to swap out this bed frame. The wooden bed has a headboard attached for you to sit up in bed and it includes wooden slats with a sturdy centre

Scandi bedding

For the bedding, you could go for some simple patterns or subtle woodland designs (depending on the style you want to go for). If you are wanting to choose cosy grey bedroom decor, you could opt for grey bedding to bring it into the colour palette. The Scandinavian way of sleeping is having two single duvets for couples on a shared bed. So, that is another option you could go take.

Luxury Core Bedding Bundle


Of course, you will want to lie in luxury and this bedding set provides that. We love this set because you can alter it to your own taste. As we said before, you could go for grey bedding but we have gone for the cream colour for all. On the other hand, you could mix and match the bedding colours. For example, you might want to have a grey fitted sheet and a cream duvet cover. The choice is yours. The bedding bundle is available in five sizes and eight colours – all of which could work for a Scandi style.

Soft furnishings

Here is where you can take your Scandinavian bedroom to the next level. The soft furnishings you include in your room can bring natural style and materials. From throw pillows to throws and rugs, these accessories can transform your space.

Jute Bean Bag


This is a gorgeous addition to a Scandinavian bedroom. Jute is a common natural material used in Scandinavian design and it creates so many different products. One of them being this rounded pouffe. It gives you something to put your feet up on, if this is not necessary for your bedroom then it can be simply used as decor to make the room feel lived in. Either way, we think this is a must-have for your Scandinavian bedroom and can be the perfect space filler if needed.

Dasheri Jute Rug


As we said – jute is used for so many things, and this rug is another one. The diamond patterning is typical for a Scandi style and you can use this to tie in with other decor and accessories in the room. The rug comes in four different colours, but we have chosen the natural tone paired with white. This is because it works well with the rest of the decor we have picked out. However, any of the colours would suit the theme – for example, the blue and white rug is an excellent choice if you want to choose Nordic decor.

Ekon Textured Cushion


We selected a beautiful, textured cushion with a plain back panel to continue the diamond pattern. It can be used on its own or with a collection of other cushions, either way, it can bring your bed to life. For those that have decided to have bed sheets with block colour then you will definitely love this thrown onto your bed. Adding cushions to your bed is always a great idea to give the room character.


You can truly bring Scandinavian bedroom ideas to life with your choice of furniture. The products we have looked for combine white and light wood. Using these pieces will bring the whole room together and will complement each other.

Scandi 1 Drawer Bedside Table


Picture this – this bedside table on either side of your wooden bed with crisp white bedsheets. It is such a stylish and minimal aesthetic that will look beautiful in any bedroom. The wall lights linked below will sit lovely above each of the tables. You will get a sense of warmth from this bedside table. The surface space on top is a great size for you to leave your sleep essentials on, as well as any additional decor. If you would prefer a table lamp rather than a wall light, then this has the ideal space for it.

Skandi Deep Shelving Unit


On a larger scale of the bedside table, we have found this shelving unit. It gives you extra storage space for any little bits and can double up as a place to display any homely decor. You can use alternative sections for storage (using storage boxes to keep it tidy) and the remaining two can have your favourite ornaments or plants. Keep in mind that the surface area on the top can be used for more space. For example, a place to put a lovely plant or a bunch of flowers.

Southwark Wide Ladder Shelving


Let's just take a minute to appreciate the ladder shelving… A simple and clean look that gives you access to more storage. It takes up more vertical space and is not so deep, therefore, it is good for any size bedroom. We have picked out this one as it fits perfectly with the other furniture we have mentioned. It keeps to the wood and white theme, whilst bringing in a wash of grey too. Each one is handcrafted and created with natural components, keeping them unique from one another.

Aron Chair


When redecorating your master bedroom, it is always a good decision to include a chair to relax on – separating yourself from your bed for sleeping. We have found the most suited mid-century style chair for a Scandinavian bedroom. It is a stunning design and what makes it better is there is a choice of 10 different fabrics, alongside light or dark legs. In our opinion, we recommend having the chair in a boucle fabric and ivory shade – with light legs. You can guarantee that this piece will be the focal point of your Scandinavian bedroom.

Home decor

With home decor, you can have the creative freedom to bring your own personality into a themed bedroom – in this case, it is a Scandinavian bedroom. They are the little finishing touches. We have kept it minimal as this is the vibe we would pick for the theme, but feel free to add more to your style.

Russel Hobbs Scandi Pedestal Fan


The Scandinavian bedroom style has become more and more popular, and you can now get a fan to match the scheme. Yes, you heard that right – a Scandi-style fan. This is another item that has a selection of options. The fan has wood-effect accents whilst predominantly being white. On those warm nights, there is no need to worry about having an unattractive fan in the bedroom. Instead, you can have a pretty Scandinavian-styled fan. Problem solved.

Kylo Woven String Floor Lamp


Standing over a metre tall, this gorgeous lamp will be incredible in the corner of your Scandinavian bedroom. It will take your interior to the next level while providing lighting that will be amazing when you wind down every evening. The stand is a woven hollow base and features a faux linen shade. A delicate and elegant feature that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who steps foot into your bedroom.

Modern White and Gold Glass Globe Wall Sconce


Having a couple of these brass wall sconces displayed above your bedside tables can create statement lighting. The brass/gold accent that the globe sits on, brings warm tones into your Scandinavian bedroom. It also gives elements of modern pieces attached with a contemporary-inspired feel. Putting lighting on the walls is a great idea – first to brighten up a dark wall and secondly to allow for more space on the side tables.

Additional features

Scandinavian bedrooms are clean, minimal and natural so we suggest following through with this scheme for your walls and ceiling. For the bedroom to remain light and airy, you can stick to having white walls or you could try having a wood bedroom wall with panels across one of them. Another idea would be to have a neutral or an off-white colour on the walls instead.

Of course, when you keep the walls simple it means you can use the space for wall decor that provides interest to the Scandinavian bedroom. A good place to start is with a gallery wall – you can choose a selection of prints to hang above your headboard. Otherwise, you can find a modern print or two to have on the walls.

Now, onto the floor. The flooring of your bedroom would work best to be a light shade. However, if this is not possible, you can use a light rug to brighten up your Scandinavian bedroom.

Wall art

You have the freedom to be experimental and creative with what you feature on the walls, but we have a few suggestions to get you started:

3 Piece Japandi Geometric Canvas Wall Art


3 Piece Japandi Geometric Canvas Wall Art – three quality 3D canvases in three different colours. Each one is in a natural colour to coordinate with the rest of your bedroom ideas.

Navanita Large Macrame Wall-Hanging


Navanita Large Macrame Wall-Hanging – this type of wall hanging is popular in a Scandinavian bedroom. It has a light and natural feel, as well as being a beautiful work of art.

Scandinavian Tree Art Print


Scandinavian Tree Art Print – with many sizes to choose from, this print can work in any space. The golden-coloured vase ties in with the wall sconces and the monochrome touches look incredible in a Scandinavian bedroom.


When white walls are not your vibe, you can use another neutral colour on the wall. Here is one we recommend using:

Purbeck Stone No.275 – Farrow&Ball


Purbeck Stone No.275 – Farrow&Ball – a clean and understated mid grey colour to resemble the relaxing neutrals.

What colour scheme should I choose for a Scandinavian bedroom?

There are a few decorative routes you can choose when it comes to your Scandinavian bedroom. The first and most obvious is a natural colour scheme. If you love the idea of having lots of light wood around the bedroom, then we suggest using brown shades for your colour scheme. This is similar to the choices we have made above, injecting brown and white into our ideas, without just relying on the wood.

However, if you are looking at nordic decor, you may choose to use blues throughout your bedroom – making the perfect cosy navy blue bedroom. The combination of a blue and white colour palette is super calming in a bedroom.

Last but not least, you can come up with some black-and-white bedroom ideas or come up with a design for a cosy grey-and-white bedroom. Think about adding dark accents to your Scandinavian bedroom to bring the colour palette together. Having this colour scheme will give you a modern take on the style ideas.


To conclude, a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom can be altered quite a lot to suit your style. For those that have large windows, use them and the lighting to your advantage to brighten up the room as this can complete the bedroom look. From floor to ceiling, you can really express yourself in every part of a Scandinavian bedroom. Scandinavian furniture and accessories can really add character to any room.

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