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Luxury Bedroom Ideas For A Designer Feel

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie

CPD Sleep Consultant

A luxury bedroom design.

29 March 2024 6 min read

Your own bedroom is your personal space in the house, so why not feel fancy? Luxury bedroom ideas are sure to give you the glam factor.

Luxury bedrooms are a popular interior design, but some people can shy away from the idea because it seems too expensive. You can create a luxurious vibe without a luxury price tag – as long as it is done correctly.

When you imagine a luxury hotel room, that is the aesthetic appeal you will want to achieve with luxury bedrooms. We have found a selection of products that you can take a look at for your luxury bedroom inspiration or to add a luxurious touch.

What are the characteristics of a luxury bedroom?

With a luxury bedroom, you will find that they have big windows to allow a lot of natural light into the room. This is a great way to open up the room to make the room feel bigger. Of course, if installing large windows isn't an option then just make sure you let as much light in as possible – you will be surprised how much difference it can make, especially to a small bedroom. As for the window treatments, you'll notice they drape long curtains that are tied back and feel very grand.

Usually, there is a bold statement piece which tends to be the bed because it is the central feature. It'll be high style with clean lines. To make a room really feel luxurious then you'll want to keep the floor clean and free of clutter. A cluttered bedroom is not a luxury bedroom.

How does a luxury bedroom help you sleep?

Everything in a luxury bedroom will be of higher quality which should improve your sleep quality. Investing in your sleep space can be extremely beneficial. For a bedroom to have a luxurious feel, it must be clutter-free and this is something that can calm your mind which, in turn, helps you to fall asleep. Also allowing natural light in throughout the day and closing it off at night can adapt your circadian cycle for a better routine.

Products to help you create your luxury bedroom

When it comes to luxurious rooms, the bedroom layout is usually kept to a minimum and not overcrowded with decor. However, the products they do have are essential items with a more luxurious design. So, we have come up with a super long list of what you should get because the reality is you need just the right amount of items for this bedroom interior design.

We have come up with some of the best luxury bedroom ideas for you to spruce up your room.

Bed frame

You can picture a room with a Super King-sized four-poster bed, with curtains draped around, that definitely makes the focal point of the bedroom. Nevertheless, there are other choices of bed frames that can be simple, yet luxurious.

Salcombe Bed

Salcombe Bed

The bed we are suggesting to give you some inspiration is the Salcombe Bed. It is made with pale weathered oak and a linen upholstered headboard. This bed alone will make your room feel luxurious, it just needs some gorgeous bedding to complete it. The headboard has a subtle scrolling design that arches back. What makes the bed frame feel more luxe is the ornate curved style of the four legs. It is full of elegance and sophistication for your luxurious bedroom.


If you want everything in your room to be luxurious then you're going to want a luxury mattress. There's no point in having a luxury bed when there isn't a luxurious feel once you get into bed.

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress

Hybrid Luxe Mattress

Thanks to Simba you can get a luxury mattress that has everything to offer with its advanced design. There are eleven layers that serve different purposes to give you the best sleep. – your back will be grateful for it. It's made to be anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable, comfortable, and supportive – basically, anything you can think of. The top layers are temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, the middle layers are to provide comfort, and the bottom layers are to support your sleep position. It's a clever design and even has luxe in the name so that says it all.

You can read more about all the features of this luxury mattress on our Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress review.


Once you have found comfort in the mattress and frame, you'll need to perfect your bedding choice. When you look at the bed and when you cosy up in bed, you want it to look and feel luxurious. So, ideally, you want bedsheets that are a beautiful and soft touch.

Sherborne Bed Linen Collection

Sherborne Duvet Cover

For that luxury hotel vibe, you are going to want high-quality bedding like this collection. The duvet cover and pillowcases have an Oxford border that gives it a relaxed look as it drapes effortlessly. We have picked the oyster colourway as it has a stitched border that adds extra detailing and separates the block colour of white. This collection also has a matching flat sheet for more of a luxury style. You could use the oyster pillows as accent pillows, and pair them with the white colour option underneath.

Soft furnishings

Complete the bed by throwing on cushions and a throw that perfectly complements the rest of your bedding style. Whether that's a bold colour, a neutral colour or a contrasting colour. The idea is to have cushions that only enhance the best luxury bedrooms.

Manhattan Cushion Cover

Manhattan Cushion Cover - Putty

The quilted cushion cover contrasts beautifully with the smooth crisp bedding. It is a distinct yet subtle design that is well-suited to a luxury bedroom. There are a couple of choices of colours but we went with the putty shade – a combination of beige and grey. It's a lovely luxurious colour. You could have two smaller square cushions resting in front of the pillows, or you may want one larger cushion to sit front and centre. Another idea is to put larger cushions amongst the pillows with a smaller one propped at the front.

Manhattan Throw

Manhattan Throw 1.5m X 2m - Putty

We love a matching set, which is why we chose to include the throw too. Again, it is the gorgeous quilted texture in putty. It's a sumptuous faux silk that feels soft to the touch. Drape it across the width of your bed. Having this throw on top of the cool white bedsheets will add warmth to the bedroom. When it's colder outside and you fancy snuggling up with a blanket, the Manhattan throw will be able to do that and keep you cosy.


Let's be honest, if you're planning a luxury bedroom then it's very likely that you have or are planning to have a walk-in closet too. This means the furniture in your bedroom can be limited as there is no need for wardrobes or a chest of drawers.

Modern Off-White Nightstand 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Modern Off White Nightstand

When looking for a bedside table, you at least want to make sure it's stylish storage. This one is an off-white colour so it isn't too bright against everything else in the room. The design is finished with a stone top, gold handles and legs. It features two drawers which provide enough space for your sleep essentials – an eye mask, book, and pillow spray. Rather than cluttering the surface of the bedside table, you can pop everything in the drawers to keep it clean and tidy.

Etta Avenue Aileen Armchair

Aileen Upholstered Armchair

It always feels like a fancy bedroom when there is a grand armchair in the corner. We picked out a cream, tufted upholstered chair. It's such an elegant design and the curved legs are similar to the ones on the bed we found – so it ties in well together. The linen fabric and a new shade of white add more depth to the bedroom interior. This luxe piece of furniture is exactly what your room needs for it to feel complete.

Mila Mirror

Mila Mirror

We can't come up with luxury bedroom ideas and not mention a super large mirror. Having a leaning mirror in the bedroom can really open up the space and make it feel bigger than it is. This is especially useful for smaller bedrooms. We found the Mila mirror that has an intricate gold frame, with stunning detailing across the top and around the corners. This mirror fits the colour scheme and aesthetic perfectly – we love it. The bigger the mirror, the better for a luxury bedroom.

Home decor

A pendant light, or a variation of it, is typical for luxury bedroom ideas. As for the rest of the bedroom decor, it is fairly stripped back with the attention being on the small details and the colour scheme.

RV Astley Nasser Medium Chandelier


Like most bedrooms, you can create a feature wall so you have three-quarters of the room in one colour and one wall in another. This could be a rich and bold colour or using some glamorous wallpaper can have the same effect. Otherwise, you can keep the walls fairly neutral and leave the bed to be the focal point of the bedroom. Also, if you choose a bed with a tall headboard, that can become the accent wall so there isn’t much point in painting it a separate colour.

Additional features

Like most bedrooms, you can create a feature wall so you have three-quarters of the room in one colour and one wall in another. This could be a rich and bold colour or using some glamorous wallpaper can have the same effect. Otherwise, you can keep the walls fairly neutral and leave the bed to be the focal point of the bedroom. Also, if you choose a bed with a tall headboard, that can become the accent wall so there isn’t much point in painting it a separate colour.

Another suggestion for your luxury bedroom ideas is to paint the ceiling the same as the walls. This continues the design further and makes the space feel grand. However, this isn’t a necessity so it can be left plain.

For cooler designs, you could go for a light grey floor to brighten up the space or use an area rug for the same effect. Whereas a warm design can stick with a neutral or cream floor to match anything else in the bedroom.

What colour scheme should I choose for a luxury bedroom?

There are different ways you can take luxury bedrooms with the colour schemes – both are on either end of the scale, so it depends on your style and how you have designed the rest of your house.

First of all, you could go with a luxury black bedroom. This will use more cool tones throughout the design. However, a black bedroom can be too dark and gloomy. So, this is where you may choose to go for a luxury dark blue bedroom instead. With this colour scheme, you can have more freedom with the colour palette. If you decide to use darker colours, you can think about adding silver or grey accents

On the flip side, you could go for warmth and use nude and champagne colours with gold accents. Gold bedroom ideas are the ultimate luxury bedroom style. If you do choose a warmer colour palette, the tones tend to be brighter and open up the space which is opposite to darker colours. Think about pairing gold with beige, pink, cream and white – this will give you the best starting point for coming up with your luxury bedroom ideas.


When it comes to planning your luxurious bedroom ideas, it should become easier after scrolling through our advice and recommendations. There is nothing to stop you from choosing this interior, even if you just add a hint of it throughout the bedroom.

People can have a different perspective on what they believe makes up luxury bedroom ideas. For some, it may just be having the greatest sleep surface by upgrading their mattress, pillows and duvet. To others it could be the size or height of the bedroom, the clever use of curtains or a rug to change the overall feel of the space. But, it could be as simple as changing the colours of the walls that turn a bedroom into a luxury one.

This page was made in partnership with Simba.

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