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Last Updated on December 5, 2023

Why You Should Buy a Bundle from Emma Sleep

TSA reviewer Connie Hack

Written By Connie Hack

Sleep Advisor

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Finding your ideal bed frame, along with sleep essentials, can become very expensive. Well, The Sleep Advisors have discovered a selection of discounted bundles at Emma Sleep that could change this.

The Sleep Advisors were on the lookout for the best bundles from a trusted sleep brand. One that includes a bed frame, a mattress, pillows, and any extra accessories would be a bonus. For example, having a mattress protector or a duvet featured as well. We found the best bundles at Emma Sleep that comprise three or four Emma products – one of which is the Emma Premium Mattress.

We’ve pulled together some of their best deals, so you can always find the best bundle offer.

What bed bundles can you choose from?

Emma Sleep has plenty of bundles available, with each one featuring different Emma beds and a slight variation in the additional products. There is one that will fit your style or bedroom interior, whilst fixing your problems. So, if you are about to move house or looking at getting a new Emma mattress, you may want to take a peek at their bundle deals.

Here is a breakdown of some of our favourite bundles:

Ottoman: Best For Storing The Whole Family's Seasonal Wardrobe

our presenter showing off Emma's Ottoman Premium Pack-bundle

Solving all your storage problems.

First up, we discovered a timeless and statement Ottoman bed frame. It offers plenty of storage space to fit your partner’s, your kid’s, your dog’s, your Great Aunt’s and your floordrobe into, as well as your suitcases you have only used once – (well, that might be an exaggeration but you can fit at least four of me underneath…). It comes with the Emma Premium mattress, a mattress protector and two Emma Original pillows. You have the option of Double, King size and Super King size – as well as a choice of two colourways.

All-in-One Divan: easily access your everyday essentials


For all your styling and organising needs.

Another practical, yet stylish bed. Create your clutter-free bedroom with the Divan bed that provides you with enough under-bed storage, consisting of four drawers, to keep your floor space clear. The bundle features the Original mattress, two Original pillows and the Cloud duvet. You can choose for the bed to be a neutral beige or a chic dark grey – both of which come in three sizes.

Signature: Keep Customising For Those Who Are Indecisive

Emma Signature Comfort bundle in the bedroom

Put the class in classy.

A cosy and customised bed to suit your style. This bundle includes the Signature bed where you have the choice of two colourways, headboard or no headboard and the design of the headboard if you choose to have one. There is an option to add under-bed storage too – whether you choose two drawers or four, they fit snugly – so it is truly adaptable to your needs. It is available in three sizes and also includes an Original mattress, the Cloud duvet and two Original pillows.

Our bundle choice

Emma sent us the Ottoman Bed Bundle to try out. We received an Emma king-size mattress, a king-size bed, a mattress protector and two pillows. With their offers, you can get the same bundle (or similar) and save yourself almost 60%! And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, you can even spread your payment so it’s not a large chunk of money coming out of your bank in one hit – especially with the rising cost of living. It truly is lasting comfort, stylish and an absolute bargain.

Here is what we thought of it all…

Emma Ottoman Bed

product image of Emma Ottoman bed bundle

As soon as we opened up the packaging for the bed, we were amazed at how soft the fabric on the frame was. Just incredible. The slatted wooden bed base provides plenty of support whilst allowing for airflow so you can have a perfect night's sleep.

It is of such high quality with the tufted upholstered headboard and extremely practical with the large storage capacity that can keep your bedroom decluttered 24/7.

With a great mechanism, you can easily access the full storage space (big enough to fit a hundred pairs of shoes in!). So, you can say goodbye to an untidy bedroom forever.

Emma NextGen Premium Mattress


Next up we have the awarded mattress, and we think it is well-deserved. The Emma NextGen Premium Mattress uses less memory foam with a tall layer of zonal springs. I found lying on the mattress extremely comfortable – I did not want to move from the new mattress and switching back to my old mattress was a sad experience (even I might have to buy my own soon).

Of course, comfort is important, but so is breathability. With the NextGen Premium Mattress, you can sleep comfortably with no risk of overheating due to the Airgocell Foam. This basically means it has an open-pored foam that allows for air circulation, whilst also retaining heat when needed. Your sleep environment will adapt to suit you, your body temperature and your shape.

Emma Original Pillow


The ideal pillow for all sleep positions. You can adjust the layers to give you maximum comfort for quality sleep. It is a memory foam pillow made up of three layers – as a combination sleeper I tried different variations. I chose to use all three layers as I predominantly sleep on my side and it is comfortable enough in other positions. However, those who are stomach sleepers are best with one layer and back sleepers will prefer two or three layers.

Combining the pillows with the Emma mattress is a match made in heaven. Your spine will be aligned, starting with relieving pressure from your neck.

Emma Mattress Protector

our reviewer putting a Emma Mattress Protector over a mattress

After receiving your new NextGen Premium Emma mattress, the last thing you will want is to ruin it by spilling your morning coffee. Especially if you are clumsy like me and are known for spilling your drinks 90% of the time. That is where we can definitely recommend the mattress protector as it is water-resistant. Luckily for you, it comes as part of this bundle so you can have another layer of protection. Using the protector can help to keep your Emma mattress in the best condition night after night.

Final notes: the delivery and assembling


We placed our order online and tracked the delivery via the website. On there you can see the journey and when it has been dispatched. We got a text a couple of days before the delivery with a date, which was followed up with a three-hour time slot. On the day, we were notified when they were almost there and the driver called to confirm. It actually arrived early but they gave us enough notice so we were ready to sign for it. It meant that we could plan our day around it, scheduling our meetings and to-do list. The bed came in three boxes, the mattress in another box and the pillows in individual boxes. Each box for the bed was fairly heavy, but thankfully the drivers bring it into the room of your choice so there is no need to worry about the weight.


It was then time to set up the bed. We assembled the bed with two people which we would recommend to anyone else who purchases it – assembling on your own can be difficult to handle when aligning the holes or lifting some pieces. Everything we needed came with the products, so we got an Allen key and a little spanner for the bolts and screws. One thing you might find useful is a hammer for one of the steps to make the screws flush with the frame. Although, we didn’t have one when putting the bed up and there have been no issues, so it is not essential. It can take a few hours for the mattress to expand, and it may not reach optimum height for a couple of days. However, you will be able to sleep on it the same day you open it. Just be aware there is slight off-gassing (which is completely normal with memory foam) but it won’t last too long so, you can choose to let it air out overnight or if you don’t mind it too much then you can still sleep on it.

our reviewer assembling all the items from Emma bundle

When we initially put the bed together, we found the pistons to be a little stiff. It does take some force to push it down (one person on each corner at the end of the bed works well) and once you have done it a few times, it will become easier. Get the weight of the mattress on top and the motion will be super smooth. We found the instructions for Ottoman Bed online that helped us with the full assembly.


So, you can get all five products in a bundle deal to make your bedroom makeover much easier (we will let you into a secret that there always seems to be one on offer). Rather than shopping around for each product to create a cosy bed, you can get them delivered all together – you can even have it set up and ready to sleep in that same night. The Ottoman Bed bundle might not be the one for you, but that should not stop you from looking at the other available bundles. The products included can even change from month to month, so keep an eye out for the one you love. After trialling a whole bundle, we can confirm that you will feel like you are sleeping in luxury.

This page was made in partnership with Emma.

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