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What Is A Divan Bed & Why Should You Get It?

There are many different types of bed bases on the UK market and the most popular type is the divan bed. However, not all divan beds are the same, but they differ in many features.

Most customers think choosing a bed base is not very important. And that’s where they make a big mistake. Of course, choosing the right mattress is more important, but without the appropriate bed base, the mattress will not be able to give you the performance for which you bought it.

Also, the bed base is very useful because it can serve as storage. While not every divan bed has storage space, most ones do have, so you get 2 in 1 – additional storage space and support for you mattress. In this guide by The Sleep Advisors, we will explain to you what a divan bed is and why you should get it.

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    What to consider when buying a divan bed base?

    We will start off by telling you what are the most important features to consider when buying a divan bed base. In this section you can find more about spring core, materials, height, headboard as well as some specific types of divan beds, such as electrically-adjustable divan bed.

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    High quality spring core

    Not all divan beds have spring core, but those that have high quality spring core are considered premium divan beds. There are several reasons why divan beds with spring core are a premium option. First of all, such bed base is way more supportive, because the built-in springs work together with the mattress to provide you with perfect support. 

    There are open coil springs and pocket springs, and pocket springs are a better and more expensive option. Pocket springs work individually, giving you unique support without motion transfer and any noise.

    When a divan bed has a spring core, it prolongs the service life of your mattress, because the spring core acts as a shock absorber, reducing the pressure on the mattress.

    Soft materials

    Pay attention to the material used for the upholstery. This material should be soft and look nice, because the look of your bed will significantly affect the look of the whole room.

    an image of a hand pressing Eve Premium mattress

    But also be sure that it is a durable material, because it needs to last for years, without any noticeable signs of wear and tear. Once the wear and tear signs appear, it is almost impossible to fix it, and you don’t want to buy a new bed base every couple of years.

    55-65 cm of height

    Keep in mind that you will put a mattress on top of the divan bed base, which will increase the height of the bed by 20 to 40 cm, which is the height of most mattresses on the UK market. This means that if you buy a divan bed base 60 cm high and a very deep mattress that is 40 cm deep, your bed will be over 1 m tall, which can be too tall for older people or people with limited range of motion. So think about the optimal height you want and choose the height of the divan bed you are buying accordingly.


    You can’t count on a divan bed frame to come with a headboard, because many divan beds are sold without a headboard. Still, it is very easy to install a headboard, even though if divan bed originally does not have it. All you need are headboard bolts to attach the headboard to the bed base. This allows you to choose whatever headboard you want, and the choice is huge. There are headboards made of different materials, different colors, shapes and other features.

    Divan bed with legs

    Legs can be attached to the bottom of a divan bed in case you want to get it off the floor. Divan beds without legs are more often, because all those divan beds that have drawers cannot have legs. And storage space is one of the main advantages of this type of bed base. Installing legs means you can’t have drawers, although you definitely have some storage space left if you want to put something under the bed. And what is the reason that the legs are installed on a divan bed? The most common reason is the smooth floor which makes your divan bed without legs move when you move and that is annoying.

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    Electrically-adjustable divan bed

    The electrically-adjustable divan bed, commonly referred to as adjustable divan bed, probably associates you with a hospital because adjustable beds are often used in hospitals.

    But adjustable beds are becoming more and more popular to make you perfectly comfortable at home also. You have the option to adjust not only the top of the bed where your upper body is, but on new models you can adjust any part of the bed. They are ideal for both people with health problems and for the general population, but are more expensive than regular adorable beds.

    What is the difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed?

    Both divan bed and an ottoman bed are very functional types of bed base that give you extra storage space in addition to serving as a mattress base. But there is a difference in their shape and mechanism of how you get to the storage space, which will affect your final decision about which one to buy.

    The first thing you need to decide is whether storage space or the space the bed takes up is more important to you. If your bedroom is small, then a divan bed is a better choice. It is smaller and can come without a headboard, which will save you space, and you will also get additional storage space.

    an image of a divan bed with storage

    If you have enough space in the room, but you lack storage space, then the ottoman bed is a great choice because it offers up to 50% more storage space compared to a divan bed because the storage space can be as big as the whole bed base. The difference is also that the divan bed usually has drawers, while the storage space in the ottoman bed is under the mattress and you can reach it with the help of gas piston lift mechanism.

    The advantages of owning Divan beds

    There are numerous advantages of owning divan beds compared to standard bed frame and it is not surprising when we know that this is one of the most popular types of bed frame in the UK. It is easily assembled, so you will not need help or various tools. Also, a divan bed is a space saver both because it doesn’t need to be very big and because of the extra storage space it offers you. 

    an image of two women laying on a divan bed base

    Aesthetically it is very appealing, and there are different colours and materials available so you can fit it perfectly into the design of your bedroom. The possibility to install a headboard and legs if you want is another advantage of owning a wonderful bed. In a nutshell – the divan bed gives you:  

    • You get additional storage space
    • A good looking and attractive design 
    • A great support.

    FAQs about your Divan beds

    We have singled out some of the frequently asked questions about divan beds and the answers to these questions will end this guide.

    Generally speaking, divan bed is the easiest type of bed to assemble since it will arrive divided into several parts that you will easily connect.

    There are divan beds without storage, but most divan beds will come with two or more drawers.

    In most cases, you will have to buy mattress separately buy there are also divan sets available, which include both bed base and mattress.

    Headboard is part of the many divan bed frames available on the UK market, but not all of them come with a headboard.

    Yes, there are different types, such as platform top divan, sprung divan base and many more.

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