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Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented Pillow Review

There are not that many scented pillows on the market in the United Kingdom, and those that are available are usually infused with the scent of lavender. One such pillow is the Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow. The primary characteristics are good, as well as the company’s reputation, so we decided to test it in more detail and tell you everything you need to know about this product.


  • 5-lavender


    Enjoy the lavender-infused scent that delivers aromatherapy-like effects.

  • Easy maintenance

    Just put it in the washing machine and enjoy fresh scent.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Thanks to lavender and its natural properties, the pillow is hypoallergenic.


  • One size only

    The pillow is available in one size only, which is drawback.

  • Not for stomach sleepers

    This is not an ideal pick for people who sleep on their stomachs.

Who is Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow for?

Primarily Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow will give deep and peaceful sleep to back and side sleepers. The support it provides is medium, so it is ideal for these two positions. 

It is also a great choice for all those for whom the comfort of the pillow comes first, ahead of support and pressure relief, for example. And of course, if you want an aromatherapy pillow, you are sure to consider buying this model.

What do we use this product for?

We use Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow for comfort, restful sleep and not to wake up in the morning tired and in pain, but also because of the smell. There are a lot of pillows on the market with similar comfort and support, but not many that smell as pleasant as this one. So, we can say:

  • We use it for comfortable night’s sleep
  • We use it for aromatherapy
  • We use it for medium support
  • We use it for hypoallergenic properties.

Features you should know about Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow

In this section we will talk about the most important features you should know about the Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow and this includes lavender scent, casing, filling, firmness, maintenance and warranty.

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Lavender scent-infused

Lavender or more precisely lavender essential oil is one of the most used oils for aromatherapy due to its numerous benefits. We use calming lavender scent for anxiety, insomnia and depression which are main reasons why this pillow is lavender scent-infused. Lavender scent helps also with allergies, but you have to keep in mind that if you notice nausea, headache or skin irritation, you are probably allergic to lavender.

When you are surrounded by the scent of lavender before going to bed, you will feel relaxed and you will be able to fall asleep without any problems, and this will lead to a good night’s sleep. Lavender is found in the edges of this pillow and has it in the right dose, to relax you and give you tranquil sleep environment, but without being too strong a scent.

Microfibre casing

Sleep companies often opt for microfiber when they need to choose pillow casing material. Microfibre is soft and comfortable, and also very durable. You can wash it many times in the washing machine without damage. Also, due to the type of fiber, it does not retain germs, dust mites and the like. Microfibre is a hypoallergenic material, which is why it is a popular option, as it will be suitable for 99% of customers.

Hollowfibre fill

Another synthetic material is used for this pillow, and this time it is hollowfibre for filling. As its name suggests, these are the fibers between which there is a hollow space and this makes this material comfortable, and above all very breathable. Hollofibre is low maintenance and also dries very easily. It is very lightweight too. Overall, hollowfibre is a great choice for filling, that is further improved by its anti-allergy properties.

Medium firmness

Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow is a medium firm pillow which on a firmness scale from 1 to 10 is certainly closer to soft than firm pillow. We could give it a 5.5 rating on the firmness scale. So it will give you comfort and you will surely be very happy with it. The support is good, especially when we consider that this is a softer pillow after all. That is why we do not recommend it to those for whom support is the most important and stomach sleepers.

Washing machine-friendly

This pillow does not have a removable cover but it will not make it difficult for you to maintain because it is fully machine washable. This is probably an even better option because you know it will be completely clean, not just the cover. They dry very quickly because microfibre and hollowfibre are such materials that dry very quickly. We have already mentioned that durability is good and that you can follow it often. One thing you need to know is that after each wash, the scent of lavender will be less and less noticeable but you can count on pillow feeling supremely fresh.

2-year guarantee

In the sleep industry, it is common for a pillow warranty to last a year or two. When you buy a Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow you get a 2 year manufacturer’s peace of mind guarantee which is great especially when we know this is a very affordable pillow. So you know that you will be able to use it for at least 2 years and you have spent very little money on it.

Review of Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow

Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow is a medium firm pillow whose main characteristics are comfort providing restful night’s sleep and the scent of lavender. Scent of lavender was added due to the natural characteristics of lavender. Lavender scent increases relaxation and that is why lavender is often used for aroma therapy. It is very soft to touch because it is encased in microfibre casing, and filled with hollowfibre. Due to hollowfibre the breathability is great and will suit hot sleepers.

It does not lack support, but support is certainly not its main feature. It is hypoallergenic and machine washable. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Fill: Hollowfibre
  • Material: Polyester
  • Removable cover: No
  • Size: 74 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg.

What we like about Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow

  • Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow is very comfortable
  • The scent of lavender will relax you and enhance your night’s sleep
  • It is machine washable so maintenance is easy.

What we didn’t like about Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow

  • Way too soft for stomach sleepers.
  • It is only available in M size.
  • Lavender scent lasts up to 5 washes, and according to customer experiences it is already barely noticeable after 3 washes.

What makes this product better than some other similar ones?

The very pleasant scent of lavender, which is not too strong or too weak and also smells completely natural makes Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillows one of the few good scented pillows on the UK market. Wellbeing collection in general is great.

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How did we test the product?

It only takes a few minutes to order your Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow as it is available in only one size, you have nothing to choose from, you just need to enter your address and choose between free delivery and fastest delivery, which is charged extra.

We chose the free delivery option and it arrived within the usual 5 to 7 business days. When we opened it, we didn’t feel the usual chemical off-gassing but the smell of lavender which is really great. When you lie down on it you will have the feeling of lying in some garden full of lavender.

During the overnight test, we confirmed everything we already expected from this pillow. It is very comfortable, and the support is fine, but it is certainly not the main feature. Back and side sleepers will be satisfied, we expect side sleepers to like it most. Loft is too high and it is too soft for stomach sleepers. Breathability is satisfactory, which we also expected due to hollofibre filling.

At the end of our testing, we washed it, but not once, as usual, but 5 times to check if the scent of lavender would still be present. It has completely disappeared and that is disappointing.

FAQs about your Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillows

There is not much more to be said about Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow, and we will answer the most frequently asked questions of customers in our FAQs section and thus further facilitate your decision to purchase this pillow.

No, you don’t pay shipping fee when ordering this pillow because delivery is free.

No, it is not suitable for stomach sleepers because it is too soft for them.

Silentnight Wellbeing Lavender Scented pillow is machine washable.

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